Mighty Thirst, Halloween: Killer Bloody Mary

I’m posting Halloween-themed cocktails this week because I love Halloween, and I want you to have a party. Live a little.

Halloween Killer Bloody Mary with Skull Garnish


I don’t usually like Bloody Marys because I want them to taste more like spaghetti sauce. I got exactly what I wanted by adding some fresh herbs and a little more kick than usual. If I had a more time, I’d puree tomatoes instead of using canned juice, but let’s assume you’re hungover and willing to roll with it.

Killer Bloody Mary

– Shot of Ketel 1 vodka
– 2 shots Campbell’s Tomato Juice
– 3/4 Tsp. chili paste
– Dash Worchestershire
– 1.5 Tsp. lemon juice
– pinch of fresh finely chopped basil
– pinch of fresh finely chopped rosemary
– mushroom to garnish

Put everything in a lowball, mix it up with a spoon, plop in a couple ice cubes, and stir until the drink is chilled.

Mushroom Skull Garnish

– Choose a mushroom with a large cap and stem.
– Take the tip of a sharp paring knife, barely insert it where you want your eyes, then twist.
– Use a toothpick to fine-tune your work by picking out the bits you don’t want.
– Use the tip of the knife to carve your nose. You want a shape like a flower petal with two pointed tips, or a slim oval that comes to a point at each end.
– To make the “teeth” on the stem, do one cut up the center of the stem that you’ll use to balance your mushroom on the glass.
– Now alternate wide and skinny cuts so the bottom of the mushroom looks like an unevenly sliced pie.
– Dig out the “skinny” slivers to make the spaces between teeth more apparent.
– BAM! Nailed it.

I’m making 100 cocktails as part of my Life List. This is number thirteen. Here are the rest:

1. Shots in ‘Cots

2. Avocado Bourbon Shake

3. The Vacation

4. Sassy Lassi

5. Cherry Bing

6. The ABC

7. Toddy Shots

8. Cafe Picante

9. Gin and Juice (Box)

10. The Neighbor

11. Halloween Spiked Cider

12. Bloodthirsty Mulled Wine

6 thoughts on “Mighty Thirst, Halloween: Killer Bloody Mary

  1. I love how you suggest “rolling with it” on the tomato juice, but then give very detailed instructions on how to create the skull garnish (something I am not sure my brain could handle if still drowned in alcohol). On the other hand, I love the skull garnish!!


  2. You know about the Bloody Caesar, right, Canada’s cocktail of choice? Use Clamato instead of tomato juice. You can even buy Spicy Clamato. That may give you the kick you crave. Also, you’ll need to upgrade to a highball. Seriously, sometimes I even use a frozen beer stein. Yup… Santé!


  3. Oh. My. God. Check out this thing of beauty:

    Apparently that’s 32oz.: organic vegetable & tomato juice, vodka, marinated mushrooms, onions, pickles, capers, a hard-boiled egg & candied bacon


  4. I second the Bloody Caesar. Once I had one I’ve never gone back.

    Add the following to a large glass of ice:
    Two shots of good vodka
    Shot of Worcestershire Sauce
    Shot of Frank’s Red Hot (some like it hot)
    Dash of Celery Salt
    Splash of pickle juice
    Fill with Clamato Juice
    garnish with pickle spear & olives


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