Mighty Happy Giveaway

7th August 2012

Gretchen Rubin at the Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

This is Gretchen, and I’m always thrilled to see her because her brain sponges up such satisfying facts. For example:

Were you aware that some studies have shown that when women are looking to reproduce, they’re attracted to men who smell biologically disparate? However, when they get pregnant, they’re attracted to men who smell like family, ostensibly because family will be more likely to protect the offspring. BUT! The pill mimics pregnancy. Which could mean that some types of pill cause you to fall in love with a man who is biologically similar, reproduce with him, and then find his smell unattractive when you’ve gone off the pill, sometimes leading you to break things off with him. What the what?

Gretchen is good for a few dozen of those life-altering facts over an evening, which is why I always pull her down next to me at dinner.

Happier at Home, by Gretchen Rubin at the Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

Gretchen also happens to be the author of the bestselling Happiness Project, and the soon-to-be-released Happier at Home (which will hit shelves September 4 and is now available for pre-order), both of which document Gretchen’s curiosity about ways to improve her life — she also has a site dedicated to the process that has some useful suggestions. The Go Mighty team and the gracious Isabel Kallman hosted a book release party for Happier at Home in New York last week, and some of our favorite women gathered to celebrate happiness.

The Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

The Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin

Laura documented all the details over here. There was champagne, and donuts (Donuts 2012!), and lots of women laughing, which is the best.

There were also gift bags. Want one?

Gift bags at the Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

Bliss supplied a generous helping of good-smelling body and bath products, and Anthropologie gave us pretty wall calendars.

Happier at Home, by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

We also have five copies of Happier at Home to give away. To enter, just tell us what makes you happy in comments. In fact, will you please tell us three things? I like to read them. Fingers crossed for you.

Top and bottom images by Mighty Girl. Other images by Sheri Silver from www.sherisilver.com.

UPDATE: Comments close Monday, August 13. Until then, keep ’em coming:

Mighty Happy Giveaway | mightygirl.com/2012/08/07/mighty-happy-giveaway |Mighty Girl

779 thoughts on “Mighty Happy Giveaway

  1. Emma

    #1: the smell of my toddler’s hair
    #2: sunlight streaming through clouds
    #3: easting ripe raspberries off the bush

  2. Wendy

    My children make me the happiest. Although really close to the top a sunset walks on the beach and spending time with friends and family. I think my list could go on and on because so many things make me happy. Life is to short to not be happy so I just fill myself with happy things!

  3. Alaina

    Things that make me happy: the beach, miniature longhaired dachshunds (especially mine), flip flops, tapas, and swimming. I’m happier just having typed that.

  4. Sabrina

    #1- the sound of my children making each other laugh
    #2- hugs
    #3.- the quiet time alone with my husband once the kids are in bed

  5. Lisa

    The emotional climax in a song. Sailing on lake Ontario. Drinking coffee in the morning with my sweetheart.

  6. Catherine

    #1 – When my daughter laughs so hard she snorts.
    #2 – When I make my husband laugh so hard the little vein in his forehead pops out.
    #3 – Being the first person to wake up on a weekend and sitting on the couch reading, waiting for the day to start.

  7. Kristina

    I am happiest when…

    …I get to buy a big, fat wrap sandwich from the little deli next door (ok, it’s a Blimpie. You caught me!)
    …I’m laying in bed with my boyfriend after a really long day, just shooting the shit and squeezing him tight
    …I find the perfect song to listen to while driving through a summer night with the windows rolled down (“A Real Hero” from the “Drive” soundtrack is a current favorite)

  8. Tracy

    Things that make me happy: hugs & kisses from my nephews; snuggles with my kitty; strong coffee; good friends; my hubby.

  9. Jasmine

    #1 – Sharing a perfect meal with my husband
    #2 – Seeing the beautiful sights of Rome by night
    #3 – Long conversations with my sister

  10. Shannon

    What makes me happy ~

    1) Consciously realizing when I’m happy. We get caught up in the daily/weekly blur so much that it’s sort of amazing when you can stop and actively feel the moment.

    2)Photobooths! Squishing up with a friend and seeing how your strip of funny-face pictures comes out is hilarious and gives a feeling of silly fun that adults don’t always permit themselves. Maybe it’s because it’s hidden behind that curtain so we feel safe. But no one can keep from laughing and goofing off when they’re in one :)

    3)Lilacs. Lilac season is so brief, but I love them so much, and I LOVE living in a place again where we have them, after two decades in a lilac-less place. A wonderful park near me has several hundred varieties, and it’s awesome to go from one bush to the next, sniffing each and comparing: this one more subtle, this one more cloying, this one intensely fragrant. They make Spring so wonderful.

    (I must add that I am excited to see this info about this new book! A friend just told me about The Happiness Project and I can’t wait to read that one. I will pass this post along to him.)

  11. Jen W.

    1. My two kids with their heads together, playing a funny little make-believe game.
    2. Sitting around the table with my parents, brothers, sisters, nieces nephews. Even better if the table is in a vacation home!
    3. Family game night.
    Basically, I am a sucker for happy family time.

  12. Stephanie

    Suppose it depends on the mood but I’m always happy if I’m reading in my reading chair :)

  13. kristin

    1 – Sitting on my front stoop, drinking a beer, with my bestie.
    2 – When someone likes something I’m wearing.
    3 – A crazy sweaty Bikram class.

  14. Gia

    1) listening to my son sing
    2) sipping cocktails in mason jars on the porch
    3) night swimming

  15. ris

    Great giveaway! Three things that make me happy:
    1. Snuggling in the morning before I have to get out of bed
    2. Receiving paper mail
    3. Coffee or hot tea on a cold morning
    It’s the small things, you know?

  16. Cass

    #1 – Hugs from a wet from the pool 4 year old.
    #2 – Tears – sometimes the other side of them bring the best kind of happy
    #3 – Blueberries the size of grapes…it can’t be natural but damn if it isn’t delicious!

  17. Corri C

    1. The sound of a sail the moment it catches the wind.
    2. The sparkle in my son’s eye when he’s telling a funny story.
    3. Early morning if I wake up on my own and have no obligations.

  18. jackie

    -Singing “Call Me Maybe” with my 3 year old.
    -A cup of coffee on a Saturday morning while the rest of the house sleeps.
    -Fresh sweet corn.

  19. Bridget

    1. Seeing my niece discover “new” things (stuff I’ve been doing for so long, I forgot that I had to learn it!)
    2. Turning bits of my favorite songs into ringtones so I can hear them unexpectedly throughout the day.
    3. The intelligent, funny family and friends who I have in my life.

  20. Cristi Whiddon

    Thing #1: The sound of my husband laughing

    Thing #2: The smell of my kids’ heads (is that bizarre?)

    Thing #3: Seeing the look on someone’s face when I hand them a quilt I made for them.

  21. Peach

    ~a strong cup of coffee on a rainy morning
    ~the rush I get from a tough CrossFit workout
    ~finally knowing who I am and what I want

  22. Tara

    1. Morning sunshine streaming in through my living room windows
    2. Sipping a mocha as I listen to my baby go down for his morning nap
    3. Reading blogs written by women who share a similar world-view to my own

  23. Meg

    – laughing really hard with friends
    – waking up when I’m ready (no alarm)
    – sitting by a lake under the stars

  24. Missy

    1 – The high pitched giggles of my son when my husband tickles him while he low laughs.
    2 – The calm quiet minutes I take for myself at the end of the night once the baby goes to sleep.
    3 – The euphoria after achieving something I thought impossible.

  25. kami

    1- The smell and feel of old books as I’m browsing my local book store (betterworldbooks.com)
    2- The look on my students faces when I tell them we’re putting learning aside for a day of games instead (usually Disney Scene It)!
    3- The feeling of waking up in the morning, squished between one of my doggies and my snoring husband.

  26. Joanne

    – Dog kisses always make me happy.
    – Reuniting with old friends, and laughing over stupid inside jokes/stories that happened when you were 12 that (in your mind) are still hysterically funny.
    – The feeling you get when in the ocean, just bouncing along with gentle waves.

  27. Megan

    1. Any sort of water, lakes, rivers, oceans, even pools.
    2. Being incredibly lazy on a Sunday afternoon.
    3. Freshly painted nails (by me)

  28. Angie L

    1. Facetime with my 1 year old niece. She is so close to saying my name even though we are so far apart.
    2. The moment right when I wake up and I stretch real big before I think about what I have to do for the day.
    3. Swimming.

  29. Angeerah

    In no particular order:

    *Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard
    *My son’s laugh
    *My husband’s goofy sense of humor

  30. Elizabeth

    1. Watching my son and my husband play
    2. The movie theater in town that plays independent films and serves beer. And getting to go there all by myself.
    3. Sleep, uninterrupted sleep.

  31. Alison

    1. Waking up on my day off and lingering in bed. Lately, thi has sometimes involved playing a game or reading blogs on my phone. Yes, it’s my day off today, and I’m typing this curled up in bed.

    2. The unintentionally hilarious subject transitions that take place in texts from my boyfriend. A text from yesterday: “I think I’m gonna email [Manager] tomorrow about [work issue]. I want to grab your ass.”

    3. The way my body feels in water. I need to make more friends with pools, but they’re scarce here in NYC.

  32. Jana

    1. Coming home from a trip. Even if it was a wonderful trip, I just really love the homecoming…
    2. Christmas tree lights and snow falling outside with a candle burning on my kitchen counter.
    3. The feeling in the air in autumn when school is just back in session and the leaves are changing and falling. Putting on those first warm sweaters of the season.

  33. Eileen

    1. Hearing my children laugh and giggle
    2. working on and accomplishing a tough project
    3. listening to the waves crash at the beach while reading a good book (hopefully Happier at Home)

    All of these things are guaranteed to make me happy.

  34. Amanda S.

    a_ The smell of the earth when it first starts to rain.
    b_ Freshly-roasted New Mexico green chiles.
    c_ Driving down a country road with the windows down, singing loudly (and poorly, I should add) along with the music playing on the stereo.

  35. Morgan

    Being a traveler totally anonymous in a foreign country. Overripe stonefruit. Those conversations with strangers in which the walls seem to fall away.

  36. abby

    -the smooth, near-hairless patch of skin behind my dogs ears.
    -checking tiny sunflower seedlings for growth each morning.
    -the feel of very old, somewhat transparent vintage t-shirts.

  37. Christine

    that moment that is, after checking in on my sleeping children, knowing that everything is all right in my home and world

  38. Allisone

    1. Music playing in the background.
    2. Sunny beaches
    3. Fancy beverages
    (bonus #4. Flowers)

  39. Ginny

    I am happiest:
    1) When smelling my baby girl’s head
    2) Being barefoot in the kitchen, sipping wine, and cooking dinner
    3)In the moment when you realize an inside joke has been created

  40. Samantha

    1. My niece’s funny laugh: silly, squeaky, snorty, showing all of her new teeth.
    2. Getting into a made bed at night.
    3. Completing challenging tasks. That makes me feel bullet-proof!

  41. Jessi

    1.) When my kids, who share a room, wake up at the same time and I can hear them giggling in the baby monitor.

    2.) The sound of chopped veggies as they saute in the pan.

    3.) The yummy scent in the air during a load of wash. I make my own detergent and it smells so good.

  42. Heidi A. Seely

    i am happiest when:
    1. I am cooking in the late afternoon
    2. I am outside
    3. I am reading with my babes, pointing out little details in the picture books.

  43. Colleen

    1.) Meadowlarks in the morning
    2.) A homegrown, home-cooked meal
    3.) Reading on a rainy day

  44. Sara

    -when I pick up my son from daycare at the end of the day, the moment when he sees me in the doorway
    -swimming long lengths underwater
    -starting a new book

  45. Ellen

    1. I am happy to say I’ve never been on Birth control. (!!)
    2. I am happy when I’m outside on a sunny fall day.
    3. I am happy when I’m hanging out with family or friends and a good gin cocktail.

  46. Hanna

    Floating in Lake Michigan with my husband after a long day apart, a summer night driving on a country road with the windows rolled down, eating the first cookie, slice of bread, etc. that I pull out of the oven, the funny things our cats do, spending time with my two sisters.

  47. Sarah Cokes

    Seeing my two dogs play together makes me happy. I love that they love each other. (And me!)

  48. Aarika

    My nephews and niece hanging out with me and making me laugh.

    The imminent arrival of autumn!

    Pepperoni and green pepper pizza.

  49. Penny

    Watching an Oklahoma sunset
    Listening to amazing music
    Hanging out at the lake with my husband and our friends
    Homegrown tomatoes

  50. Laney

    #1 Spontaneous “I love yous” from my kids
    #2 Listening to a really good song in the car, windows rolled down, volume up
    #3 Drinking hot coffee outside on a cool morning

  51. Molly

    1. When my newborn son stretches right after he wakes up- he looks just like his dad does in the morning!
    2. When my husband gets home from work and says “hi Family”
    3. A long hot bath and a fantastic new book

  52. Beth

    being at the beach
    drinking my morning latte
    the cute dogs outside the coffee shop that wait patiently for their owners

  53. Amy

    1. Books, books, books.
    2. Passport, travel documents, and a neatly packed bag–ready to head out the door.
    3. My two lovely rescue dogs.

  54. Krysta

    Drinking my morning coffee on the back porch with my husband. Kisses from my two pups. Finding a pair of jeans that fits perfectly.

  55. Kristen

    1. Long drives in the country with the windows down.
    2. My kids making each other laugh.
    3. Unexpected down-time.

  56. sarah

    my toddler son’s voice (and hair, and laugh, and everything else) | the smell of fall | that time with my husband after my son has gone to bed, when we share some wine (and hopefully something chocolate) and watch DVR’d TV shows.

  57. Tracey

    What made me so happy this weekend and continues to make me smile all day long every time I think about it is the sight of my 3-yr old running around the house (literally) in nothing but a batman mask and cape. Seriously awesome. I need to bottle that.

  58. Robin (noteverstill)

    1) how I feel after a good night’s sleep
    2) how I feel after a cup of coffee after a good night’s sleep (even better!)
    3) optimism
    ooh, and
    4) pulling the plastic film off of screens of new electronics

  59. Natalie

    1. summer morning “calm” when it’s just a few birds.
    2. really hearty and from the gut laughter.
    3. real letters in the mail.

  60. Rachel

    1. bonding with my husband
    2. hiking
    3. leaving the library with a stack of books (this makes me deliriously happy, each and every time)

  61. BellaBrunette

    #1 – Going to concerts. Really good live music gives me a warm feeling down to my soul.
    #2 – Seeing my best friends (who currently live far away) and realizing that we can pick up where we left off without missing a beat.
    #3 – Being on a date with a guy I really like (there is one in particular at the moment…) and accidentally brushing against each other. Oh, the butterflies!!

  62. pseudostoops

    1. My kid saying “dizzy!” and spinning herself in a circle.
    2. A slightly cool breeze coming off the river that hints at fall ahead (like I felt this morning on the walk to work)
    3. Summer sun glinting off Lake Tahoe

  63. shokufeh

    Things that make me happy include an exquisite view of the moon in the night sky, waking up and feeling content and refreshed, and sitting down with my family to eat dinner before 6:00. I should probably come up with a list of things that happen more often than these three.

  64. alissa

    I’m falling in love with Gretchen as we speak – I’ve been reading “The Happiness Project” – I’m only on April and I already feel more at peace. Three things that make me happy right now:

    1. Slowly getting my sleeping environment in order, new headboard a coat of paint etc…

    2. Watching my 2-year old daughter play – she has such an imagination!

    3. Seasonal vegetables – tomatoes! Oh the tomatoes.

  65. Cris

    1. Holding hands with my husband.
    2. Laying in my hammock looking at blue sky and white puffy clouds.
    3. Laughing with friends.

  66. Lesley

    A few things that make me happy are walking my dogs early in the morning before the neighborhood is awake, cooking a good meal for myself and others, and yoga.

  67. Rochelle

    1. Watching my 3 year old son’s personality develop and solidify.
    2. Seeing how confident and brave my 14 year old daughter is, completely opposite of what I was at that age.
    3. Spending time laughing, playing video games, whatever with the kids and husband!

