Bangarang! Pixie Dust Party Invitations

Thanks to Disney Junior for sponsoring this post. They planned a whole Jake and the Never Land Pirates party, so I did my take on the invitations. I also talked like a pirate the whole time I was putting them together. I think you can really tell in the finished product. Have a look in the video below for more ideas. Matey.

Ugh. You guys, I haven’t had nearly enough time with my glue gun lately. There’s so much stuff to encrust, and I’m just sitting here, not covering a single thing with sea glass.

Anyway, I made these mod pixie dust invitations for a grown-up party, but I think they’d be even sweeter for a kid’s birthday.

Fancy invitations make your party so much more difficult to pass up. And making them in front of the TV counts as multitasking.

Man. You could not be more efficient right now.

Here’s what I did:

– Hand-wrote “pixie dust” on some rectangular Avery labels and affixed to the glitter bottles, which come prepackaged like that in adorable corked bottles. Hooray for not having to search for tiny bottles into which you can decant glitter, which you will then find on the cat and between your toes for years to come!

– Folded tissue to fit the boxes and lid interiors of 8″x2 7/8″ matte white necklace boxes, and secured the tissue with double sided tape. (Fit the paper first, apply tape to the box and then secure the paper carefully. If you try to tape the paper, which anyone would, it will wrinkle and tear.)

– Secured the pixie dust in the box with a couple glue dots on the back.

– Punched the decorative hole in a plain bookmark, saved the confetti bitlet for later use.

– Wrote out the party info on the back of the bookmark, and then hot-glued a little ribbon tag at the bottom so the mark would lift out easily.

– Lightly secured just the top of the bookmark to the box with a glue dot.

– Secured the confetti bitlet on the opposite side. (Glue dots are magic!)

So pretty, right? Right.

As you can see, the glitter comes in lots of colors, so you can choose your palette. It think the colorful glitter is better for a kid shindig.

If you want, you can affix a label to the outside and tie with a little ribbon. You can hand-deliver, but the box is sturdy enough to mail in a regular manilla envelope, or you can do a padded one if you’re feeling cautious.

Boom! Best party invites ever.

Here’s where you can get everything:

Martha Stewart Glitter in colors and metallics (search around, you can get almost any color combo you want), Martha Stewart Craft punch (mine is old, but she has a whole line of stuff like what I linked to), Glue dots, plain bookmarks and bookmarks with holes so you don’t have to bust out the glue gun to affix the ribbon, Jewelry boxes. You know where to get ribbons and Avery labels right? I trust your judgement.

And if you just so happen to be planning a whole Jake and the Never Land Pirates theme party (I’m on to you search engine traffic), there are a ton more ideas in this video, so have a look:

You’ll find Jake and the Never Land Pirates every morning on Disney Junior, on the Disney Channel. Wear an eye patch while you watch. Maybe a kicky striped shirt.

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