4 thoughts on “It’s Kinda Hard to Type

  1. Kate

    I don’t know that I’d ever go so far as having figurines on my nails, but I do envy people who can pant their nails well, emphasis on well. This past weekend I tried on the nail decals you can use. They look pretty realistic as nail polish. The only people who know otherwise are people who know I wouldn’t have spring for a fancy manicure. It’s reasonable, cost-friendly and I look blinged out!

  2. Rachel

    A couple of weeks ago a woman at the mall (who was selling some sort of “Dead Sea Take-Care-O-Your-Nails” product) admonished me in a sisterly way, telling me that nail polish is not good for our nails and asked why I do wear it. My unplanned, automatic response was “Life is short!” She agreed. But I also bought her product. (Her middle eastern accent sold me–we don’t get too many foreign accents here in east Tennessee…)

  3. Trish

    Wow. I had no idea the 31-Nail Challenge was a thing! I have enough challenge just keeping my nails polished to begin with (Coming from someone who never gets a manicure but always keeps her toes polished!)

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