  68. Becky

    A clean house (note: NOT the cleaning of the house!), waking up on my own schedule instead of the kids’, chocolate.

  69. rachel

    Cool! This is the first I’ve heard that Gretchen has a new book coming out.

    OK, three things that make me happy… how ’bout fresh peaches, fresh tomatoes, and corn on the cob. Must be summer!

  70. MJ

    1. Sweet tea in the morning.
    2. The look on my kid’s face when she gets to spend a dollar at the arcade.
    3. Knitting.

  71. brie

    3. Singing loudly while driving

    2. Making my niece laugh with my horrible Kermit the Frog impression

    1. Sending and receiving text messages with my husband about cute dogs

  72. jobonga

    1. Being rousted awake by my dog’s wet nose.
    2. Sharing a bed with my sister when we’re together.
    3. Scoring rhubarb from my bus driver’s garden.

  73. Rachel

    #1 – Sitting on the front steps of my house in Capitol Hill, reading a book, drinking a glass of wine and watching the neighborhood go by.

    #2 – Waking up to forwarded flight confirmations from my friends and family letting me know they’re coming to visit.

    #3- Turning the corner and seeing the US Capitol at night. When that sight doesn’t take my breath away, it’s time to leave this city.

  74. Jill

    The way my kids’ heads feel against my face. Playing dominoes with a glass of wine after the kids have gone to bed. Downton Abbey.

  75. Jacinta

    Hi Maggie! Thanks for the giveaway! Things making me happy right now: 1) That I set out to get a B.A. and that on Thursday I’ll be done my last class. 2) Cooking with fresh summer produce… especially corn, and new recipes in particular. 3) A successfully hosted visit with my husband’s family.

  76. Emily

    Watching my toddler’s uncontrollable giggle, drinking a tasty IPA with my husband, and wearing a fun, flattering, girly dress all make me happy!

  77. Anne

    I am happy when my 8 week old daughter poops. She’s an infrequent pooper and I’m a crazy, worry-wart first time mom.

    I am/will be happy when I have to brush my teeth with bottled water because it means I’m back in my home in Africa with my amazing husband after a 5 month separation as I came back to the states to have our baby.

    I am happy with an xl fountain diet coke in my hand. Just because it’s delicious.

  78. Stephanie

    Things that make me happy:

    My older son, who is hilarious and brilliant and joyful.
    My younger son, who has the best baby babbling sounds and I don’t know what we did without him.
    Diet coke.

  79. abbiejoy

    I loved the happiness project and look forward to reading happier at home! Things that make me happy: laying in bed reading, my crazy dog, watermelon

  80. Miranda

    My dad’s laugh makes me happy. It’s one of those deep, hearty belly laughs. Even thinking about it makes me smile.

  81. Marti

    #1 – watching my daughter carry around a Patty O’Green doll from the 1980’s like it’s the hottest toy ever
    #2 – sitting and watching the busy bee’s collecting pollen on my purple salvia in my front yard
    #3 – crisp what clouds against a bright blue sky

  82. Cynthia

    Warm coffee on cool mornings.
    The sound and smell of good things bubbling on the stove.
    Being able to spend an entire day reading favorite books.

  83. Ayse

    1. Making things
    2. Learning something new
    3. Helping other people

    If only it hadn’t taken me so long to figure that out when I was struggling with unhappiness in my 20’s.

  84. famousamy

    1) Seeing my husband read to my girls. (He loves it and does it all the time.)

    2) Getting dirty with the kids!

    3) My sisters! I love them (3, and two SILs) and how much fun we have together).

  85. Gena@BakeAllTheThings!

    1. When my husband hits snooze for an extra 10 minutes of half-sleepy snuggling in the morning.

    2. Scarfing down drippy bites of the perfect summer watermelon

    3. Getting lost in a good book.

  86. Cheryl

    1. Reading a good book.
    2. Sitting by the water contemplating my belly button.
    3. A glass of wine and good conversation with family and friends.

  87. Sarah Lena

    1. My lawn the day after it’s been cut/edged/blown.
    2. Getting a captcha right on the first try.
    3. The way my four year old’s weight on my lap is an instant mood relaxer.

  88. Carin

    1. Experiencing something new
    2. Pillow Mountain
    3. The spot on a cat’s nose where the fur stops going one way and starts going another – they like to be scritched there, and I like to scritch them there.

  89. Rachel

    Family, rocky road ice cream, new shoes, creating something that makes people laugh, late-night book club, acting silly and others joining in, meeting new people, large shiny earrings, putting my pajamas on in the afternoon, having to wake up early and being rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, sharing a really great story, Slurpees.

    I’m the worst at narrowing things down. But so many things make me happy.

    Sidenote: I once read an article by Gretchen and emailed her a question and she responded almost immediately. Ever since I’ve considered her a class act.

  90. Melissa

    1. Missouri, which surprised me. I had to move away from in to realize how much.
    2. My $5 pool chair. Best summer investment, ever.
    3. My super charming 9 year old buddy.

  91. Rachel

    Oh what a lovely giveaway! My first thought was that it makes me happy that it’s hard to pick just three things that make me happy, but here goes:

    1) Waking up every day with a job that gives me a sense of purpose. It makes me happy even on the rough days to know that what I do is necessary and important.
    2) Watching my house come together as a space for love and joy and sanctuary for me and family and friends – a true home. I’ve only had it since last October (Life List yay!), and its a work in progress, but every little thing – like the recent painting of the living room – fills me with happiness. All I have to do is walk through my home and it makes me smile.
    3)Summer and all that goes with it makes me happy! Which for me means evenings on patios filled with friends, laughter, and slushy margaritas or other summer concoctions, cute dresses, flip flops, beach days with dogs, fun summer books, kickball tournaments, running to the ice cream truck…you get the idea…smiles all around.

    Thanks for this – a very fun way to start the day!

  92. MDJ

    1. Deep roasted black coffee
    2. Being awoken by some cuddles by my sweet little girl who is always “hungry for breakfast”
    3. 2 hours on a bike to help melt away the cares of the day

  93. Aura Parks-Wise

    in no specific order:
    the perfect rosey-pink lipstick shade that lasts and lasts.

    emails from the NYPL, informing me that my reserved books are waiting for pick up.

    napping on the beach, dozing lazily as the waves crash and sun keeps me warm.

  94. Sara

    (1) A good night’s sleep
    (2) Exercise on my own terms
    (3) A delicious lunch of cheese, fruit salad, and iced tea, followed by something chocolate for dessert

  95. Mekesy

    1. A peaceful house.

    2. New shirts that flatter and also cover my fat roll.

    3. Buying a new car for the firs time EVER in my life.

  96. Beverly

    I am happiest when:

    1. I am cooking with my boyfriend.
    2. Sharing a wonderfully huge red wine with friends.
    3. Listening to Wilco on repeat all day.

  97. Jen @ Midwestern Modern Momma

    If you are limiting me to three things, I will do my best:)

    1. The way my husband wraps me completely up in his arms when he hugs me.
    2. The scent of my son in the morning when he climbs into bed for snuggles and lovins-of sweat and little boy morning breath.
    3. My beautiful drive to and from work through rural NW Ohio. I get to see the sunrise each day over beautiful farms and countryside.

  98. Lisa

    3 things that make me happy:

    1. The husband waking me up with a steaming mug of coffee for me to drink in bed. It happens almost every morning, so I start the day off happy! Bonus points for waking up to find cats and dog sleeping on the bed with me.
    2. Learning a new skill–right now I’m working on my first ever pair of knitted socks.
    3. Meandering conversations with my 13yo son.

  99. Laura

    Ever since my cancer diagnosis I find that what makes me happy has changed…

    1. Watching my husband play with our 7 month old daughter and eliciting a deep belly laugh from her.

    2. Getting together with dear friends and creating magical moments like backyard camp outs and silly sing alongs.

    3. Snuggling with my husband and him telling me everything will be ok

  100. amy beth

    1. clean sheets and pillowcases
    2. night time play dates-kids in the yard, adults on the deck
    3. picking through the clearance racks

  101. Violeta

    3 random things that make me happy:
    – laughter
    – lasagna
    – listening to my husband play the guitar

  102. jen

    my morning espresso
    working from home and being able to see my husband anytime i want
    “quickies” in the afternoon :)

  103. courtney

    Things that make me happy:

    1. coffee and sunday morning crossword
    2. playing the banjo
    3. watching my 6-month-old son learn to crawl

  104. Anne At Large

    1. making a big mess in my garden.
    2. a long soaky bath with a book.
    3. finishing an entire book in said bath.

    There are more, for sure, but these have been at the top of my list lately.

  105. Melissa

    1. hugging my son when I pick him up from school
    2. drinking coffee on my front porch
    3. spending time with old friends

  106. Elly

    The ability to proactive in making life happier and having it come to fruition, peanut butter gelato, a fun night out with friends. Loved the happiness project, finished it a week ago and am still mulling over all the thoughts it’s given me! :)

  107. Adina

    1. noodles
    2. when my dog Rudy lays his head on my lap and lets me pet him
    3. watching a storm roll in

  108. Erin

    1. Reading a really great memoir.
    2. A long chat with an old friend.
    3. Having a cup of Earl Grey on a chilly, misty morning.

  109. Susan H.

    1. a weekend at the coast with friends and a walk on the beach
    2. sitting in the backyard on a pleasant evening with my husband, a glass of wine, and some music
    3. my annual girls’ weekend trip with my high school friends

  110. Elizabeth

    1. Coffee in bed
    2. Cold nights, warm socks
    3. Hearing a song lyric that makes my insides dance

  111. Alissa

    Three things that make me happy: Waking up to my fiancee cuddled up behind me, when my previously semi-feral cat seeks attention from me, sitting outside at our student union at night drinking beer with friends.

  112. Amy

    1. Paris. Just everything about being there, from the Eiffel Tower to the food.
    2. My first sip of coffee in the morning.
    3. The last moments of the day, in bed with my boyfriend and cat.

  113. Linny

    1. Sunday morning quiet, first cup of rich coffee and the Sunday New York Times
    2. A nice, long dark & early Saturday 7-mile’r with my favorite runner girls
    3. Sitting on my 11-year-old daughter’s bed, next to her, as she chatters on about the her most important things

    Can you say BLISS…. Ahhhhhh….

  114. Jenny

    1. Hanging out with my husband and daughter, having new experiences together.
    2. Brunch. Sweet mother of pearl, I love brunch.
    3. Reading a good book in lamplight, wine glass in hand.

  115. Patsy

    1. My newborn’s huge smile.
    2. Watching my husband become an amazing father.
    3. Sitting at long table filled with great food and fantastic friends, and you suddenly realize just how lucky you are.

  116. Janelle

    In no particular order:
    a. The crunch of granola in my morning yogurt.
    b. The colors and smells of autumn.
    c. When my boyfriend anchors my feet with his feet, wraps his arms tight around me, and kisses the top of my head, with my face buried in his chest.

  117. raych

    1. I learned to make nougat and it is not hard. Now I can just…fucking…make a pan of nougat and then EAT it.

    2. My baby is 7 months old and pleasant, neither a shrewish newborn nor a willful and mobile toddler.

    3. She is sleeping right now and I have a pan of nougat.

  118. Sara

    1. Good coffee in the morning.
    2. Sunset on the beach.
    3. Sound of niece/nephew’s belly laughs.

  119. Cheyenne

    1. gummy worms
    2. 3 uninterrupted hours of reading
    3. overhearing my son’s imaginary play

  120. Casey

    – stupid jokes (what did the fish say when it hit a concrete wall? DAM!)

    – a good reuben sandwich and french fries

    – figuring out the twist in law & order before it happens!

  121. Amy

    1. Raspberry pie for breakfast
    2. Realizing that the book I just started is going to be AMAZING
    3. Making my husband laugh

  122. Dutch

    1.) the smell of my husband’s neck
    2.) the feel of our first(soon-to-be)born kicking my fingers through my belly
    3.) coming downstairs in the morning to a clean house
    4.) everything autumn-related (drinks, smells, weather, pumpkin donuts, football, leaves changing, everything…)

  123. guinevere

    Deer trimming my blackberries for me, so I won’t have to.
    Hymns of my childhood
    Tomato season

  124. Debra

    1. Laughing hysterically with my best girlfriend from college
    2. Hiking, running, biking – anything that gets me outside
    3. Losing myself in a great book

  125. Ines

    1. Dancing without music (or *with* music)
    2. Long summer meals with my family
    3. Swimming in the ocean

  126. Meg B

    1. Taking my bra off at the end of a long day
    2. A bowl of steaming hot cream of broccolli soup
    3. Starting a book I’ve been super happy to read. (Finishing said book usually makes me sad)

  127. Sara

    1. my kids’ laughter. (I know it sounds cliche, but really, there’s nothing better than my daughter’s silliness or my son’s belly laughs.)
    2. a really really good night’s sleep.
    3. sailing on a nice sunny day with my husband.
    3. skiing with my husband and dad on a powder day.

  128. Shannon

    Things that make me happy:

    1. Travel: stepping out of the airport in a new destination, ready to set out and start exploring. (bonus: this is the time you will be the furthest from having to get back on an airplane the whole trip)
    2. Puppies: my dog Riley, all of the dogs I’ve had in my life, all of the dogs to come, and all the dogs I see on the street. They’re the best.
    3. Surprises: planning little things like surprise presents, taking someone to something you know they’ll love, and sending unexpected packages. I love surprising people with unexpected treats, and all of the planning and build up that goes along with it (perhaps more than the gift or event itself!)

  129. Candice

    1. Waking up to my son’s face.
    2. Being in the middle of really good book and being excited about how much there still is to go.
    3. Trying a new recipe and having it come out perfectly.

  130. samantha

    1. The moments when I realize there’s nowhere I’d rather be than where I am right then.
    2. Laughing in bars with my favorite people.
    3. Dad jokes.

  131. Macaroni

    1. Bobsled run at Lake Placid (trying new things)
    2. Staying up late–just because I can!
    3. Cheese–life without cheese isn’t worth living.

  132. Journie

    1. Hearing my 2 year old nephew try to repeat every big word I use around him, like persnickety and apocalypse.
    2. Looking at my dog’s one gold eye, one blue eye in bright sunlight when you can really see the difference.
    3. Halloween costumes

  133. LauraM

    1. The way my husband wraps his arms around me when we go to bed at night.
    2. The moment I finish and send away a big project.
    3. Seeing my little sister (who lives far away from me)

  134. Payal

    1. Watching my girls make each other laugh with a sparkle in their eye.
    2. Eating, laughing, conversing with friends around a big table.
    3. Sunshine.

  135. Alicia

    my 4-month-old’s shrieky laugh, an early morning walk, and being in bed reading by 10pm.

  136. Mrs. Bachelor Girl

    1. My eight-month-old daughter, Harper, and her cackling little laugh.

    2. My sweet husband, Blake, and how he puts everything into perspective for me.

    3. When I think I only have a sip or two of diet soda left and I pick it up and realize I have, like, half a can.

  137. Carly

    1. Doing something silly
    2. Making lists
    3. Getting a perfect beer buzz with friends who are at the same buzziness level (although this sometimes collapses into #1)
    Bonus: purring cat snuggled in my lap on a weekend morning

  138. Danielle

    1. Mimosas and a good brunch with friends
    2. My cat’s cheeks in all of their plump and wonderful glory
    3. Baking for people I love while listening to old music.

  139. Sandwich

    1. Clean sheets, and that crisp smell when you first get into bed

    2. My sister’s little dog, who, among other things, gave me the stink eye until I realized she wanted to sleep next to me, snuggled between the pillow and the sheets, not at the end of the bed. Adorable.

    3. The smell of garlic when you get close to Gilroy

  140. Katie

    1- When I show up for happy hour early and can have some alone time with my book and a beer.
    2- The smell of pine and dirt blowing in the mountains.
    3- Fresh clean sheets.

  141. rebecca

    OMG- I read Happiness Project last year….dog eared the pages and passed it around!

