Michael Kiwanuka, at Outside Lands 2012

14th August 2012

AT&T sponsored my coverage of Outside Lands this year, so I got to take photos of a few of their All Access tent performances.

Michael Kiwanuka | Outside Lands

Michael Kiwanuka was the guy I came to see. I mean, Stevie Wonder aside, but come on.

Kiwanuka is a soul singer who was recently on tour with Adele, and his music has made it onto a few of my mixes. He said he aims for warmth with his albums, and that’s a perfect description of how they make me feel — comforted.

Michael Kiwanuka, Outside Lands | Mighty Girl

If you haven’t heard him sing, start with Any Day Will Do Fine, and go from there.

Michael Kiwanuka on Spotify
Michael Kiwanuka on RDIO

Michael Kiwanuka, Outside Lands | Mighty Girl

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You can also catch his performance at AT&T’s All Access Tent at Outside Lands, plus a brief interview, on U-Verse.

Michael Kiwanuka, Outside Lands | Mighty Girl

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5 thoughts on “Michael Kiwanuka, at Outside Lands 2012

  1. Christy

    I saw him at a small club in Atlanta a couple of months ago. SO fantastic. His voice is amazing and his smile is one of the warmest smiles I have ever seen. He’s got the goods.

  2. Melissa

    Just heard him on the radio in the car for the first time. And before I could try to divine the spelling of his last name, I spy your RSS feed on my Netvibes page. Thanks for doing the spelling for me!

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