It’s Kinda Hard to Type

Photo by Alice Bartlett

This nail art thing is getting out of hand.

Speaking of which, check out Sally’s nail art story on Go Mighty. I’d never heard of the 31-Day Nail Challenge before. You?

4 thoughts on “It’s Kinda Hard to Type

  1. I don’t know that I’d ever go so far as having figurines on my nails, but I do envy people who can pant their nails well, emphasis on well. This past weekend I tried on the nail decals you can use. They look pretty realistic as nail polish. The only people who know otherwise are people who know I wouldn’t have spring for a fancy manicure. It’s reasonable, cost-friendly and I look blinged out!


  2. A couple of weeks ago a woman at the mall (who was selling some sort of “Dead Sea Take-Care-O-Your-Nails” product) admonished me in a sisterly way, telling me that nail polish is not good for our nails and asked why I do wear it. My unplanned, automatic response was “Life is short!” She agreed. But I also bought her product. (Her middle eastern accent sold me–we don’t get too many foreign accents here in east Tennessee…)


  3. Wow. I had no idea the 31-Nail Challenge was a thing! I have enough challenge just keeping my nails polished to begin with (Coming from someone who never gets a manicure but always keeps her toes polished!)


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