    #1- someone else washing my hair.
    #2- making cookies. Whenever, wherever, whatever kind. Baking makes me happy.
    #3- snuggling between my kids.

  142. Meaghan

    Peach juice running down my chin, riding a bike downhill, sweater weather, mountain air, books and coffee on porches, planning surprises, eating cake.

  143. mia

    1st three things that came to mind:
    -2yr olds (the INTENSE! EMOTIONS!)
    -having the house all to myself

  144. Juliann

    I love all this talk of happiness! So often we focus on the tragedies + pitfalls of life. I love me some optimism. What makes me happy, you ask?

    *Coming home after vacation. I love to travel + my family lives 3,000 miles away so I’m away frequently. But oh how I love crawling into my own bed + getting back into my routine.

    *Walking my dog in the morning with other neighbors. The dogs make me laugh + my neighbors give me a sense of community in this large, sprawling city in which I reside.

    *A good book. I’m a librarian, there’s no way I could leave this one off the list.

  145. Melissa

    1. morning coffee on the porch
    2. knowing that my broken heart is finally healed
    3. freshly painted toenails

  146. Genesis

    1. The sound of my two boys laughing together.
    2. A bubble bath and a great book.
    3. Gabbing with my girlfriends over a glass (or two, or three) of wine.

  147. Amanda

    1. sunshine and the ocean (okay it was two in one).

    2. really great food.

    3. waking up in a tangle of arms and legs next to the one I love most in this world.

  148. Cassie

    1. My two-year-old’s laugh.
    2. A really good book.
    3. Sleeping (I’m pregnant, and not getting much. I suspect it will be roughly another 10 years before I get a good night’s sleep).

  149. Ashley, the Accidental Olympian


    1. Sitting on my porch in the sun reading a book.
    2. Walking the dogs on a perfect day, snooping at my neighbors front yards, hmmmm I like those flowers they planted!
    3. Reading a good book in bed as the night winds down.

  150. Rhiannon

    Things that make me happy:

    1. Realising truths that you have ignored for far too long
    2. The amazing woman in my life who catch me when I fall
    3. Wine.

  151. kate

    Happiness these days looks like:
    1. My little family of three.
    2. Having a job I believe in.
    3. Dear friends who spend time talking about ideas and then inspire me to change and grow and do.

  152. CP

    #1: Sifting through family photos
    #2: Buying my new planner in January and filling it in with birthdays and special events for the year ahead
    #3: Videos of babies eating lemons for the first time (seriously…do a search for that on Youtube. BEST!)

  153. Christine Feenstra

    1. the smell of my 4 year old little man’s neck while he sleeps.
    2. Homemade waffles on a saturday morning at 11 am
    3. Not dreading going into work each day – that makes me super happy

  154. Mary

    This is easy! Napping with my dog, watching Breaking Bad with my husband and going on vacation by myself.

  155. Maggie

    1. The kittens, asleep, and not trying to murder each other.
    2. Putting on fake eyebrows and then pretending I haven’t.
    3. Good news on weigh-in day.

  156. Joanne

    1. Eating breakfast alone in the cool morning before a hot summer’s day.
    2. Tying up loose ends.
    3. Wearing dresses.

  157. kristen

    Three things that make me happy:
    1. The way my boyfriend and I can look at each other and know the other is thinking, “ice cream.”
    2. The smell of little babies’ heads
    3. Waking up in the morning to the perfect bedhead, eliminating the need for the whole wash, dry, & style debacle.

  158. Kristen

    What makes me happy:
    1. Spotting bunnies in my neighborhood. I live in Chicago and love seeing them to remind me nature is indeed all around. I may or may not have named the bunny who frequently appears in my courtyard “Mr. Whiskertails.”
    2. A well-made bed. Didn’t Gretchen talk about this in her first book?!
    3. Lifting someone up. Whether from complimenting them on their awesomeness or empowering them to try something new…this is why I work in higher education.

  159. Amy P

    Easy as pie (or chocolate mousse, since that makes me way happier):

    1) my daughter’s naptime – oh, the potential!
    2) good cappuccino foam and a spoon to eat it with
    3) lately, fabric stores and sewing

  160. Nicole Freire

    1) An email from the public library, telling me my requested books have arrived and are ready for me to pick up.

    2) The post-divorce Sunday morning routine my daughters and I have established. We have become ‘regulars’ at our local bagel shop. Every Sunday, without fail.

    3)Knowing that my cat sleeps next to the front door so she will be right there when I come home.

    Oh, I am liking this so much, I need to write a much longer list for myself!

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful bounty with us.

  161. Kate LS

    1) Hot coffee in the coffee pot when I wake up in the morning
    2) Cool, crisp weather
    3) Rearranging furniture successfully

  162. Sassafras Mama

    Each month, I make it a point to make a list of things that make me happy. Then I consult it when I’m feeling blue. Among other things on the list for August: fresh-cut zinnias from my garden. That’s happy!

  163. Debbie

    1. Listening to kids playing in a pool (while I lounge)
    2. Perfect iced tea (condensation on tall glass required)
    3. Getting even one thing checked off my list per day.

  164. Bess

    blood orange-flavored Chobani yogurt with fresh berries on top, finding *just* the right words, road trips

  165. Karen

    1. A breakfast burrito from the farmer’s market.
    2. Star Trek: The Next Generation
    3. Hearing nightly music from the dance studio across the street.

  166. Stacee

    At this moment?

    1. The smell of baking granola.

    2. My son teaching my daughter all about baseball on the “field” they’ve constructed in the living room.

    3. The freshly painted bathroom just waiting for me to reassemble and prettify.

  167. elsiroomom

    1) A really good peach.
    2) Fishing (this is new! I just learned to fish!)
    3) Making my husband laugh.

  168. Erin

    I am happiest when I feel like I’ve accomplished something OR when I have the ability to be leisurely and sit around doing nothing.

  169. meg b

    Crossfit classes make me happy. Or…I guess they make me sick to my stomach with nerves before, miserable during, but strong, energized and very happy after!

  170. Sarah

    1. I am happy when my one and a half year old lays her head on my chest and closes her eyes in total contentment while we swing together.
    2. Walking in the woods makes me happy. Always.
    3. If I am outside during first light or last light, its a good day.

  171. Raven

    1. Driving with the top down on a warm summer afternoon
    2. Finding an OBSCENE deal on something I’d never be able to have otherwise
    3. Fri. PM watching BAD TV after everyone else has gone to bed

  172. Stephanie

    The three things that make me happiest are:

    1) Seeing my kids play together
    2) Laughing so hard with my family that I cry
    3) Being in Yosemite and seeing the valley from Tunnel View, which reminds me just how small my life is in comparison to the world, and gives me instant perspective

  173. Beth C

    1. Listening to my sons laugh together makes me happy.
    2. Making my husband laugh makes me happy.
    3. Seeing my best friend accomplish something she thought she couldn’t makes me happy.

  174. Rhonda

    Watching my wife dance.

    The whirring sound of my smarty pants 9 year old son’s brain.

    My daughter’s wild imagination.

  175. CoraD

    Thank you! Love Gretchen! And Mighty Girl (of course).

    Three things that make me happy right now:
    1) Project Runway (I’m late to the party but oh so happy to have made it)
    2) Sweet Tea flavored vodka
    3) Watching my girls play together

  176. Cindy

    Three things that make me happy (and this is very important at this time in my life)
    1. Riding my Vespa
    2. My dog Hooper
    3. My internet family

  177. Lucyfur

    1. My daughter’s laughter after one of her dad’s jokes
    2. A perfectly ripe avocado
    3. A crisp fall day

  178. Torri

    – How easy it is to make the toddlers giggle that I nanny.
    – Sriracha on McDonalds breakfast burritos make me happy (on the rare occassion that I wake up early enough to get one!)
    – a good boat ride on the lake with my family.

  179. Eevin

    1. Cookies.
    2. My husband.
    3. A day when I’ve crossed off most of my to-do’s and I have a sense, more broadly, that I’ve done what I was supposed to do that day – a day I feel like I’ve succeeded more than I’ve failed.

  180. Lauren

    1. long walks in the arboretum
    2. my best friends visiting/being near by
    3. sleeping late/laying in bed late with my buddy (ahem, partner? significant other?)

  181. Lesley

    Three things that make me aware of my happiness:

    1. cocktails al fresco with peaceful friends
    2. time – moving slowly, savoring moments
    3. my cousin Ann

  182. Stacey Ball

    1. Listening to my little guy sing songs, especially when he makes up lyrics.
    2. Swimming laps in a quiet pool.
    3. A recipe that comes out perfect.

  183. Heidi

    1. Impromptu talks with my teenage daughters make me happy. They’re a riot.
    2. Petting our critters makes me happy. I think it makes me happy too.
    3. Imagining myself as the Zombie Overlord of the Upper Midwest Region (and Canada) makes me happy too. Who wouldn’t want to be that?!

  184. Heidi

    Oops! I meant petting makes my critters happy too. Or…it makes me doubly happy. Whatever rates me the book (which would make me ecstatic. You want to stay on the Zombie Overlord’s good side, right?

  185. Amber

    1. Singing loud and off key in the car with my pre-teen son.
    2. Bubbles
    3. Laughing at the dinner table with my family.

  186. Katie

    1. My gray bermuda shorts that fit PERFECTLY.
    2. Finding the love of my life after going to hell and back.
    3. The laughter of women in a group.

  187. elizabeth

    These things gave me a rush of happiness and gratitude this week:
    1. Listening to my girls harmonize by the campfire.
    2. Seeing my son off to work with Dad at his first ‘real’ job.
    3. Sitting with my friend’s husband at the hospice and then getting a text from her that my being there helped her get through the day.

  188. Emily

    1) The coffee my husband brings to my bedside every morning.
    2) The goofy grins of my children.
    3) Naps!

  189. Lora

    1) my cats greeting me at the door
    2) having my coffee after a long run, before the rest of world has woken up
    3) Chipotle burrito bowl + cabernet sauvignon

  190. Heather

    1. Going to museums, alone.

    2. Being in the woods, with the perfect combination of friends.

    3. Planning my move to Portland next year, with my boyfriend.

  191. Cass

    1. My son getting off the plane when he comes home from university. (Also his younger brother’s happy face when he sees his older brother).
    2. My dogs being so excited when they see me put on my bikini because that means swimming!
    3. Enjoying dinner and wine on our deck on a hot summer’s night.

  192. Kate

    1. Smelling my son’s head. He’s four and a half and I still can’t get enough. If they bottled that smell I would buy it in bulk.
    2. Sitting around a table with my friends after they’ve happily eaten a meal I cooked.
    3. The rush of adrenaline at that moment on a run when a good song comes on my iPod and I kick it into a gear I didn’t think I had in me.

  193. Jenn T.

    1. The things toddlers say. Like my daughter saying jumpoline instead of trampoline.
    2. Friends who are not only interested in what I’m doing, but who I also find interesting.
    3. Farmer’s markets. Because winter in Utah can be hard (no fresh local produce), I have to take advantage of summer’s bounty.

  194. Elis

    1. An amazing album.
    2. Spending a whole day enjoying brunch, walks, movies, cookies, and snuggles.
    3. A good friend.

  195. Lydia

    1. Watching my kids wrestle before bed. At least right up until the inevitable eye injury.
    2. Running with my new friends. They push me in a good way, and I always feel so happy at the end of a run.
    3. Finally having a job I love. It’s really the people (isn’t it always really the people).

  196. monica

    a) spooning with my husband after a long, hard day
    b) tropical island vacations
    c) hunkering down with a good novel
    d) sunshine

  197. Sylvia

    1. Clean Sheets/Cold Pillows
    2. Staying Up Until Sunrise Talking and Laughing
    3. Trying Something New

  198. Leah

    1. Sitting around with family after dinner on the deck outside, talking and laughing, with no one wanting to pack up and go home.

    2. Stealing snoozes in the morning, snuggled up with my sweetheart. Somehow snuggling in the morning seems far more decadent and precious than at night.

    3. Planning my life to where I feel like I’m living with purpose and meaning.

  199. Kate

    the feeling that comes with my morning coffee, when everything seems interesting

    finishing something challenging and relaxing afterwards

    the feel + smell + look of autumn in new england

  200. Alicey

    1. My gorgeous Estrela Mountain Dog, without whom my life would be so much worse. I never knew you could love a pet so much.
    2. The beach on an unusually warm winter morning, preferably followed by good coffee and Danish pastries.
    3. Anything that involves an adrenaline rush – this year I’ve been busy crossing things off my life list – but nothing beats canyoning in Wanaka. Possibly the most fun I’ve ever had, I can spend a happy ten minutes re-watching the videos and remembering how spectacularly awesome it was.

  201. Alyssa

    Watching mass group hugs, like when a team wins the world series.

    Finding it’s earlier than expected when I check the time.

    Snuggles with my kids in the morning.

  202. Jenn KD

    1. Experimenting with ideas like The Happiness Project.
    2. Waving my arm at the tv to push the Olympic swimmers to the finish in front of the world record line.
    3. Reading my favorite books with my 8 year old
    And much much more…

  203. Maren

    Getting a seat all to myself on the train ride home from work, especially on the western side so I can watch the sun glint off San Francisco Bay

    When my husband remembers where we know an actor from, and then I remember their name, because that’s our couple superpower

    Weezer’s “Island in the Sun”

  204. krissy

    1. Getting tons puppy hugs and kisses the INSTANT I walk in the door.
    2. Quiet mornings outside with a cup of coffee and some time to just sit.
    3. Clean sheets!

  205. Cheryl

    #1 Watching the hummingbirds enjoy the patio garden I worked on all spring/summer.

    #2 Thinking about the vacation I just took to the Oregon Coast with my favorite person in the world, my mom.

    #3 Sushi. Good food always makes me happy.

  206. Kate

    1. Laughing at dumb inside jokes with my husband.
    2. When my newborn son makes little snorting noises.
    3. My four-year-old gesticulating wildly.

  207. Kelly

    What makes me do the happypants dance:
    1. late summer peaches. licking the juice of my wrist as I eat them in the sunshine.
    2. Kimbra’s new album. in a world of autotune, girl’s got soul.
    3. the cool late summer mornings, with just a hint of autumn around the corner.

  208. jenG

    #1: The way a ferry ride dries my hair in the morning

    #2: The way I feel after a run (endorphins FTFW)

    #3: Grown-up picnics–fewer cookies, more stinky cheese

  209. Karin

    1. The smell of brand new crayons. I got to open 24 boxes this week for my new class!
    2. My cats purring me to sleep for a summer nap.
    3. Driving home from a show with the sunroof open, stars twinkling, music blasting.

  210. Sharp

    Getting ready to go out on a Friday night while listening to a Janis Joplin record, mixing a cocktail, and planning my outfit, while thinking about how much I love being 28 and single.

  211. Wendell

    #1: Swimming in a lake on a hot day. Even better if there’s a post-swim iced tea with lemon involved.
    #2: A spur-of-the-moment movie date. Even better if there’s cherry coke involved.
    #3: Sleeping in, and then slowly waking up and deciding to not get up just yet, then grabbing Entertainment Weekly or some such and whiling away the morning. Even better if there’s a sun spot and a cat involved. Off-the-charts better if someone brings you a cup of Earl Grey tea during this lazy spell.

  212. Jeni G

    -When I make someone laugh so hard they tilt their head back and full on guffaw.
    -Booty dancing alone in my house to really bad pop music
    -Getting sucked into a great book

  213. Natalie

    What a great idea!

    Things that make me happy:
    1) Birds chirping in the morning
    2) Smelling the ocean (living in Chicago makes it all the more sweet)
    3) Knowing that when I get home from work, I have a good book to read.

  214. Liz S.

    1. Knitting things with a plan to give them away
    2. Macaroni and cheese – at all times, in all weather, no matter what
    3. Making my husband REALLY laugh – the distinctive laugh that only comes around when something is extra funny

  215. Sue

    1. In the middle of my 5 year old’s crazy bday party — he found me to say “Thanks for giving me this party”.
    2. Rold Gold Honey Wheat Pretzel twists
    3. The 15 minutes right after my children go to bed and my body adjusts to the quiet.

