6 thoughts on “Martin Starr Laughing

  1. Karen

    My love for Freaks & Geeks is deep and passionate, and this is hands-down my favorite scene. I just love everything about it, including watching Bill make his own grilled cheese sandwich.

    Also good: the moment Neal finds the matching garage door to his opener. Devastating. Oh, and “Lady L.” Also Jason Segel in the tiny underwear at Lindsay’s house.

    Crap. Now I need to watch the entire series again.

  2. Kate

    I have never seen Freaks and Geeks, but after reading about it in the new Vanity Fair, I decided it would be a great way to kill on the treadmill. But I’m afraid I’ll fall down from laughing and get the worst rubber burn of my life. Do you think it’s safe?

  3. Tamera

    Be careful, Kate. It’s risky mixing Freaks and Geeks with any kind of heavy machinery. It’s an excellent show. Very funny, but sometimes too heart-breakingly real.

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