Endorsement: The Five Year Engagement

10th October 2012

Have you seen The Five Year Engagement already? If not, please rent it so very much. It made me laugh and feel feelings.

I’m on the hunt for good movies, because I don’t see trailers on TV anymore and I still haven’t shaken that thing where you stop going to movies once you have a kid. (What is that?) Anyway, if you’ve seen anything good lately, spill.

41 thoughts on “Endorsement: The Five Year Engagement

  1. Kara

    Do you like classic black and white/film noir?

    Then I recommend any of the Thin Man movies… especially “The Thin Man” and “After the Thin Man”.

    BTW… I don’t like to go to the theaters (unless I want to see something in 3D) because theaters tend to not serve you dirty martinis and cheese platters during the movie, or allow you to talk back to the characters on the screen. And I don’t have kids either.

  2. Manu S.

    I have never commented on your site, but was going to break the rule and suggest ‘Your Sister’s Sister’ as well. See someone beat me to it :) You must watch.

    Also, Sleepwalk with Me is phenomenal. Must watch.

    And for DVD — Broken English(slightly old from ’07) but just re-watched it and LOVED. Parker Posey. Enough said.

  3. Cindy

    I watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel recently. Yes…people at work made fun of me for watching it because they said it’s an old person movie. But it’s really good! Made me want to retire in India.

  4. Jen

    My husband and I stole a mid-week movie date last month (had a work event, had a sitter, poof! instant date) We saw “Lawless”…all about bootlegging and moonshine in the Virginia mountains. If you are loving some gangsters, beautiful costumes, and gasping-sit-on-the-edge-of-your-seat fun, this is your film. I’m now reading the book it is based on. (sidenote-we’re taking my FIL to see it soon because this was where he grew up-helping his dad bootleg during the same era;)

  5. Rebecca S.

    For a Good Time Call, I think it’s in theaters now, but will be on DVD before you now it. It’s raunchy, but with a heart. :-) I’m not one usually for comedies and I thought it was hilarious, I don’t remember laughing that much at a movie in recent years.

    We saw Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, and Alison Brie in Ann Arbor while they were filming here. I thought it was really cool how they kept all the restaurant names as what they are in real life, if you’re ever in town you’ll have to try Zingerman’s.

    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is on my list to watch as well.

  6. Sarah Cokes

    I saw that movie on a plane and LOVED it! I actually paid 6$ to watch and had no regret. NONE.

    I was offered a free movie ticket this past weekend and went to see Pitch Perfect. IT WAS AWESOME. Funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. It was hilarious and is a must see.

  7. Christine

    Loved Five-Year Engagement, too.

    One of my favorites as of late is Beginners. Such a sweet little film.

    Also, I’m not sure what the thing is when people stop seein movies. My favorite is to go to the early $6 shows by myself! Bliss.

  8. Catherine

    Okay, so while I loved Five-Year Engagement, too, it also gave me insane amounts of anxiety. I am a PhD Candidate in English who dragged my husband from our home state to Florida to get a degree, only now to realize that the job market is TERRIBLE and could require me to move to a frozen tundra and drag him (and now our daughter) there, too. My husband is crazy supportive, but I do have nightmares of him feeling like the character in this movie. I wanted to love this movie but I just couldn’t step away from it enough to not envision it as my life.

    However, if I ever get married again, I definitely want to go the Choose-Your-Own Adventure style that you see at the end.

  9. Amber

    Beasts of the Southern Wild. It is my favorite and my best. For something completely different, Cabin in the Woods was super-entertaining.

  10. Megan

    Slightly obsessed with a movie called Celeste & Jesse Forever. I want to be friends with Rashida Jones and the soundtrack is great.(I only found it on Spotify – someone pieced it together, and I subscribed to it.)

  11. Ashley

    I also loved The Five Year Engagement. Here are my recommendations:

    In theaters:
    The Perks of Being a Wallflower (read the book first though!)