  216. Christine

    1. Our two boxers – clowns of the dog world & always good for a laugh.
    2. Friday evenings on the deck with a beer.
    3. Cooking or baking something new that comes out just right.

  217. Jen

    My baby boy’s laugh
    A cold glass of wine after a long day of making that laugh happen
    a good fairy tale retelling

  218. Rebecca

    1. Family adventures
    2. Welcome home from the fur kids ( my two dogs)
    3. Sunday morning church with coffee in hand

  219. Rachel Hansen

    1. Cuddling with my soon-to-be husband :)
    2. Coffee and a good book
    3. Hiking or being outdoors

  220. Ellen

    Three things that make me the happiest:
    Spending time with my husband and three sons,
    Spending time reading
    Spending time at the beach
    Best day ever: reading at the beach with my husband and three sons!

  221. Rebecca

    I love the Happiness Project and can’t wait to read Gretchen’s new book!

    1. My wiggly corgi when I wish him “Good morning”;
    2. My husband’s silly sense of humor; and
    3. Weekend mornings with my robe and a cup of coffee:

    …make me happy

  222. Tiffany

    Besides the obvious kids/husband:

    1. Super clean, super soft sheets
    2. A completely scrubbed and organized kitchen
    3. An awesome cheesecake

  223. Megan

    _This weekend, I saw a guy bound into the water of Lake Michigan alongside his golden retriever. They were both chasing the same toy.

    _I slug up melons on a trellis using pantyhose.

    _Riding my bike along the lake last night on my way home from the garden, I was hit in the face with 1,000 bugs. I was smiling, and I thought they might get stuck in my teeth.

  224. Julie

    1. My 3 1/2 year old’s face when I pick her up at school.
    2. Making my tightly-wound husband laugh till he snorts through his nose and can’t breathe.
    3. The initial smell of something before I indulge – coffee, a book, curry, etc.

  225. Tara

    Love this!

    1. a sugar cone of chocolate peanut butter ice cream with pink jimmies
    2. beating my husband in a game of Othello
    3. seeing my toddler double over in a fit of giggles

  226. Nicole Meyer

    1. The first sip of coffee in the morning.
    2. The smell of bedding fresh off the line.
    3. A day that is 78, calm and sunny.

    I just felt my shoulders relax after I typed those. Thanks!

  227. amanda

    Three things that are making me happy right now, in this very moment:

    my iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts
    The sunny summer day with blessedly little humidity
    The fact that I am feeling helpful to a friend who is texting me with troubles today

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  228. Alicia

    1.Hearing my kids playing happily together.
    2.When my toddler runs and gives me a hug on the leg periodically throughout the day.
    3.A good book (and quiet to read it).

  229. Jamie

    1. crossing something off my to-do list
    2. unexpectedly running into a friend while out on a mundane errand
    3. an afternoon nap

  230. aioetnego

    What makes me happy?

    1. The way my little boy says, “orange….” “Ahhnj.”
    2. Snapping a green bean (or twenty) off the vine. It’s like bubble wrap.
    3. Listening to my dog “sing” with the harmonica.

  231. Jen Beyt Coffin

    1. The funny things my 7 year old says daily.
    2. My yoga practice and yoga students.
    3. Having freedom in my work schedule to be at home with my family when I need to.

  232. Karen

    1.) Always being able to find things to be thankful for and for knowing the glass half-full.
    2.) The Olympics.
    3.) Hearing the people I love laugh.

  233. Jenny

    1. Making my husband and son laugh.
    2. Hitting the 5 minute mark in a half hour run.
    3. Beach days!

  234. Denise A.

    I ADORE “The happiness project” – I think I’ve read it 3 times over the past 2 years or so.

    Here are three of my current happy things:
    1. The way my son says “all done” at the end of his meal: “din none”
    2. That my cat, henry, has taken to sleeping with me every night…right in the crook of my arm.
    3. Food. Especially soup and caramel. Although not together.

  235. Katie

    – picking up the check
    – stories told by my daughter, projects built by my son
    – seeing a constellation I know

  236. Abby

    1. the arrival of summer to Seattle (finally!)
    2. how blueberries, strawberries and cherries are all ripe this month and amazingly delicious
    3. slower days at the office

  237. dgm

    1. The first step in making peanut butter & cabbage soup, to wit, sauteeing garlic and ginger in olive oil for five minutes.

    2. My Saturday morning obstacle course workout with a bunch of guy friends, which involves things like jumping on progressively higher stumps, doing handstands, bear crawling backwards up hills, and generally getting dirty and sweaty.

    3. Watching kids learn to surf.

  238. Trish T.

    Taking the time to find out the many things that make me happy is ultimately making me very happy! At 30 and newly single, I am loving the freedom.

  239. Sharon Marks

    1 – When my husband, son and I are all relaxed and joking together.

    2 – A great book.

    3 – The sound of my son talking to my parents. Gets me every time!

  240. Rebecca

    Watching my tall and elegant english pointer place his entire head in a small hole in the ground, just to see what’s in there.

    Feeling our baby girl kick really hard when my husband talks to my 8 month belly.

    Sitting on the rocking bench in my backyard in the evenings, eating fresh raspberries. While my pointer points at squirrels. And my husband tells me about his day.

  241. Heather

    Three things that make me happy:

    1. when my boyfriend delivers tea to my bedside table in the morning

    2. leaving Bikram (Not going to Bikram. I hate going. I like leaving.)

    3. the thrill of seeing a pod of dolphin.

  242. Flora

    Happiness is:

    1. Kids hugging babies.
    2. Sunsets on Cape Cod.
    3. Eating something new and fantastic.

  243. Katie B.

    1. Finding a square of dark chocolate in my purse that I’ve hidden from myself “in case of emergency.”

    2. Good hugs.

    3. Making someone laugh.

  244. Melanie

    1. Watching and listening to my son laugh
    2. Coffee, especially the first cup of the day
    3. Discovering a new artist or photographer that I instantly fall in love with

  245. houpley

    Friday nights when suddenly you have all the time in the world.
    Saturday mornings when I can sleep in with my 9 month old tucked in the crook of my arm.
    Days in between when I can see how in love the five year old is with the 9 month old.

  246. Liane

    It’s hard to narrow down to three!

    -Watching the garden I planted months ago grow and bloom and produce real live fruits and veggies
    -Planning little surprises and activities that I know will make my kids go crazy with delight
    -Deciding what my next book to read will be, finding about 20 other books in the process that I want to read “next” (and next, and next, and next)
    I did all of these today! yay!

  247. Lori

    * The sound of the garage door going up when my husband comes home.

    * A cup of coffee and uninterrupted reading time.

    * Belly laughs.

  248. jenny

    This is fun!

    1) Seeing my husband achieve something I know he’s worked hard for
    2) Public libraries
    3) Sharing meals with people I love

  249. monika

    good coffee; weekly ladies only “meetings” at our local hole in the wall bar; hearing the kid sing the abc’s for the first time; our dog’s velvet soft ears; date night (planning and having); standing room only rock shows that can make you young again; finding the perfect old lady dress at a thrift store…
    i’m going to continue this list just for myself! what a great exercise. Thanks!

  250. Tamara

    – Napping with my 14 yr old kitty snuggled into my hip
    – The ride home from a great party when my husband and I relive all the best laughs/moments
    – Completing one of my “make 1,000 lovely things” projects- thanks for that one Maggie!

  251. Christina

    1. Knitting makes me incredibly happy – both because I find it creative, calming and satisfying, and because I can make lovely gifts for my friends.

    2. Spending time with my nearest and dearest, no matter what we’re doing. Time with my husband, girlfriends and family always makes me smile.

    3. Sunny days in Seattle. We get more of them than people realize, but the rain and grey makes me appreciate them so much more than I did when I lived in So. Cal.

  252. gunter

    Super happy about my newly purchased (hello bank loan!) 1st home is: A. Big enough my husband’s contractor’s tools are in the Garage instead of my Bedroom closet, YAY! B. In my new awesome neighborhood that does NOT include a next-door drug dealer with super noisy chickens, YAY! C. The walk to my mum’s house is only 10 minutes, YAY!

  253. Hilary

    #1: Fresh tomatos from the garden
    #2: A brand new manicure
    #3: A rainy day

    Good luck everyone!
    <3 Hil

  254. Melanie

    Cooking for friends and family,having three day weekends every week, and late night strolls with my boyfriend.

  255. Kristin

    1. My son
    2. Belting out showtunes at the top of my lungs while driving
    3. any versions of smores
    4. My husband’s goofy and endearing personality

  256. Juliet

    1. Feeling of having clean teeth
    2. Sitting on a porch watching the rain
    3. Heartfelt moments in the Olympics

  257. Heidi C.

    Barracuda by Heart…. blasted at top volume!
    My sons giggle.
    The smell of homemade bread baking.

  258. Knighton

    The sound of my kitty cat snoring in her sleep.
    Cooking in my kitchen.
    Cocktails on the patio at dusk, watching the hummingbirds perform aerial gymnastics.

  259. Renee P

    I battle depression. Happy is an interesting concept for me, and many others who deal with mental illness. But I can tell you some things that brighten my days.

    Long (or short) hikes through the Ocala forest.
    Staring at displays of a particular nail polish brand (rhymes with Bessie), sometimes even springing the $8 to get a fresh bottle.
    On the best days, baking something from scratch, last week I made banana cream pie..

  260. nicole

    01 the scent of my mother on my clothes after i hug her. it is light and lovely and lingers after she visits.

    02 hearing the deep belly laugh of my darlin’ daughter. she has a great nerdy laugh. it cracks me up.

    03 waking up early and puttering around the house while everyone is peacefully slumbering. ah…. alone time.

  261. meg

    1. Outdoor cocktail parties at dusk, when our kids are occupying themselves.

    2. Moon bounces.

    3. Running on a dirt path in the dark.

  262. Dawn

    1) The sound of my daughter sneaking into our bed at 6 am every morning as she snuggles up next to me
    2)Getting lost in my dance class and just feeling the movement and letting my body communicate what it needs to
    3) Sitting on the beach with a good book and listening to the waves crash

  263. Darci

    Oh just 3? Ok…in no particular order.

    1. A wonderfully prepared meal
    2. My daughters’ laughter
    3. The look on my husband’s face when he has done something special for the family.

  264. Absquatulate

    Things that make me happy:
    -Cooking for others: despite the fact that while I’m cooking I can be a right pain-in-the-rear (I’d like to think it’s because genius doesn’t have to be polite *all* the time :), I do love serving amazing food to people I like to be around.
    -Cycling: you can go far distances with a lot of wind in your face. That always equals happy (if I lived near the ocean again, replace cycling with sailing.)
    -Studying: I actually told my boyfriend (whose family wants to come to our house for a party the week of my comprehensive exams): “You and I may part ways, but I can’t part ways from my education, so I’ll be studying while your family invites itself over to the house.” I was amazed by how okay I was by this statement, and how much I love what I’m doing. (FWIW: we are still together, and he laughed and agreed :)
    -Bonus fourth thing: books. Don’t have to say anything beyond that, I think.

  265. Hippittee

    First, I would have to say that I don’t think anything/anyone can ‘make’ you happy…but i do believe people and things can bring happiness by their very nature, and therefore submit my list in no particular order:

    1. laughter
    2. taking photos
    3. discovering possibilities that perfect weather brings

  266. Sara

    3 things that make me happy:

    1. A sunday afternoon nap with a purring kitty.
    2. The sound of the wind blowing through cedars.
    3. Clean sheet day!

  267. Megan

    Today, I’m focused on sounds. So, sounds that make me happy:

    1. The pop of a champagne cork.
    2. The sound of someone you love saying your name.
    3. The sound of someone jumping into a pool when you’re absorbed in something else.

    (Bonus: seriously…your blog, your writing makes me happy! You’re an inspiration to me in both mindset and writing-style.)

  268. Hayley

    Dirt in my Skirt while I barefoot garden in the hot steamy earth makes me happier than I ever expect, every single time!

    Harvesting, Drying, and Jarring my own fresh herbs to use all winter makes me happy as mint julep!

    Melody Gardot on pandora while I watch my kids do the Full Moon @ Midnight Dance out in the yard every month, their laughter and imagining the future Thanksgiving Day conversations about “Remember When…” makes Smile Bigger than the Man in the Moon!

  269. Reid

    3 Happy Things:

    * Reading to my sons on our porch couch, ideally from one of the Disney storybooks (for example Peter Pan) of my childhood
    * Leaving a sleeping household for a morning slow-jog in 60-degree weather (like today, not the previous beastly heat and humidity in Upstate NY)
    * Naptime, my 4-year-old’s and mine, simultaneously

  270. Shannon

    1. Making the first friend after moving to a new place
    2. Free samples in stores
    3. When I go home and my mom makes the coffee before I get up.

  271. Amy MacIver

    Masterpiece Mystery! (exclamation required) with a pot of tea. Pants optional.

    A day alone in a new city with my camera. Coffee required.

    Waking up with a happy dog nose in my face.

  272. Nestra

    1. A nap with my baby boy.
    2. Seeing my husband’s face light up just as much as the baby’s when they see each other
    3. The twenty minute walk I take each night with just my dog.

  273. Erin

    Planning a trip somewhere I’ve never been. Cocktails with my best girl. Crawling into bed each night beside my best guy.

  274. meghann

    1. Watching someone, anyone!, dance like there isn’t a soul in the world but themelves.

    2. knowing that my move away from DC means I have reps in congress that can actaully, you know, represent me.

    3. after so many years, finding the best smelling neck to snuggle my head in every night. and I’m not on the pill so it smells good for reals :)

  275. stephanie

    i am happiest when i am:
    -reading books for pleasure (books!)
    -playing ultimate frisbee (frisbee flinging!)
    -giggling with friends (friends!)

  276. JenUsreyMClain

    #1) Connecting with people
    #2) Helping others
    #3) Knowing I’ve made a difference

    And I love me some Bikram Yoga — because I connect and help there at my home studio; it’s kept me sane through 22 weeks of unemployment.

  277. Beth

    1) My cat – how can an animal be so. damn. cute? Everyday. All the time.
    2) My boyfriend who, even when I’m at my most obnoxious, somehow manages to say the exact right thing to bring me to my senses.
    3) Taking pictures with my SLR camera that I’ve had for 13 years. Knowing I got the shot after the shutter clicks followed by the sound and feel of advancing the film is one of my highest forms of therapy.

  278. Becky Fuller

    1. People doing things they don’t have to do in order to impress, entertain, please, or bring joy to others. Flash mobs singing/dancing definitely falls under this definition.

    2. The smell of my boys as babies. I recently bought a new container of the Johnson and Johnson lavender lotion I put on them as babies and put it back on them, and was so happy.

    3. Getting stuck into a good book. The kind where you should have gone to bed hours ago and you just keep flying through the pages.

    4. The light at “magic hour”.

    5. Those moments in life, occasionally, where everything just seems right and crystallizes into a memory right as you watch. This often happens to me with “magic hour” lighting, and sometimes a cocktail on a patio with beloved friends is also involved.

  279. michelle K

    1. Traveling with my son. It’s so fleeting, these moments, and then he’s grown and gone. We went to London, Paris, Munich this summer and then we’re headed to Mexico for Christmas this year alone…I love to see his eyes light up at all the “new, old stuff”.

    2. Kayaking – something about being on the water, early in the morning, in Sausalito, with nothing but the wildlife is just liberating.

    3. Being single. I’ve hit that point where I feel happy and free with no mans in my life. It’s become a conscious choice and I’m loving every minute of it. See #1, it’s temporary and finite. I will fall in love again someday, but for right now I’m super in love with me.

  280. Karen

    What makes me happiest:

    1) Love is always and forever more powerful than hate, rage, pain, fear, intolerance and ignorance.

    2) Peace and joy are never any farther away from me than my breath, no matter what else is happening.

    3) This world, as broken as it is, is the most marvelously beautiful and perfect miracle that has ever existed and I am SO GRATEFUL to be in it!

