Vote! For it is your civic duty. Also, cash.

Image by Matt Rourke

Citizens! I have an idea. If you’re voting in the U.S. election today, spread the word by posting to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, so your fellow citizens will be all “Oh yeah! My nation. I shall cast a ballot to preserve my hard-won freedoms.”

Right now, Go Mighty and Microsoft Bing are getting out the vote in partnership. Give us a shout with #govote #gomighty #gobing, and we’ll reward your patriotism by entering you to win one of the following:

A. A FREE PASS TO CAMP MIGHTY (If you already have one of these, we’ll reimburse you that cash.)

B. A $200 donation in your name to charity: water.

C. A $200 donation in your name to the American Red Cross.

D. A $500 grant to help you cross something off your Life List.

Just add #govote #gomighty #gobing to any entry encouraging friends to vote today and you’ll be entered to win your prize of choice. So easy! So American.

I have a mail-in ballot, which I forgot to mail in. So I’ll be heading to my polling place to drop it off shortly. If you don’t know where to go to vote, you can look it up on Bing Elections, and play along with us. Check back in here on Thursday to find out who won. You know, I always hope it’s you.

Happy Election Day, team. Nationalism! Woot.

#GoVote. #GoMighty. #GoBing.

3 thoughts on “Vote! For it is your civic duty. Also, cash.

  1. I registered and am so antsy to get started on my list there (I just crossed off another item today)! Are you still giving out invites?

    We are! Slowly but surely. Hang tight. -M


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