    Available to rent:
    Like Crazy
    Another Earth
    Moonrise Kingdom

  12. Sarah

    I saw Safety Not Guaranteed over the summer, and I really loved it. Some really great bits to it. Check it out!

  13. Jessica!

    I hated cabin in the woods! It had (kinda) funny parts but was WAY to gory. I liked Turcker and Dale vs. Evil. That was not very bloody and SO funny from start to finish!

  14. Cyndi

    Check out “The Details” and “Your Sister’s Sister.” “The Details” is a bit dark, but kind of hilarious and really well done. Several others have already recommended “Your Sister’s Sister,” which is definitely a must see.

  15. Julie

    I will 100% watch anything with Alison Brie in it (the Elmo-Cookie Monster scene? Is this real life?) so I have to put in a plug for Community, even though it’s not a movie.

  16. Amy

    I have to second the rec for Pitch Perfect. Super funny and likeable characters.

    I saw Friends with Kids this weekend and that was also very very good.

  17. Hayley

    One more recommendation for Pitch Perfect! I saw it last night, and it was HILARIOUS, seriously almost fell out my seat. Thank goodness other people were suffering from the same inability to remain upright.

    Also, the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel was very good. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it when I rented it, but it was very charming, and it was refreshing to see a movie with a mature and truly talented cast.

  18. Mary

    Beginners, I Am Love, Melancholia, Submarine, His Girl Friday, Departures, Cherry Blossoms, A Single Man, The Future. The last movie I saw in a theater was Bernie, which was amusing.

    Maggie, thank you for the movie recommendation and for all of your posts.

  19. Sheryl

    Another vote for The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I have also heard lovely things about Beasts of the Southern Wild, and will be seeing that ASAP.

  20. kate

    whoa. I haven’t heard of any of these movies…what’s WRONG with me??? Apparently I have that ‘once you have a child you don’t see movies’ affliction, too.

    Best get on that.

  21. Mandy

    I really enjoyed 50/50 with Joseph Gordon Levitt and Seth Rogen. I thought it captured the feelings of these 20-somethings going through a really bad situation well, without being too maudlin. Highly recommended!

  22. Jess

    I fall in love again with Cold Comfort Farm every time I see it. It is worth seeing just for Ian McKellens church rant and shout of “there’ll be no butter in hell!”

  23. kim

    i don’t know if you’re a documentary person, maggie, but RIDING GIANTS is one of my all time favorites. it’s a doc about the history of big wave surfing via 3 of the top big wave surfers from the 50s thru today. years ago, a friend told me i HAD to see it…that it would make me want to “live a bigger life.” she was right! if you watch it, make sure you see all the way thru to the end of the credits.

  24. Emily

    Have you seen Broken English? It’s on instant Netflix and it is one of my favorites of the last four years.

    I second The Beginners, that was really good. Friends with Kids was just okay. It should be called Everyone Has Kids. I also love You Can Count On Me if you’ve never seen it. And PS, another good one with Laura Linney.

  25. Rebecca

    You have to see Pitch Perfect! It was fantastic and delightful and exactly what to go see on a fall afternoon, although I wanted to go back to college when I left!

  26. hrl

    I really liked Hope Springs with Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones. 50/50 was good but hated the ending. What the therapist did was unethical and I hate that they ended it that way. Otherwise, it was a good movie. The Secret Life of Arriety is a great movie! If you liked My neighbor Tortoro, you’ll like it. Hank will too.

  27. Annecy

    The Painted Veil. One of the rare cases where I loved the movie more than the book. It stays with you and makes you want to linger over it… a beautiful story told in a brilliant way just as the title suggests.

  28. Traci

    The Help. But we probably don’t have the same taste in movies as I hated The 5 Yr Engagement – good lord, that movie would never end! and it was just a bunch of whining and creating problems that didn’t need to exist.

  29. Jen

    5 Year Engagement was great!
    If laughter and feeling feelings are the requirements, here are a couple of suggestions.

    Sleepwalk with me
    The Kids are Allright
    The Birdcage (not new but hey, funny and feelings)

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