    There are lots of specifics but in the end I think they all fall into one or more of those three. :-) Thanks for doing this, reading these comments is an ENORMOUS high! Never too much gratitude, appreciation, happiness and joy in the world.

  281. Becky

    1. Watching my kids laugh at each other.
    2. Working in my gardens.
    3. A hot cup of green tea to start my day.

  282. M

    Three happy things:

    1. Riding my bike down the tree-lined streets of my neighborhood, seeing how long I can balance at stop lights.
    2. Fish tacos and really great beer (especially hefeweizens!).
    3. Spontaneous dance parties with my (brand! new!) husband.

  283. Heather Mead Kim

    1. Swimming in my lake
    2. Seeing my little boy smile and laugh
    3. Visiting a new place (local or abroad!)

    …the list goes on and on… :)

  284. Manders

    Inspired by that little book 14000 things to be happy about (or something like that, I’ve been keeping a Word document list of stuff that makes me happy. It comes in handy on days when I’m particularly glum or ungrateful-feeling.

    I’m gonna pick three with a random number generator, because that’s how I roll:

    *giving my coworkers crap in an affectionate way (and getting it right back from them)
    *those 99 cent watercolor trays
    *good stories

  285. m

    Any of my preferred forms of exercise: dance/yoga/rock-climbing/running.

    Oh, and love (in all forms). :)

  286. Aimee F. Crisostomo

    #1 Picking up my 3 year old from day care after a long day at work. He exclaims “Mama!” upon seeing me and runs to me excitedly with open arms.
    #2 Biting into a chocolate eclair
    #3 Arriving in a new place at the start of a long vacation

  287. jen

    1 – four part harmony
    2 – the smell of tomato plants in the sun
    3 – laughing without reservation

  288. Rachel

    1. Skinny dipping in Lake Michigan with old friends
    2. Too much wine at dinner with new friends
    3. Blueberry season

  289. JenAHM

    Only three things?
    1. My toddler daughter’s giggle — it makes my heart sing whenever I hear it.
    2. The smell of my husband when he gets out of the shower. Shivers.
    3. The ritual of making coffee each morning.

  290. Kathi

    1. The smell of my kids’ heads, especially when they are sweaty and grossly dirty.
    2. The sound of their unabashed laughter.
    3. The way my husband smells when he gives me a hug after working in the garden. Fresh air + his b.o. = my heaven.

    Apparently I am a smells person!

  291. Maxly

    I am commenting before I read so not to be influenced.

    What makes me happy?

    1) belly laughs

    2) a well written sentence

    3) my cat snuggled next to me in the middle of a bad dream

    And so much more. I am reading The Happiness Project –almost finished and have realized I am pretty happy. And that is happiness :-)

  292. Jessica

    1- The smell of my new baby’s breath.
    2-Chocolove chocolate bars, especially the peppermint one.
    3- The way my almost 4 year old tells the baby “good morning sunshine!”

  293. Jordan

    1. clean sheets
    2. participating in pay it forward at a starbucks drive through
    3. 75 degree weather

  294. Jamie

    1. Waking up each morning , knowing that my pregnant belly (now healthy after a scary complication) is getting bigger and bigger, just as it should be.

    2. The wrinkles at the outside corners of my husband’s eyes.

    3. How soft my dog is in the morning when we snuggle.

  295. Andrea

    1. Snuggling up to read books with my super sweet boys.
    2. Snuggling up next to my big boy (husband) and reading a book.
    3. Swimming.

  296. Celia

    1. Laughing hysterically with my husband and our 18 month old son
    2. Playing the piano
    3. Laughing hysterically with my mom and my sister :)

  297. kate

    Happiness is being kneaded…that was a sign my mom had in my childhood kitchen. It makes me happy to see SO MANY commenters on your site. You go girl. Lastly, can we cheers a drunken cherry bomb the next time we meet up, or that lemonade you made…all sounds yum. And happy! Soon! XO!

  298. Heather Cole

    I’ll give you four: my four boys (ages 4, 4, 4 and 5). Currently running around the backyard and filling the neighborhood with the sounds of their laughter and screaming.

  299. Nicole

    3 Things that make me happy:
    1. Sunshine after weeks of rain (and then rain after weeks of sunshine)
    2. A few hours to myself with the sole purpose of exploring a new location and taking photographs
    3. When one of my children says something unexpected and unintentionally hilarious

  300. beyond

    my baby makes me happiest. i never would have thought that a baby would make me so happy.
    being in switzerland and eating fondue with my family.
    watching stupid tv with my husband.

  301. Jodes

    1. My kids having a moment together that I get to witness
    2. My husband and I communicating something to one another that no one else gets
    3. Laughing hard with good friends and family

  302. MsHuisHerself

    Finishing an excellent book that ends just the way it should.
    That first cup of coffee when it’s made just right.
    Sitting on the back porch with a book & a beverage in wonderful weather.

  303. Amanda

    1. Baths. I don’t take them very often but when I do, I always feel more relaxed – and happier!

    2. Dandelions. I don’t care that they’re weeds. Yellow makes me happy; therefore, dandelions make me happy. (Plus, it’s usually a kid who gives them to me and if that doesn’t make you smile, you’re a grinch. Or allergic.)

    3. Coffee. Good coffee.

  304. MomVee

    1. My morning coffee. Every day. 2. How much my kids love each other 3. A book that takes me to a whole new world. Recently both “Shadow And Bone” and “The Night Circus” did that, magnificently.

  305. Andrea

    1. The sound of rain on the roof above my attic bedroom.

    2. When my kids are happily playing together.

    3. The perfect lemon drop martini. Yum!

  306. Tasha

    My life feels a bit chaotic after the birth of my baby, even 6 months in. What makes me the most happy right now?
    * A big gummy grin from my daughter first thing in the morning.
    * Catching my husband look at me when he doesn’t think I’ll see him and recognizing love in his eyes.
    * A cat curled up in my lap.

  307. Skye

    Things that make me happy:
    1.) The sweaty satisfaction I feel after a good workout
    2.) The triumphant feeling of crossing EVERYTHING of my to-do list
    3.) Coming home after work to an expectant pup who desperately wants to give me a sloppy kiss

  308. gabrielle

    1. oysters in the shack at the end of the pier at Nick’s Cove.
    2. lots of lit candles on the patio after dark
    3. picking up my love at the airport after a long trip

  309. Emily

    1. The sight of my son sleeping peacefully.
    2. Running superfast “Phoebe Buffet” style.
    3. Impromptu Dance parties if any variety.

  310. Sarah

    1. That picture of a white shaggy dog wearing glasses in your last post

    2. Getting packages in the mail

    3. Painting my house

  311. Vivian

    1. Feeding my friends food that I’ve cooked
    2. The view from the cab window as I head towards Manhattan from La Guardia airport
    3. Hearing, watching, and smelling the sheep eat alfalfa at feeding time in the barn in the winter on my parents’ farm.

  312. AnnetteKD

    Picking just 3 was harder than I thought it would be, but here they are in no particular order:

    – The constant sound of simultaneous awe, love and contentment in my sister’s voice since the birth of my niece.
    – The feel of weightlessness when floating in a body of water, preferably an ocean, but I’ll settle for a pool.
    – Reading a book that is so good, it makes you forgot about time, space and everything around you.

  313. Leah

    This is a good exercise for me! Wooh, embracing happiness. My three things:

    – walking in the woods with a light breeze
    – snorkeling in the ocean (and those manta rays — great tip there, Maggie!)
    – a made bed with freshly washed sheets and fluff pillows

  314. Laura in Milwaukee

    In no particular order:

    — dream decorating my new apartment (we move Sept 8!) which is cheaper and NICER than our current place without downsizing in space (and has 10ft windows, squee!!)
    — celebrating the new moonlighting job I got as a Clinical Instructor at a major Midwest university (my alma mater) which will not feel like work but rather like going home
    — eating garlicky mushrooms on buttered toast with a cool glass of wine after a long day of work

  315. Sarah

    1. The infants whom I care for all day and then hand back to their parents.

    2. Margaritas on patios.

    3. Books on quiet Sunday mornings.

  316. Casey

    1. Rereading my favorite books again and again–and always finding something new to love.

    2. The first green points peeking through the dirt in spring, and the first turning leaves in the fall.

    3. Uncontrollable giggling in public–especially when it gets contagious.

  317. Desiree

    1. Dryer-fresh sheets and towels.
    2. Saturday driving with good music.
    3. A table-full of friends bursting into laughter.

  318. Kate L.

    1. Talking to my mom or mother-in law on the phone

    2. A long, good-smelling bath in a tub filled to the brim with bubbles

    3. Climbing in bed after doing a great day’s work, knowing that I can sign my name on my day because I was productive

  319. Jennifluff

    1. When that little drop of warm water FINALLY rolls out of my ear.

    2. Checking on my kids when they’re sleeping and seeing what wacko contortions they’ve gotten themselves into.

    3. Getting sucked into a book while drinking coffee.

  320. Sara

    1. Listening to my 8-year-old daughter tell stories about her magical world.
    2. Tap dancing!
    3. Reading the perfect novel while drinking a dry martini (with extra olives).

  321. Sarah

    1. getting genuine feedback, expressions of gratitude, sincere compliments
    2. my toddler is learning to hug and kiss.
    3. making my husband laugh

  322. Rebecca

    1. Successfully waking up early
    2. Hiking in the woods
    3. Landing a trick in the flying trapeze!

  323. ariel

    1. swimming in a pond with my dog
    2. when i hand my husband a cup of coffee in the morning and he hands me a delicious cocktail at night
    3. blueberries and coconut milk

  324. Kristy

    1) White meat nectarines.
    2) When locusts get all shouty in the evening.
    3) A skirt with the proper amount of swish.

  325. Louisa

    My cat snuggling with me in the morning, a good book and cup of coffee on the porch, being held.

  326. Mary Burk

    Our new kitten, Judi Honda, playing with our dog made me laugh out loud with happy. Seeing my husband excel in his new job also makes me happy. I love seeing him excited to go to work, the way that I have been the last few years.

  327. kim

    Clean surfaces make me happy – a rare occurence, but it means that everything is where it should be.

    The smell of rain coming down after a long, hot, overcast day of summer.

    Seeing the hand of one of my big children reach for the hand of one of my little children as we walk along.

  328. Becky

    I love the way my 4 year old son’s hair smells after his bath.
    I love my husband’s accent.
    I love how music can make me cry and laugh and feel so deeply.

  329. Robyn

    Three things that make me happy:
    1. Winning contests
    2. Reading
    3. My 3 sons (even if they keep me on my toes!)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  330. SJ

    Things that make me happy, in no particular order:
    1. Nature
    2. Music
    3. Wine
    4. My kids
    5. My dog
    6. Flowers

  331. Amy Arikan

    Discovering a beautiful thing in an unexpected place in an unexpected moment

    Being pleasantly surprised, because I often know what’s going to happen next thanks to my brain working in overdrive all the time

    Seeing old friends and realizing only after the rush of catching up that it’s like no time has passed and I love them just as much as ever

  332. Kelli

    1. my kids (3)
    2. my husband
    3. my dog — I just love the way his tail whips around in a circle when he’s really happy. I wish I could do that.

  333. MacKensie

    – riding on the scooter around town (New Orleans) with my husband
    – having one full day a week with no commitments
    – my new, red hair color

  334. Becky

    1 – Sharpening a crayon; watching the curls come off.
    2 – when I can hear my cat purring.
    3 – when my niece, Lily snuggles her head under my arm to read a book after her bath.

  335. Rachael

    1. My family, especially my little cousins and the letters they write me. And, of course, my husband.

    2. Audio books.

    3. Tomatoes and avocados on sourdough bread.

  336. Holly

    1. Scharffen Berger extra milky chocolate bars

    2. The way my toddler says “cow”

    3. The smell of cinnamon

  337. Amy

    #1:Laying down on clean bedsheets
    #2:Taking an outdoor shower after a day at the beach
    #3:Surfing in the Pacific Ocean

  338. curlystraight

    -my son and daughter snoodling (verb of snoodle, a word I just made up, it means what it sounds like and they don’t do it enough.

    -feeling like I really worked out.

    -a good beer.

  339. curlystraight

    -my son and daughter snoodling (verb of snoodle, a word I just made up, it means what it sounds like and they don’t do it enough.)

    -feeling like I really worked out.

    -a good beer.

  340. Claire

    Happiness Right now = cuddling in a quilt and watching the Olympics with my hubby and pets, the fact I love my new job, I get to spend the weekend with my mom, and a bonus… I will be dancing Saturday night away in the beer tent of my home town community festival.

  341. melanie

    Ice cream
    Big salty ocean waves
    Nice cold IPA in a big pilsner glass
    (What can I say, it’s summertime!!)

  342. Nancy M

    1. The way my dogs are freak-out-happy to see me when I get home from work.

    2. Making cake for my mom. She loves cake as much as I do!

    3. Thinking of my future with my husband and maybe a baby!

  343. beks

    It makes me happy when I find a new author, when my daughter tells me her brother is her best friend and when sheets smell of sunshine.

  344. Sarah

    1. Iced coffee on a hot day
    2. Lazy days at the beach with my family
    3. Sloppy kisses from my kiddos

  345. Laura

    (in no particular order)
    1. reading a really really good book late at night when everyone else is asleep
    2. eating apricots straight off my tree
    3. going to the dog beach with my pit bull and my husband

  346. Pansy

    My happiness peaks when my three year old answers my question, “how much does mama love you,” with “forever and ever, no matter what!”

  347. Mary

    3 happy things right now:
    1. Watermelon!
    2. Going to the theater for less $$ than going to a movie
    3. Those NASA engineers when they announced the Mars rover had landed — talk about a happy, proud, tearful room. Really inspiring. Makes me want to go to SPACE (note to self: add to lifelist)

  348. Amber H.

    1) a clawfoot bathtub, a spare hour, and a good book
    2) hearing “Boys of Summer” by surprise on the car radio
    3) a perfect, in-season tomato salad
    4) how hard my boyfriend laughs at sports bloopers

  349. Katie M.

    1) my baby girl’s laugh ….smile….sweet noises….basically anything that has to do with her
    2) when my husband unloads the dishwasher…seriously, it does good things for my soul
    3) clean crisp sheets when I am so tired
    And an extra,
    4) how excited my dogs get when we get to take a nap…they are always up for a good sleep :)

  350. Danielle

    1) Giggling in the dark with my love
    2) Reading under a shady tree
    3) Real mail that comes in the mailbox from someone I love. Even more so if it’s random, unexpected and full of strange things!

  351. Allegra

    1. having conversations with my 3.5 year old
    2. being near the ocean (and then being able to smell it on my skin, clothes when i’m back home)
    3. finishing a really good book

  352. Roxy

    Three things that make me happy:

    1. Black tea – I mean really black – with cream and sugar. I know that sugar is poison. I know that cream is the devil. But tea without these things is just so depressing.

    2. The weekend brunch at Camino in Oakland. It’s like the coziest brunch at home, with way better cooks (and service). They also give you a teeny tiny spoon and teeny tiny glass of sugar for your tea. It’s like I’ve fallen into a vortex of happiness.

    3. When my husband talks in his robot voice. It makes me giggle maniacally. I especially like it when he tries to communicate with GPS systems this way.

    Bonus #4: When people pronounce ambulance, “am-bu-LANCE.” I love those people.

  353. Amy

    1. Having cocktails with a few close friends and laughing until we’re gasping for air and tears stream down our faces.
    2. Boating at dusk after a great day of tubing and waterskiing. Watching the sun go down while the wind whips through my hair and being so thankful for a joyful summer day.
    3. The way my daughter curls her arm up and places her hand on my cheek during her last bottle before bed. It makes my heart swell every time.

  354. Sarah

    What makes me happy:

    1. Taking both my dogs for a walk and looking and their totally present, totally blissful and excited faces. Seeing THEM happy makes me so happy.

    2. The feeling of my partner reaching for me to hold me in the middle of the night. That feeling of comfort and family is so lovely.

