Mighty Happy Giveaway

Gretchen Rubin at the Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

This is Gretchen, and I’m always thrilled to see her because her brain sponges up such satisfying facts. For example:

Were you aware that some studies have shown that when women are looking to reproduce, they’re attracted to men who smell biologically disparate? However, when they get pregnant, they’re attracted to men who smell like family, ostensibly because family will be more likely to protect the offspring. BUT! The pill mimics pregnancy. Which could mean that some types of pill cause you to fall in love with a man who is biologically similar, reproduce with him, and then find his smell unattractive when you’ve gone off the pill, sometimes leading you to break things off with him. What the what?

Gretchen is good for a few dozen of those life-altering facts over an evening, which is why I always pull her down next to me at dinner.

Happier at Home, by Gretchen Rubin at the Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

Gretchen also happens to be the author of the bestselling Happiness Project, and the soon-to-be-released Happier at Home (which will hit shelves September 4 and is now available for pre-order), both of which document Gretchen’s curiosity about ways to improve her life — she also has a site dedicated to the process that has some useful suggestions. The Go Mighty team and the gracious Isabel Kallman hosted a book release party for Happier at Home in New York last week, and some of our favorite women gathered to celebrate happiness.

The Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

The Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin

Laura documented all the details over here. There was champagne, and donuts (Donuts 2012!), and lots of women laughing, which is the best.

There were also gift bags. Want one?

Gift bags at the Go Mighty launch for Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

Bliss supplied a generous helping of good-smelling body and bath products, and Anthropologie gave us pretty wall calendars.

Happier at Home, by Gretchen Rubin | Mighty Girl

We also have five copies of Happier at Home to give away. To enter, just tell us what makes you happy in comments. In fact, will you please tell us three things? I like to read them. Fingers crossed for you.

Top and bottom images by Mighty Girl. Other images by Sheri Silver from www.sherisilver.com.

UPDATE: Comments close Monday, August 13. Until then, keep ’em coming:

Mighty Happy Giveaway | mightygirl.com/2012/08/07/mighty-happy-giveaway |Mighty Girl

779 thoughts on “Mighty Happy Giveaway

  1. Things that make me happy:

    Lola, my almost-four-year-old rescue poodle
    Clean, crisp, white sheets on the bed
    All things lemon (flavored, scented, colored)


  2. The three things that make me happiest:

    1. My daughters, Michelle and Morgan Rose
    2. My sweet husband, Mike, and his laughing blue eyes.
    3. The sheer joy of waking every morning

    Terri P
    pr4gatheringroses AT gmail DOT com


  3. Encountering a favorite scent out in the world – eucalyptus, beach sage, expensive perfume from someone walking down the street.

    Sun-soaked vistas of any sort.

    Unexpected laughter – my own, or provoking it in others.


  4. The things that make me happy coincide with the things I love 🙂

    1) I love teaching and am a lifelong learner. 
    2) I love loving and being loved by everyone, who doesn’t?  
    3) I love the small simple things: a note, a twirl in the middle of nowhere, a walk, a touch, a sweet smell, a wink, a blink, a moment that seals a moment, a baby’s smile or stare, hugs, husband’s booty dance, and so much more small everyday stuff. 


  5. a. My baby boy’s laugh.
    b. A reunion with a soul sister I hadn’t yet met.
    c. Sending a care package ahead of my niece’s arrival at university.
    d. Cucumbers from my favorite farmer (not a euphemism — they’re my favorite summer food).


  6. playing with my kids makes me happy, riding horses with my family makes me happy, and waking up before everyone when its still and quiet in the house and getting to drink a cup of coffee by myself makes me happy as well.


  7. 1. My beautiful son!
    2. My family, including our tubby cat.
    3. My job, I love what I do and finally feel like I’ve found a place I want to work forever. 🙂


  8. Three things that make me happy:
    1. Finding a travelling carnival has set up in my neighborhood,
    2. Kids laughing,
    3. My awesome friends!


  9. what makes me happy this weekend

    1. the family in bed watching the olympics.
    2. watching shooting stars.
    3. Sunflowers in alleys.


  10. Things that make me happy:
    1. Music
    2. The smell of freshly cut grass
    3. The fact that today is my birthday, and it must be serendipity that I stumbled across this contest today, as I’ve been eagerly awaiting this release!

    PLEASE!!! 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity.


  11. The three things that make me very, very happy:

    Preparing Thanksgiving dinner for all of my family – only one of whom is biologically related to me. We have about 60 people each year, and it is a sea of warm, shining, loving faces – each of whom is choosing to be there, and celebrating for all the right reasons: We are thankful.

    Sitting on the beach on New Year’s Day, with my toes in the blue-green water, looking for whales and drinking champagne right out of the bottle.

    Eating cherry tomatoes fresh off the vine, still slightly fuzzy-skinned, warm from the sunshine, wet from the hose, while standing in my garden.


  12. 3 things that make me happy:

    the way that my 16 month old girl says, “thank you”

    having a job that allows me to work whenever, wherever

    having a ridiculously cool and patient dude for a husband (bonus: he’s a teacher!)


  13. Makes me happy:

    PJs with funny things on them – sock monkeys, peanut butter jars, pink rhinos

    Discovering that I did not drink the last Diet Coke, and that there is one more in the fridge

    Planning a trip – color coding, making timelines, researching museums and shows (I don’t always stick to the plan, but I never feel like I leave a city missing something)


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