Do You Know About Boys Hope, Girls Hope?

So a couple days ago, I told you about AT&T’s Camp Mighty grant. My share went to Boys Hope, Girls Hope (BHGH), an international organization that does something so cool.

They provide a home for underprivileged kids that functions much like a boarding school. Scholars apply, and the program gets them free access to a private school education at one of the local schools. Then they come to live in the BHGH house and are provided with the academic support they need to succeed. BHGH also works with families to ensure that kids receive whatever emotional support is available from home as well.

Such a cool idea, don’t you think? More information here, and if you’re interested in donating, working with them, or know of a child who could benefit, get in touch here.

I think giving kids access to education is one of the most profound ways you can shift the world, but what cause has your attention?

AT&T has been partnering with the Make a Wish Foundation to grant a wish every day for 28 days through their Wish-A-Day Sweepstakes. There are two days left, and each day’s wish with the most votes wins, so if you have a worthy wish, throw your hat in the ring.

One thought on “Do You Know About Boys Hope, Girls Hope?

  1. My father was the director of BHGH Chicago for many years, retiring last year. He and my uncle were instrumental in getting girls added to the program. I also served on the Women’s Board. So stoked to see it mentioned here! What a great organization. My husband and I just delivered dinners TONIGHT for our three local houses.


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