    3. Books. Books, books and more books. Total happy right there.

  355. Tiff R

    Really good jam with really good crackers/bread and a really good book. I know I’m holding some great literature in my hands when all my meals become finger-food-based (or something I can stab with a fork without looking), so that I can hold my book and eat too.

    Hiking near wildflowers. California is beautiful, even if summer hikes mean I have to be alert for rattlesnakes. It’s just adorable to see Western Fence Lizards do their little “push-ups” when they see blue jeans.

    Walks with my best friend. We used to do this three times a week. Now that she’s moved a quarter-of-tank-of-gas away, it’s more like once every two months, and I cherish them even more now.

  356. Crystal

    1. A long soak in a hot bath. No matter how crappy my day at work or how crushing the stresses of everyday life feel, an hour in the tub helps make it bearable. I lay back, occasionally use my foot to turn on the hot water to keep it steamy, and let my mind wander to the places that bring me comfort.
    2. The wonderful four-legged family members, all 4 rescues, who complete our household. The most recent addition (currently asleep on my feet) a kitten miraculously plucked from a four-lane road in rush hour traffic. And the fact that our grown daughters learned our love of animals from childhood and now have four-legged family members
    3. The Internet that connects me to the wider world. Circumstances have me in the heart of the conservative deep-south with values that are completely out of sync with practically everyone around me. The Internet allows me to connect with a like-minded community and reminds me I’m not alone in the wilderness.

  357. Kristen Biehl

    1. Snow days (I’m a teacher.)
    2. My husband’s smile lines around his eyes
    3. My dog snuggling up to me on the couch (He’s 100+ lbs, so it’s pretty hilarious when he things he’s a lap dog.)

  358. Erin Montgomery

    I often think about this when asked at yoga. My three things: my husband, my daughter, and my son.

  359. jen p

    1. all the stormy skies
    2. pulling weeds in the garden with my 3 year old
    3. my family showing up in the kitchen window (at my work) when i wasn’t expecting them

    and, bonus!
    4. my 11 month old barking back at big friendly dogs (mmmmriumph!)
    5. my sweetheart’s eyes, just about always

  360. Marissa

    (1) My daughter’s giggle
    (2) A cup of coffee during nap time
    (3) A good sweaty run in non-humid 70-80 degree weather.
    (4) When my dog greets me when I come home.

  361. jen p

    … and thanks for asking about happiness. there are like 500 responses, and i don’t think they are for the prize. it’s nice to have a minute to be thankful. it’s a good sentence to complete. :)

  362. Meg

    Let’s see . . . taking a nap snuggling with my dog, eating dark chocolate, and smelling an old library book.

  363. Stephanie A.

    Happy Times:

    1) Looking in the rearview mirror to see my son and daughter conspiring or sharing a private joke.

    2) Soups in the fall!

    3) Men with crinkle eyes when they smile.

  364. Elizabeth

    Watching reruns of The Office with my husband and secretly imagining us as Jim and Pam
    That feeling you get when sitting outside after swimming, when you’ve gotten dressed and your body is so cozy and warm, but your hair is still wet and a breeze brings, like, this epic sensation
    Finally getting through the endless summer line at a local deli and getting Nutella-flavored ice cream in a freshly-made waffle cone to enjoy while walking through town

  365. Jodi

    1. When it’s free to add bacon to your sandwich! (Bacon 2012!)
    2. Suntan lines on my feet.
    3. Sunday night card games.

  366. Angela

    1. spending time with my nieces
    2. making my nieces laugh (best sound in the world, and I do many silly things to hear it)
    3. having a Saturday to myself, with no obligations, and potential to do anything

  367. Abbie

    A. Playing my banjo on Sunday after church
    B. buying a bottle of Yoo-Hoo and drinking it in the car on the way home from the store
    C. When my best friend texts all the way from Utah just to say hi
    D. (sorry, I need to tell you four things) Monsoons, and the giant frog orgies that immediately follow monsoons in the empty lot in our neighborhood

  368. Rebecca

    1) Twilight Concert Series at the Santa Monica Pier. My happy place. Bliss.
    2) Curling up in bed with my dog at my feet
    3) A blissfully warm shower. My favorite shower products. All the time in the world.

  369. Emilie

    #1: having a walk on the beach
    #2: spend time with my husband – not doing anything particular, just spending time together
    #3: receiving an email from my closest friend – staying 10,000 kms away from me –

  370. Kristy

    What makes me happy….

    1. A night off in the middle of an insanely busy week
    2. Discovering new foods I like to eat because I grew them in the garden just because I could (mizuna!)
    3. Kicking my shoes off and sitting in the autumn sun every lunchtime and warming my toes!

  371. Megan

    I loved the Happiness Project- so excited about the author showing up on my fav blog!
    Three things:
    1. Remembering to look up: trees, sunset, stars, sky..
    2. Singing the Doxology (“praise God from whom all blessings flow..”) on Sunday mornings
    3. Nuzzling (or as I like to think of it, condensed snuggling)

  372. Barbara

    1# An unexpected compliment
    2# Afternoons in the park spent just sitting, people watching, maybe sipping wine or reading a good book.
    3# Running. Yes I know this is a bit out there, but overall in life? Running has made me happier person.

  373. Bridget

    3 things that make me happy:
    clean white sheets
    seeing a favorite musician live (at the Fillmore)
    the 2nd half of a great book

  374. Kriszti

    no. 1. biking until I can’t anymore and then jogging up a hill
    no. 2. sinking into a good book and realizing it gets better and better
    no. 3. looking in the mirror and not seeing a fat/tired/bored/jaded girl, but ME!

  375. Simone

    Right this moment:
    1. The sun shining in my face after a gloomy summer
    2. The taste of my first cup of First Flush 2012 black tea – Fair Trade
    3. The thought of winning this book (o:

  376. Marian

    1. Sunshine! I live in Ireland and it’s a rarity – this summer has actually been a washout…

    2. Sunday mornings; coffee, brunch and the papers, the simple pleasures in life!

    3. Spending quality time w/ my husband, family and friends. :)

    I could go on… if you choose to have an attitude of gratitude there are so many reasons in life to be happy.

  377. Juanita

    -starting a new book from one of my favorite authors
    -getting an idea for a new project, trying it, and having it turn out the way I pictured it
    -leaving the bedroom in the morning with the bed made and everything in its place

  378. Sue

    Three things that make me happy….

    * Drinking a cup of chai tea on my deck in the morning!
    * Snuggling with my dog and cat!
    * Long walks through the woods in the fall!

  379. Caitlin

    Reading. The smell of rain. Coffee. Spending time with my husband, my family, my friends.

  380. Rachel

    The way my husband holds me at night
    The way the pages of a new book sound and feel
    Pushing myself past what I think are my limits

    Also, love the dress she is wearing in the pic. Any idea where it is from???

  381. Tamara

    Listening to my children laugh
    This joke my four year old made up: knock, knock? Who’s there? Love! Love who? Love you, Mama!
    Running – because I can!

  382. Meredith

    1 – watching my husband make my kids laugh
    2 – a meal with extended family
    3 – a sunny afternoon outside with a good book and a soft breeze

  383. Heather

    1. My husband and kids.
    2. A hike in the forest.
    3. A healthy, delicious dinner made at home.

  384. Susan

    Spending time with my children, reading, naps, a cup of coffee, and family get togethers at my parents’ or inlaws. Oops, that’s five!

  385. Jill

    1. Hugs from my favorite people.
    2. The sound and smell of the sea.
    3. A book that’s so good I never want it to end.

  386. Amy

    Right now I’m pretty happy about a kid who is strangely sleeping in past 8:00.
    Also, days at the beach and perfect peaches.

  387. Melissa W.

    1. Playing pretend with my daughter – she never lets me be the princess, but I do make a pretty rockin’ witch.
    2. When someone else makes coffee in the morning. It’s like walking into the kitchen to a little miracle.
    3. A clean email inbox.

  388. Sarah van Loon

    1 – connecting with dear, old friends who fill up your heart and soul SO MUCH it aches because it feels so good and so full.
    2 – getting lost in the music. becoming the performer and the composer, and trying to share their intentions and beauty with an audience (even if the audience is my cat).
    3 – being intoxicated in love with my husband, and have it be mutually returned

  389. ginger odom

    1) seeing my finace’s big man hands cuddling our three-year old, while they are both asleep;
    2) my daughter’s proud face when she scores in volleyball;
    3) driving at night, windows open, and a great song comes on the radio; and
    4) yoga class in the middle of a workday…
    to name a few.
    thank you for reminding me to pay attention to happy!

  390. Leslie

    1. Learning to do stuff I didn’t think I could (I just learned to paddle-board! It rocked!)

    2. Morning snuggles with the Man and two cats

    3. Eating at froofy restaurants with my lady friends

  391. Eileen Lundquist

    Clutter free spaces and a good nights sleep to start – thank you Gretchen Rubin for having those tips top of mind

    Getting help from anyone (kids, husband or a friend) without asking for it – that caring and consideration always touches me so deeply. I (wrongly) always think I can do it all, all, all by myself. I love it when anyone around notices I’ve obviously bitten of more than I can chew and helps with a smile on their face:). It can be as simple as helping pack the lunacies, fixing something around the house or a carpooling favor….

    I am an “artist” of sorts so music blaring, pounding, sawing or torching wire or sheet metal in my studio makes me feel like all is right with the world.

  392. Erin

    1. Being surrounded by books — it’s like my own little world of possibility and wonder!
    2. Uncontrollable laughing fits with my husband. It’s moments of grace like these when I’m reminded that the small joys are so much bigger than the small annoyances.
    3. Crawling into a freshly made bed. There’s something so peaceful and perfect about clean sheets at the end of a long day.

  393. Erin

    1. Eating blackberries, blueberries, and granola after a swim.
    2. Telling the people I love how I feel about them.
    3. Reading Jane Austen.

  394. Mrs. Kinne

    Things that have been making me happy lately…

    … feeling my daughter wiggling around in my belly.
    … eating lobster rolls on Cape Cod.
    … playing skee-ball in an arcade.

  395. Jenni

    1. a good night’s sleep
    2. cooking and eating a delicious meal with fresh, local food
    3. a good book

  396. April

    Happiness is found within–If you focus on it you can find it everywhere.
    #1 When my husband is playing with my daughter and she giggles
    #2 a quiet moment in nature (the sun, the wind, a babbling brook.
    #3 Naps :)

  397. Emily

    1) the way my boyfriend looks at me
    2) successfully making a new recipe
    3) the feeling of warmth under my blankets when i first wake up in the morning

  398. Shari

    I am happiest when I share time with friends. I’m part of the stitching group (knit/crochet) that meets every two weeks. We spend the time laughing more than knitting. I also enjoy going out for a meal or playing cards or doing anything with friends that gives us a chance to chat and laugh. It really lets off steam and gives lightness to my week.

  399. Anne

    Three things that make me happy:
    #1hearing my kids laugh
    #2 sitting on the dock at the cottage and hearing the loons
    #3getting lost in a good book

  400. Mary-Margaret

    Right now I am happiest because of summer vacation, the smell of suntan lotion, and kissing my daughters’ sun-kissed cheeks when they’re sound asleep after a busy day!

  401. Debbi

    I am happiest when I have a good chat with one of my most favorite people -my husband, one of my two sons, my sister, my mom, one of my friends. It’s the little moments that feel most precious!

  402. Carmen

    I am happiest when I am grateful, grateful to the opportunity to walk, hear the birds and be outside.

  403. Lisa

    I love reading through all of these happiness gems!
    1. Curling up on the couch to watch a movie with the man I love.
    2. Boating in the summer with my sweetie and our dog.
    3. Learning something new. Right now I’m learning taekwondo (it makes me feel strong & confident). Next on my list…learning español!

  404. Alexandra

    1. Hearing my kids beg me to read a chapter of a favorite book (right now it’s “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH)
    2. Breakfast smoothies with frozen strawberries from our garden (plus almond milk, almond butter and blueberries)
    3. WTF podcast (Marc Maron) to get through my long workdays of spreadsheets and PowerPoints

  405. Jen

    Three things that make me happy:
    1. When my kids snuggle with me.
    2. Kissing my dogs on the bridge of their noses.
    3. Laying on the huge, still-warm rocks at the edge of the sea as the sun goes down on a cool summer evening.

  406. Suzanne

    Things that make me happy:
    1. My beautiful children. God has blessed me with two wonderful girls (14 and 12) and they are a joy to be around…except when they are fighting :)
    2. A wonderful book that I totally get lost in.
    3. Spending time with my husband…he’s still a heart-throb to me after almost 23 years together!!

  407. Erin

    1. Winning contests!
    2. Long, hot baths with essential oils, candles, and a great book. (Fave wintertime evening activity.)
    3. Homemade soup OMFG. LOVE. Can you tell I am ready for fall?

  408. Becca

    1. Pre-work early morning breakfasts with ladyfriends (preferably at Tartine)
    2. Doing the Sunday crossword puzzle in a park
    3. The first sip of red wine on date night

  409. Hope

    1. when my 3 year old calls my 6 month old honey & sweetie.

    2. when my husband gets into bed way later than me & inadvertently wakes me up by cuddling.

    3. a short list b/c I can’t resist: the color fuschia, the 1st half of a second glass of wine (perfectly tipsy) & coffee/french toast in bed.

  410. Sarah

    1) My friends. Everything about them.
    2) Spending a day in the kitchen cooking with all the windows open.
    3) Sunday morning on the couch with breakfast, coffee and my puppy.

  411. Brooke

    1. Listening to my partner laugh when he *really* finds something funny.
    2. Any time spent with my best friend (we live half a world apart now)
    3. Sitting inside with a cup of tea while it’s tipping it down outside, and knowing I don’t have to leave the flat.

  412. Tamar

    1. the smell of fall in the air
    2. the best of summer produce – berries, peaches, corn, tomatoes!
    3. sunsets over a lake, with the sun shimmering and reflecting.

  413. Moira

    1) my son laughing uproariously

    2) getting things done, not procrastinating

    3) not having to bring work home

  414. Chris

    1) Eating meals at the table with my family with the TV OFF
    2) Laughing with my kids
    3) Chocolate, the darker the better

  415. Sarah

    Three things:
    1. my kids
    2. the perfect run – feeling tired but every cell is alive because the weather is perfect and people are all happy to be outside
    3. soy lattes

  416. Alicia

    *Sitting on the back porch watching the birds with my new husband. (Married 7-7 at 7p.m.after 24 years of being divorced)

    *My 5 year old grandson asking me why, if my husband can read directions, he can’t also cook dinner so that I can stay and play longer.

    *When my 27 year old son calls me once a week to tell me about his life,ask for my advice on the important things, and always says Thank You and I Love You.

  417. Hannah

    the three things that make my happy home:
    * clean sheets on my freshly-made bed
    * refrigerator full with tasty CSA share
    * sitting/ standing in the kitchen preparing food with friends

  418. Kaye Lyssy

    Only 3? Ok…here are 3 things that make me happy RIGHT NOW…
    1. Summer produce and farmer’s markets
    2. Family and friends
    3. Pilates

  419. Sherry G.

    So many, many things! Making a new postcard to share with others, taking a photo that pleases me, hugging my dogs, going on a road trip, sailing on Biscayne Bay, laughing with friends, my grandaughter’s “love you”s!

  420. Elizabeth

    That first of the morning nursing time- with a cup of coffee and the curtains open to watch the birds play. Clean sheets and shaved legs. Day trips with no plans or intentions.

  421. Tom Owens

    1. Taking a walk with my wife of 30 years.
    2. Having my 13-year-old cat plop beside me. He sighs and smiles, making me feel like a rock star.
    3. Hearing the goldfinch sing after getting a beakful of seeds from the giant sunflowers we’ve planted.

    Great questions make me happy, too. Thanks for asking.

  422. Trish

    Biting into a ripe homegrown tomato, nestling into one of my bear-like husband’s hugs, sunny or cloudy days at the beach

  423. liz

    1. curling up on the sofa watching tv with my best friend and love of my life
    2. dogs, all of them
    3. music, live concerts and records specifically

  424. Kristen

    1) Hugging anyone for no reason except to do it because it feels good to give and receive one.

