The Best Parts of Modest Gifts by Norman Mailer

I read this book for you, so that you need not. Allow me to do you this service, as a token of my love. There were the only two things in 263 pages that didn’t anger me in their self-indulgence, and I’m a blogger you guys.

Anyway, here you go:

I feel as though I am beginning to look like my cell phone.


The call girl
walked along
the bar
escorted by
a plump
hip businessman,
minor league Mafia,
and behind them
trailed a smell
of stale

O sex
you are dying
I know
but in
whose name?
and for what

8 thoughts on “The Best Parts of Modest Gifts by Norman Mailer

  1. I’d love to hear some of the bits that angered you the most. On a related note, I just got 5 books out of the library and so far 2 are unreadable.


  2. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

    “might make the whole of the internet slide off its foundation”

    Oh, how I love this, Miette.


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