Mighty Thirst: Gin and Juice (Box)

6th September 2012

Mighty Thirst: Gin and Juice (Box) | Mighty Girl

I found myself low on mixers this week, and I have a kid. You do the math. Necessity is the mother of god this is good.

Gin and Juice (Box)

• Take three mint leaves and roll them around between your fingers until they’re bruised. Throw them in the glass.
• Add a few cubes of ice.
• Shot of Hendrick’s Gin.
• Juice from half a lemon, then rub the lemon around the rim of your glass.
• Top off with a juice box of Honest Kids Berry Berry Good Lemonade (Brand is very important here because you want the low-sugar stuff. I’m not being paid to say this, obviously. But! Any juice box company that wants to start paying me to mix their juice with booze should call me so we can be zillionaires. Tipsy, responsible, adult zillionaires who have obviously employed child care before embarking on this endeavor. High fives.)

The Mighty Summit is this weekend! So here’s to splashing your feet in a hot tub, feeling small under redwood trees, wrapping yourself in a wool blanket, and laughing until you pee a little.

What are you toasting this week?

This is part of my Life List project to taste 100 cocktails. Here are a few more:
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4 thoughts on “Mighty Thirst: Gin and Juice (Box)

  1. Herself

    You should definitely try and get paid to use that brand name. I believe it’s owned by the Coca-Cola company.

  2. Jenny

    I made a cocktail this summer where you can use the rest of that lemonade: shot of vodka, splash of triple sec, top with lemonade, over ice. I used a garnish of lemon but orange would be nice, too.

  3. a.

    It had been awhile since I actually looked at your life list- Now I get why all the cocktails lately, doh! New items on people’s lists are always fun to see. I’ve long been curious- would you be willing to share a little about “fund and finish my art project/store”?

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