    2) Holding hands and seeing others doing the same.

    3) Saying “Hello” and talking to anyone…my son tells everybody, “My Mom will talk to anyone, even the hobos!”

  425. Laura Tenebruso

    Happiness comes in threes: sounds, smells, and smiles. The sound of the mourning dove that calms me, and also the sound of my children, squealing or squabbling, which isn’t always calming. The smell of summer morning, and also of burnt toast on summer mornings. The smile that forces its way to the surface through tears, through anger, through sadness.

  426. Wan

    Happiness can come from anticipation and the joy that comes previous to getting what you want. 1. When you see the waiter/waitress coming to your table with your food. 2. When you get home right before the rain starts. 3. When you are about to be smooched by someone whose lips you’ve been admiring.

  427. Theresa

    Sharing with my kids all the things I love, and watching them appreciate and learn to love them too: steaming fresh bread slathered in butter, trying new foods in foreign countries, eating raspberries off the bush, watching thunderheards form, the view from a mountaintop after a challenging hike, and learning the song of a new bird.

  428. Tara Sharp

    1. A cup of coffee and letting the dog outside in the morning silence
    2. A Saturday at home with my partner
    3. A long walk with a girlfriend
    4. An afternoon with a good book

  429. Heather

    I just moved in with my true partner, and I am enjoying the recurring giddy thrill I get when I think of “our” home. Related, my basil plant sprouting on the kitchen windowsill is a current source of joy.
    Also, creamed honey.

  430. Kathy

    1. Playing sports with my boys.
    2. Setting and reaching goals.
    3. A free weekend morning where I can sit outside, read a good book and drink an amazing cup of coffee.

  431. Elaine

    1. Sitting around a bonfire in someone’s backyard.
    2. Planning and preparing the food I’ll serve at a party.
    3. The smell of mulch.

  432. NicoleT

    The rush of endorphins towards the end of kickboxing class. Morning cuddles with my kids. Listening to a good audio book during my commute.

  433. Gina

    1. A cool breeze on my sweaty face
    2. Hearing a huge laugh from anybody…my kid, family, strangers
    3. The quiet of my toddler’s naptime…aaaah

  434. Shelly

    1. The smell of the tent when we unfold it.
    2. Getting so dirty on a good trail run that I don’t even care.
    3. The powdery dirt taste on the top of my water bottle during a mountain bike ride.

  435. Ella

    Things that are making my happy today:

    1. The fact I am about to go swimming during my lunch break
    2. Telling friends I have completed the first draft of a new script
    3. Having sore muscles from finally trying wakeboarding (I was pretty awesome at it, actually.)

  436. Megan

    Three things that make me happy at home?
    1) Opening the windows when i starts raining
    2) Using the china that was given to me on my wedding day by my mother, which was her mother’s, which was her mother’s.
    3)When I lay down to read and my cat comes to nap on my stomach.

  437. Heather

    1) Reading new books (particularly sequels/series!).

    2) Sitting quietly with my love, whether on a park bench, in a car while on an adventure, or on our couch on a rainy night, I am always happiest with him and a wee bit of quiet.

    3) Listening to my 88 year old grandmother telling me how my grandfather proposed (and other stories that I solicit with pointed questions).

  438. Jill

    1. The laughter of my niece and nephews
    2. The smell of fresh-cut grass
    3. Getting an A on an assignment as a 42 year old college student!

  439. Jennifer

    Being with family makes me happy, even after a 3 day road trip. ;) Beautiful sights, good food and awesome memories! Oh, and going home is great too– to reunite with my dog!

  440. Louise

    1. a shiny-clean kitchen floor
    2. an unexpected pleasant surprise
    3. planning an unexpected pleasant surprise

  441. Katy M

    Things that make me happy:

    1. Eating fresh herbs and veggies that I grew myself.
    2. Watching my dog run at full speed with that goofy grin on his face.
    3. Old pictures of my family from when I was growing up.

    Thanks for the super-fun giveaway and forcing me to write a little gratitude list today- I already feel better!

    katygmorris at gmail dot com

  442. Lisa

    Things that make me happy:

    1) The way my son’s and daughter’s faces light up when they see each other.

    2) Climbing into a bed made up with fresh sheets and lots of pillows at the end of the day.

    3) Making something pretty/nice/useful for someone.

  443. Maileen

    no. 1 – my daughter saying “i miss you” in her toddler voice when i come back from work
    no. 2 – libraries with shelves and shelves of books
    no. 3 – fireflies

  444. Sonya

    Things that make me happy:
    1. Pretty book covers
    2. Clean, fresh sheets
    3. Honey, mint iced tea

  445. Nina

    1. Making someone else happy. See: giving the perfect gift, and/or why I have the job that I do.

    2. My boyfriend’s smell. Dude, I could huff that man like spraypaint, spend all day walking around on a little hormone high.

    3. Anything beautiful. See: good writing, AB Chao Design Camp, the perfect Alameda Flea Market score, a shirt that makes me feel like a million bucks, a stunningly clear day across the Bay.

  446. SAWK

    #1 – The feeling of stepping off a plane or train in a new place or old place where friends are waiting.
    #2 – Coconut anything.
    #3 – Odd smiles, knowing looks, and general understanding with strangers whom you may or may not speak to and may or may not see again.

  447. Cori Hintze

    What makes me happy? 1- hearing my kids laugh, 2- being at the beach (specifically St. Augustine, FL) 3- chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven. Yum!

  448. Evany

    1. Naps
    2. Hot baths (bonus: naps in hot baths!)
    3. That solid feeling of a tightly constructed hair-pile, the kind you know isn’t going anywhere all night, no matter how much tilt or shake your head (aka Dancing Hair)

  449. Courtney

    Right now the number one thing that is making me happy is the fact that I just entered my third trimester of pregnancy in a pregnancy I never thought I would get to have (I suffered 4 losses prior). That’s pretty much supreme happiness! Other than that, baking always makes me happy, as does my husband! Happy. Happy. Happy.

    I can’t wait to check out her new book!

  450. Vanessa

    Three things that make me happy: riding bikes, making other people laugh and my new dog, Bruce.

  451. Sarah O

    1. The unfailing kindness of my fiance
    2. When my kitties want a cuddle
    3. Eating healthier and feeling better as a result

  452. Rhonda

    Three things that make my happy:

    1. Big, hearty belly laughs from my kids or hubs. Sincere belly laughs from anyone, really.

    2. The moment when you re-learn that you can figure things out on your own. It’s easy to depend on those around you, but when you build your own PC, navigate a new town, or start the lawn mower on your own, you get a certain satisfaction that puts an enormous smile on your face. It’s a non-arrogant sense of accomplishment (big or small) that stems from your own competency.

    3. Being alive. Our world is so vast and amazing, just being here is such an enormous gift. I’m happy to have two hands and two feet that work and to be capable of anything I can imagine, especially love for others.

  453. Space Kitty

    The three things currently making me the happiest?

    1) My grown daughter actively cultivates my friendship

    2) Creating a happy home with my beloved, even though we are very different people with very different lives – together we’re even better

    3) When the Best Cat Ever sleeps on my head.

    So, love and being loved.

  454. Miranda

    Unexpectedly spotting fireflies.
    A great, cry-inducing belly laugh.
    Sharing highs and lows of the day/weekend/vacation/you name it. (I like reflecting!) :)

  455. Larissa

    I am a new mom, so what really makes me happy is sleep – oh glorious sleep!!

    Also – going for a run does wonders to shake off a funk.

    But, the best is baby smiles! Those big gummy smiles really are absolutely amazing!

  456. Ann M.

    1. time with family and friends
    2. a cup of coffee and a good book
    3. fresh veggies from the farmer’s market

  457. Jen

    A few things that make me happy:

    -holding my 3.5-yo son’s hand
    -leeks sauteeing in butter
    -the 10-minute drive home after a Zumba or spin class (endorphins!)
    -daily e-mails from my husband

    I loved The Happiness Project. Am very excited to read the follow-up!

  458. JoShee

    1. Napping with my husband and our cat
    2. Skirts with pockets
    3. Caves waiting to be explored!

  459. Carrie

    1. The smell of fresh pine trees
    2. Twice-baked potatoes
    3. Warm, fluffy bedding in a cold bedroom

  460. Sarah

    1. When my son Beau wears his superhero cape to the grocery store.
    2. Making my dad proud.
    3. Wearing tall, strappy shoes at a dinner where I get to have wine!

  461. Nanc

    3 things that really make me happy:
    1. Waking up and my husband know my name (he has early-onset Alzheimer’s). Makes me jump for joy as I know its gonna be a great day.
    2. The sound of my grown children’s laughs. Makes my whole body and spirit fill with joy
    3. Having my black Lab, Miss Cali, snuggle with me on the sofa while I read blogs and emails. She’s the best.

  462. erin

    3 things that make me happy:

    1. My kids smiles after the first bite of a pancake slathered in syrup or cinnamon sugar or blueberries

    2. Pomegranate seeds covered in dark chocolate

    3. The feeling after I FINALLY figure out a pattern, or design problem. Finding the perfect solution.

  463. maya

    1. (tmi, but) that first real exhale after sex
    2. the sound of my kids’ laughter
    3. a cold, quiet shower, where i can gather my thoughts

  464. Megan

    My Three favorites:
    My 1 year old’s laugh
    Laughing so hard that my stomach hurts when my husband tells stories and jokes
    Being near the water

  465. Lauren

    Playing with my sweet baby girl, Daphne. Friday night pizza, beer, movie and my hubby. Crisp Fall days!

  466. Sam Wedelich

    1. Getting lost in a great story ( books preferred, but a great film is nice too!)
    2. Fresh cut flowers in the house
    3. Adventure! Traveling somewhere new, taking an unexpected turn on a familiar walk, etc.

  467. Heather

    #1: cool, fragrant Autumn days (and fall wardrobe).
    #2: delicious baked goods of any variety.
    #3: people being kind to animals.

  468. Suzi

    picking blueberries
    enjoying morning coffee in solitude.
    Family backyard BBQs in the summer.

  469. Jen C.

    1. My son’s toothless grin (even though it’s slowly getting toothier).
    2. The feeling of shaved legs on clean sheets.
    3. The sound of doves in the Sonoran Desert.

  470. Jennifer

    A. Monarch butterflies.
    B. Morning coffee in Vegas while vacationing with dear lady friends.
    C. A really fantastic, non-greasy, precisely-scented hand lotion.

    And the scent attraction thing is going to drive me mad now. I’m going to start sniffing every male I know. Awkward….

  471. Caroline

    1) Hearing a car drivin up the street and being reminded of my Dad.
    2) My 2 year old falling asleep without drama
    3) Cookie dough.

  472. Kim

    1. Sex and the City reruns with a big bowl of popcorn with butter, salt and chipotle chile powder.

    2. Accomplishing anything and everything with my three children in tow.

    3. A strong cup of coffee and a really good book(weak coffee pisses me off).

  473. Gay

    1) A good book with a nice cup of coffee
    2) Great chocolate that my dear husband gives me
    3) Feeling like a kid at Walt Disney World

  474. Ingrid

    #1 – making my mother proud
    #2 – successfully preparing a dish I’ve always wanted to make
    #3 – having great conversations with my close friends

  475. Nicole

    #1. When a library book I have on hold arrives
    #2. Seeing the Ikea catalog in the mailbox
    #3. Drinking a mug of coffee outside

  476. Connie

    1. Having an entire pot of tea on a Saturday morning.
    2. Feeling both of my cats cuddle up to me when it’s bedtime.
    3. Getting tucked into bed every night by my husband.

  477. constance blizzard

    I was not going to be one of those women who gushed about their kids, then I had a baby and got it. So: the smell of the top of my baby’s head. My baby’s gummy grin. My baby falling asleep with her head on my pillowy boob and her arm draped across my chest.

    That makes me happy. Now, to find what I ever did with my edge.

  478. jill

    the way my daughter demands “more!” when i sing to her.
    the smell of the wind just before a thunderstorm rolls in.
    crisp, clean sheets.

  479. Catherine

    1. When my family smiles
    2. Water: any kind – lake, pool, bath, shower
    3. Clean House – Even though there are seriptitious piles around “most” things are in their place and it smells clean

  480. Jill

    1. Every morning, a great kiss from my husband. You know, when I’m extra pretty from just waking up.
    2. When my dog, the Queen of Crazytown, actually comes to me for a snuggle.
    3. The sounds of the neighbor kids playing outside. It’s like living in Mayberry.

  481. Martha

    In this digital, instant gratification era, catching a song I love on the car radio is sublime.

    Fresh sheets on the bed.

    When my son eats his dinner and likes it enough to say, “This one’s a keeper!”

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win! I put Gretchen’s first book on hold at the library but only got through the first 2 chapters before I had to return it. It’s still on my Amazon wish list, so I do plan to get back to it one day. The part I read was great!

  482. Lauren

    Much of my life makes me happy (lucky me), but most saliently,
    1) My amazing wife, because she makes me laugh and smile and kicks my butt on a daily basis
    2) Belly laughs
    3) Living in NYC

  483. Debbie

    What makes me happy?
    1. Laughing and spending time with good friends
    2. Good chocolate
    3. Sitting on my porch with my cat and looking at how nice my garden looks

  484. Danielle

    1. Little kids when they’re learning to talk.
    2. Baked goods. All baked goods.
    3. Lying nose to nose with my guy.


  485. tami

    1. When I come across something in my late father’s handwrititng.
    2. Picking my husband at the airport
    3. Sharing dessert

  486. kathryn

    1. stroking a cat, and having it purr and lean in to have you scratch *right there* behind its ears

    2. waking up to find my 3-year-old has crawled into my bed in the middle of the night, and is cuddling up to me

    3. making something, especially something to give to someone else. cooking, knitting, screenprints, web pages, all count.

  487. Janine

    1. watching a grown man sit on a skate board going down the Manhattan bridge
    2. learning to ride my bike with no hands at 27
    3. making a killer cocktail and drinking it with killer friends

  488. Heather

    Laughing with my fiance to a silly TV show, or just when we’re lying in bed talking about our days. Having coffee and a muffin for breakfast before I go to work. The first warm, exciting breezes of spring.

  489. Alyce

    The way my guy always moves me to the inside of a sidewalk whenever we’re strolling down the street.

    Fighting sleep so I can stay up reading a good book.

    Learning that I can get pregnant after years of thinking I couldn’t.

  490. Hotly Spiced

    That rooftop event celebrating the launch of Gretchen’s new book looked wonderful. Three things. Only three???

    1. A booked and paid for family holiday that comes with the feeling of knowing we will all be together and away from the usual distractions that come between husbands and wives, parents and children, brothers and sisters.

    2. A family home knowing my children have a place they can call their own that is a secure roof over their heads and a place to create memories.

    3. Faith to know that everything is going to be okay.

  491. Laura

    I love going on long walks around town, together with my boyfriend, I enjoy finding cheap thrills at thrift stores and it makes me feel good when I start my day off early and get stuff done.

  492. hilary

    1. Reading a book that sucks you in so completely that you spend uninterrupted hours repositioning yourself on the chair/couch/bed
    2. The way my dog looks at me
    3. In bed with my boyfriend watching him discover Six Feet Under for the first time

  493. Mette

    #1 When my husband and I suddenly catch each others eyes – amidst laundry, tired children, mess and long lists of to dos – smile, and kiss.

    #2 Jumping with the children on the trampoline we’ve got in the garden. They can feel that this is more fun to me than playing with dolls or tractors – and they laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

    #3 Skyping with my parents. They live fairly far away, but the internet allows my children to see and talk to their grandparents on a regular basis. Some times we even ‘share’ our Sunday breakfast…

  494. Kathleen

    These things make me happy:
    – My weekly CSA box. All those beautiful fresh local vegetables and their inherent potential for yummy home-cooked meals.
    – Going to yoga. Pushing my body to its potential and taking the time to do something just for me.
    – Waking in the morning to find my littlest boy asleep next to me. Mind you he didn’t wake me during the night just crawled in all stealthy.

