Weekend Soundtrack: Put This in Your Ears

A few songs that have been on heavy rotation with me lately:

The Black Lodge from Foe

Ten-Twenty-Ten from the Generationals

Like Me Meaner from Lanie Lane

New Ceremony from Dry the River
Great lyrics, “It’s anybody’s guess how the Angel of Doubt laid down sand beneath our house.”

Dance Without You from Skylar Grey

What song do you have on repeat? Let us know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Weekend Soundtrack: Put This in Your Ears

  1. I need *something* new on repeat. I’ve been in a heavy rotation of super cliche break-up songs. Broken hearts have no taste.


  2. Macklemore’s “Same Love”.

    Mary Lambert’s voice just slays me, as does the message. And don’t even get me started on the video they just put out–every time I even think of it I have to go kiss my sons and whisper to them that I don’t ever want them to be ashamed of who and how they love.


  3. “Hahahaohho” and “WHALE” by Yellow Ostrich
    “Plumage” by Menomena
    “I Know” and “Bayonet” by American Gospel
    “Do It Anyway” by Ben Folds Five
    “Civilian Stripes” by Divine Fits
    “Russia” by Ramona Falls
    “Your Drums, Your Love” by AlunaGeorge

    and…coughNeverEverGettingBackTogethercoughcough ahem. I CAN’T HELP IT, OKAY?


  4. This summer:
    Walk the Moon: I Can Lift a Car
    Rilo Kiley: Silver Lining
    Julia Stone: It’s All Okay
    Noah & The Whale: 5 Years Time
    Better Than Ezra: Briefly/Our Last Night
    Robyn: Hang With Me
    La Roux: I’m Not Your Toy
    Gossip: Move in the Right Direction/Casualties of War
    Jazmine Sullivan: Love You Long Time
    Jeremy Messersmith: Easy Lovers, Hardly Friends/A Girl, A Boy, A Graveyard
    Chairlift: Bruises


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