Mighty Closet: Impolite White

Hey! Thanks to Tide VIVID White + Bright, sponsors of this post. Because of them, I will be eating spaghetti while I wear these clothes. Or ribs? Maybe ribs. I’m hungry.

Impolite White: Zoe Karssen T-Shirt | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Surprise! T-shirt by Zoe Karssen.

Here’s what. I know it’s not cool to wear white after Labor Day. I mean, I have the books.

But, I live in in San Francisco. Despite what you’ve heard about California, it’s crazy cold here. And? Kind of stupid to wear white in the months leading up to Labor Day. Not because of tradition, but because many of us are just too pale to pull it off after two months of living under a blanket of fog. By “many of us,” I mean me.

So, please join me in wearing white after Labor Day. With lots of texture, a little vintage, and a certain je ne sais “up yours.” Labor Day, you are an arbitrary deadline imposed upon us by the man.

Here’s what I’ll be wearing this Fall:

Impolite White: Vintage Cocktail Dress | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

A classic silhouette. 1960s white cocktail dress from Thrush vintage on Etsy.

Impolite White: Lace Shorts | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Short and sweet. Club Monaco lace shorts.

Impolite White: Swimsuit | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Retro-modern appeal. Norma Kamali halterneck swimsuit.

Impolite White: Day Dress | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Pretty in spring, summer, or fall. Lauren Moffatt sleeveless silk dress.

Impolite White: Superga Tennis Shoes | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Machine washable. Superga tennis shoes.

Impolite White: Faye Zodiac Print Shirt from Club Monaco | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Great contrast. Club Monaco zodiac-print shirt.

Impolite White: Kneesocks | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

In case the fog rolls in. Madewell over-the-knee cableknit 1937 socks.

Impolite White: Collared Shirt | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

A little edge. Equipment silk shirt.

Impolite White: Cardigan | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Retro texture. Vintage Lacoste cardigan from mademoisellebomode on Etsy.

Impolite White: Jumpsuit from ZARA | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Easy and elegant. Mango two-tone jumpsuit.

Impolite White: MUJI Underwear Set | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Simple and sweet. MUJI lace tank top and shorts.

Impolite White: Vintage Glasses | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

For your eyes. Vintage cat eye glasses from AloofNewWhimsey on Etsy.

Impolite White: Scalloped Blouse | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Masculin/féminin. Club Monaco blouse.

Impolite White: Mini Dress | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Classic and comfortable. Alice + Olivia One-Shoulder Silk Dress.

Impolite White: Polka-Dot Pullover | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

An easy pullover. J.Crew tippi sweater in swiss dot.

Impolite White: Warby Parkers | Mighty Closet | Mighty Girl

Genius. Warby Parker specs. My math teacher is hotter than your math teacher.

Right? Right.

Will you be wearing white after Labor Day? Clearly. Visit the Tide VIVID White + Bright Rule Breakers of the Week Contest on Facebook, and upload a photo of yourself wearing white for a chance to win a shopping spree from Tide. Hooray!

10 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Impolite White

  1. I have a white lace dress with a vintage feel I just bought a couple of months ago. It’s my favorite thing in my wardrobe. I fully plan on rocking it after Labor Day.


  2. HAH! Thanks for this. I’ve just emigrated from UK to USA and I was wondering about this whole ‘wearing white after Labor day’. Seems like it’s a-ok. Cheers!


    1. @Mary Lauren: Yeah, I stain my clothing every time I lift a fork to my mouth. But I feel like it’s easier to get stains out of white stuff than prints and solids, because you don’t have to worry so much about discoloration.


  3. This feels like a post for an unofficial Life List item: “Rock the shit out of lots of glorious white frocks after Labor Day.”


  4. I’m mad for jumpsuits even if my husband asks me to pump his gas when I’m wearing one. And I will wear white as long as it stays hot up in here (SC). We moved here last year and love the town but woowee it’s hot as balls.


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