    Looking forward to Gretchen’s next book. Loved the first!

  495. Jill

    So many things make me happy (and I had fun thinking about all of them when trying to decide which three to pick – so, thanks!)
    1. My family – husband, four year old stepson, and dog
    2. Being five months pregnant (first three months…notsomuch. Vomiting = unhappy)
    3. A really, really good book. And plenty of time to read it. And maybe a sunny spot to sit while reading. And perhaps a glass of lemonade. And a snack. Or five.

  496. Kelly D

    My children make me happy.
    Traveling with my family makes me happy.
    Chocolate makes me happy.

  497. Kate F

    -My one-week old making ballet arm gestures while staring at nothing.
    -My toddler repeating back the funniest phrases. (We have to watch ourselves–recently he said “— big belly!” after a comment about someone gaining weight, ergh!)
    -CSA peaches! Fresh corn! Summer summer summer. Also watermelon.

  498. brandi

    -peach tea
    -baby swimsuits
    -my never-dancing-no-seriously-never-at-all self getting super into zumba class

  499. Alicia

    #1 – The quiet after everyone else is asleep and I still have some wine in my glass.
    #2 – Being underwater. Ocean, lake, pool, bathtub. Doesn’t matter.
    #3 – That my daughter has to give the dog a kiss goodnight and the dog sleeps in front of her door.

  500. Alexis

    Happiness is listening to my son laugh, drinking wine with my girlfriends and after a good workout. I would love a copy of her book, fingers crossed!!

  501. annabanana

    1. when friends from different circles of my life become friends with each other and we can all hang out together.
    2. getting emails from my brother with pictures of my brand new niece, born only four days ago.
    3. knowing that i will soon possess something that will always belong to me: a PhD!

  502. Anne-Katherine S

    1- Hosting good friends with good food, good wine, and using my best vintage flea market treasures
    2- Being offered a job at THE school I wanted to work at, weeks after graduation
    3- Spending time with my family and meeting my cousin’s daughter

  503. Ashley L

    (1) My babies laughing, especially when it is playing with each other or because I have done something funny.

    (2) Hiking on a lovely day to a look-out/vista or to a beautiful waterfall. Bonus if we get to jump on rocks in a creek.

    (3) Red Lavendar tea hemp lattes – and brownies (regular, Vegan, peanut butter). Bonus if they are dropped off at my door by a loving friend.

  504. Liane W

    1. My boys in a tickle fight.
    2. A brand new box of crayons.
    3. Waking up next to my love.

  505. KCV

    My two girls when they first wake up in the AM…and just before bedtime…and frankly any time in between.

  506. Morgan

    1. Sitting on the docks with my beautiful upland doggy Harley at sunset and watching him sniff and spy and observe everything.
    2. Sitting (more sitting?) down unhurried to a good book and a bowl of ripe cherries.
    3. Spending a day going to Mass and lunch and recreating with my friend Dan.

  507. Gabi

    Three things that make me happy:
    1) When light turns golden at the end of the day. 2) Sailing anywhere, but mostly on turquoise water.
    3) The writing on “Frasier.” That is my comfort TV.

  508. Matilda

    1. When I can provoke the giggles in any of my 3 kids.
    2. Swimming.
    3. Hanging out with good friends.

  509. amelia

    Hugs & kisses from my niece and nephew.
    Having a great meal with friends.
    Travelling and meeting up with old friends.

  510. sallybeth

    1. finally getting job interviews after being out of work (!!)
    2. a perfect cup of english tea
    3. really good hugs

  511. mrs.charlemagne

    Happy = new yarn and a project that doesn’t require me to make a swatch; being on or near water; visiting family

  512. findingmagnolia

    1. Watching my once-malnourished baby develop a double chin.
    2. The questions my five-year-old asks friendly strangers on the train.
    3. Making the first french press of coffee at home in the morning.

  513. christine

    1. going to art museums
    2. looking at my children sleeping
    3. making and then eating baked goods
    4.(can’t resist adding another) a cute outfit

  514. Heather

    Things that make me happy:
    My husband teaching me to cook.
    A great book. Taking the perfect picture of a person. Cold beer.
    Rainbow sprinkles. Blank notebooks. Amazing yarn. Crescent rolls. Paper punches. Baskets. Vintage tins. Cowboy hats. Tacky tshirts.

  515. krista

    what makes me happy?
    1) the way my puppy’s paws smell,
    2) biting into a perfectly ripe (seedless) black grape, and
    3) exercise, which is a total necessity for my mental health.

  516. Christina M

    – the use of Powerhouse by Raymond Scott in Looney Tunes cartoons,
    – when my favorite priest says my favorite prayer, “St. Teresa’s Bookmark,” at the end of mass, and
    – the deep-inhalation/squeal my four-year old daughter makes when she’s delighted+enthralled+excited about something.

  517. Christy

    Things that make me happy (as inspired by others lists above mine):
    1. Using treasured postcards as bookmarks
    2. The way my boyfriend’s nose flares when he has said something that he thinks is totally on point or hilarious (is screams, “Yeah. I’m awesome.”)
    3. Gwynne’s laugh when she tells a story about her brother

  518. Hita

    1. Coffee and a book, in the morning after camping out near a lake.
    2. Watching someone I love laugh (especially if it is for something I said).
    3. Being good at what I do.

  519. Serena

    1. Hanging out with my husband
    2. Waking up and dreading going to work, only to realize that it is Saturday!
    3. An excellent happy hour with friends

  520. Tanya

    – seeing my husband smile
    – watching my beagles chase each other around our yard
    – reading a good book with a glass of sweet tea on a sunny morning

  521. mk

    being a librarian
    my kids when they first get out of bed, all sleepy and snugly with wild hair.
    kick ass shoes

  522. April G.

    Snuggling with my cat, or watching my husband snuggling with her.
    The first sight of the ocean.
    Fresh sheets.

  523. Melissa

    Three things that make me happy:

    #1. Fresh pajamas straight out of the dryer on a cold night.

    #2. Baby ducks.

    #3. Unexpected kisses.

  524. April

    -the quiet sounds of august
    -being Southern
    -old things: buildings, books, people-I like it old!

  525. Heather

    I love Gretchen, her thoughts have changed my life. Things that make me happy: Happy Kids, the way I feel after a tough workout, a favorite beverage (Coffee, Tea or Dr Pepper), Weekends, when everyone likes dinner (I have four kids), Dirty Kids after playing outside, SUNSHINE, birds, butterflies, and I could go on and on.

  526. C

    – The sound of my nieces laughing
    – Taking off my bra at the end of a long day :)
    – Finishing a good book

  527. Jen

    The smell of tomato plants on your fingers
    Seeing a great movie by myself
    The sting of saltwater on your face from a big wave

  528. Rina

    Three things that make me happy: (1) Getting so engrossed in a book that I forget to do anything for *hours* ; (2) Receiving cards in the mail from far-flung friends; (3) Riding a bicycle, everywhere, anywhere.

  529. Jan

    1) listening to my baby girl’s uncontrollable (and infectious) peels of laughter as she watches her daddy attempt to juggle
    2) landing at Dublin airport
    3) receiving handwritten letters from my grandfather Pappy

  530. Laura

    1. When my one year old wraps her whole body around me to give me a hug.
    2. Having a cup of coffee in the morning before anyone else is awake.
    3. Trying on shoes with super high heels to cheer myself up after a long hard day.

  531. Sarah

    1. Orgasms
    2. Pushing off the wall of the pool, hard, when I do a flip-turn at the end of a lap
    3. Revenge

  532. Jessica R.

    1. The sounds of my children playing, especially when they are telling “stories.”
    2. Taking my dog, Mendel, for a late night walk.
    3. My husband raking his hands through my hair when I lay my head down in his lap (sounds dirty but it’s not- I swear).

  533. KC

    I am having a rough day with my son, so I will list several things to cheer myself up.
    1. Beautiful days spent outside
    2. Rainy, cold days spent inside with coffee and soup and fireplaces
    3. laughing till my stomach hurts with friends
    4. Perfect moments when my son is happy and well rested and full of joy.
    5. Snuggling with my baby daughter
    6. When my husband and I make each other laugh
    7. The beach
    8. Southwest Harbor, Maine
    9. Outings with my mom
    10. When my house is clean
    11. Outdoor showers after a day at the beach.
    I’ll stop now…

  534. Elise

    Oooooh how to narrow it down??

    1. Wearing my (long distance) boyfriend’s clothes
    2. 30% off sale price at J.Crew
    3. Heavy, wagging labrador retriever tails

  535. Emily

    Listening to rain as you fall asleep
    The anticipation of vacation
    Finding the perfect present for someone

  536. Krista

    3 Things that make me happy:
    1: uncontrollable, uncontainable laughter
    2: spending time with an old friend and feeling like no time has passed at all
    3: vibrant colors when the sun comes out after a rainstorm

  537. Lindsey @ I Run in Heels

    1. Elevators: After a week-long visit at my sister’s 5th-floor walk-up in NYC, my love for this wonderful invention knows no bounds. (Cue Josh Groban singing, “You raise me up…”)
    2. Karaoke: It makes me fearless. All of a sudden I’m busting out moves I wouldn’t even try in front of a mirror by myself usually.
    3. Daisy the Pug: She curls up by my side, and all is suddenly right with the world.

  538. Kelly

    1) Making a sign for welcoming someone home from the airport
    2) The cheese dip at my favorite Mexican restaurant
    3) Cheese in general

  539. corley

    I am happy with ME. I recently quit my job, with no back-up plan, because it was having a very negative effect on my life. I am confident that things will be okay. I’m facing the unknown, smiling.

  540. Susan

    The fact that I have to think and pick out only 3 things that makes me happy makes me happy and grateful :)
    1. Good data from an experiment (I’m a grad student).
    2. Catching a Wallace and Gromit episode dubbed in German.
    3. Warm sunny days spent with husband and dog.

  541. Erin

    1. A sweeping crescendo
    2. The complete freedom of my toddler’s laugh
    3. Dancing at a wedding with old friends

  542. Marla

    My kid singing her heart out (to a thirty year old song.) My enormous hydrangeas. Feeding a baby squirrel with an eye dropper before taking it to the rescue.

  543. Alison

    1. The sight & smell of the beach;
    2. Looking forward to date night; and
    3. Experiencimg the wonder of urban & outdoor adventures through the eyes of my children.

  544. Heather

    Three things huh, lots of outer things make me happy, but as I get older I realise more (thankfully!) that it’s the inner realisation that really makes you happy… thus leading to outer happiness (jeezo!)
    1. Being grateful, it just makes me happy when I do a little list (in my head – whenever) of the things I am grateful for. When I appreciate all the things I am grateful for, I just feel better.
    2. Kindness, being kind/kinder/kindest. Watching someone smile because of it – it tickles my toes a bit more than anything else. That saying, ‘warms the cockles of your heart’ corny, but so true and that’s how showing kindness makes moi feel.
    3. Waking up in the morning with no blastard alarm (just naturally) and then, and then, and THEN realising that… you don’t have to get up if you don’t want to and race around like a headless chook – it’s sheer joy.
    That’s me done – sounds too good to be true, but I could possibly swap Point #3 for New Shoes of any type and that would make me sound less like Mother Theresa…. but shoes give me brief happiness, the three points above last and last and that’s why I love ’em.
    From Heather – just a little Aussie gal who loves your musings HX

  545. Raina Larson

    1. Coffee in my vegatable garden in the early morning while it’s still quiet.
    2. The smell of pine and campfires in the mountains.
    3. When those I love are happy!

  546. Courtney K

    laying on the floor in my hubs arms talking about our days (or about nothing,) my black lab pressing her nose against me to wake me up in the morning, and the wind in my hair when biking down a hill.

  547. Tess

    1. French macarons
    2. Playing cards with my family.
    3. The feeling that I’ve accomplished something.
    4. Swimming in any body of water!

  548. deby

    1. packing light ( 7 changes of clothes for each of us for two months)
    2. living some place new, learning a new language
    3. coming home!

  549. elizabeth

    1. the fact that I just moved across the country to the same city as my sister and 3 yr old niece. hello, seattle!
    2. runner’s high
    3. coffee, in any form

  550. Kristen

    1. Waking up to the sound of the ocean.
    2. coffee: morning, noon, and night
    3. perusing used book stores for hours upon hours

  551. victoria

    1. my four children
    2. my city (new york!)
    3. tropical scented anything (food, soap, candles)

  552. Nicole

    Things that make me happy:

    Lola, my almost-four-year-old rescue poodle
    Clean, crisp, white sheets on the bed
    All things lemon (flavored, scented, colored)

  553. Terri P

    The three things that make me happiest:

    1. My daughters, Michelle and Morgan Rose
    2. My sweet husband, Mike, and his laughing blue eyes.
    3. The sheer joy of waking every morning

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com

  554. Samantha wc

    Encountering a favorite scent out in the world – eucalyptus, beach sage, expensive perfume from someone walking down the street.

    Sun-soaked vistas of any sort.

    Unexpected laughter – my own, or provoking it in others.

  555. Nuv

    The things that make me happy coincide with the things I love :)

    1) I love teaching and am a lifelong learner. 
    2) I love loving and being loved by everyone, who doesn’t?  
    3) I love the small simple things: a note, a twirl in the middle of nowhere, a walk, a touch, a sweet smell, a wink, a blink, a moment that seals a moment, a baby’s smile or stare, hugs, husband’s booty dance, and so much more small everyday stuff. 

  556. AppleTree

    a. My baby boy’s laugh.
    b. A reunion with a soul sister I hadn’t yet met.
    c. Sending a care package ahead of my niece’s arrival at university.
    d. Cucumbers from my favorite farmer (not a euphemism — they’re my favorite summer food).

  557. amanda

    playing with my kids makes me happy, riding horses with my family makes me happy, and waking up before everyone when its still and quiet in the house and getting to drink a cup of coffee by myself makes me happy as well.

  558. Jenny Sims

    1. My beautiful son!
    2. My family, including our tubby cat.
    3. My job, I love what I do and finally feel like I’ve found a place I want to work forever. :)

  559. TraceyCK

    Three things that make me happy:
    1. Finding a travelling carnival has set up in my neighborhood,
    2. Kids laughing,
    3. My awesome friends!

  560. betsy

    what makes me happy this weekend

    1. the family in bed watching the olympics.
    2. watching shooting stars.
    3. Sunflowers in alleys.

  561. Kristin

    1. Forehead kisses
    2. The transition from winter to spring
    3. Finding a quote that describes my current situation

  562. Ally

    1. entering fun contests!
    2. reading
    3. cross country skiing at night with northern lights dancing overhead

  563. Jessica

    Things that make me happy:
    1. Music
    2. The smell of freshly cut grass
    3. The fact that today is my birthday, and it must be serendipity that I stumbled across this contest today, as I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release!

    PLEASE!!! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  564. Daffodil Campbell

    The three things that make me very, very happy:

    Preparing Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family – only one of whom is biologically related to me. We have about 60 people each year, and it is a sea of warm, shining, loving faces – each of whom is choosing to be there, and celebrating for all the right reasons: We are thankful.

    Sitting on the beach on New Year’s Day, with my toes in the blue-green water, looking for whales and drinking champagne right out of the bottle.

    Eating cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine, still slightly fuzzy-skinned, warm from the sunshine, wet from the hose, while standing in my garden.

  565. kir

    3 things that make me happy:

    the way that my 16 month old girl says, “thank you”

    having a job that allows me to work whenever, wherever

    having a ridiculously cool and patient dude for a husband (bonus: he’s a teacher!)

  566. Lauren

    Giggling through tears on hammocks
    Eating laffy taffy on hammocks
    Watching sun set through trees on hammocks

  567. Kari

    Makes me happy:

    PJs with funny things on them – sock monkeys, peanut butter jars, pink rhinos

    Discovering that I did not drink the last Diet Coke, and that there is one more in the fridge

    Planning a trip – color coding, making timelines, researching museums and shows (I don’t always stick to the plan, but I never feel like I leave a city missing something)

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