Library Portraits Project: Potrero Branch

1st August 2012

As part of my Life List, I’m photographing all the public libraries in San Francisco.

Library Portraits Project: Potrero Branch: Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Potrero Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Potrero Hill Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Potrero Hill Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Potrero Hill Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Potrero Hill Branch | Mighty Girl

Library Portraits Project: Potrero Hill Branch | Mighty Girl

Right now, the California Library Association is trying to restore $15.2 million in State funding in hopes of preventing the loss of $16 million in Federal funding. I know how much all of us love books, so please take a minute to write a letter or two in support of restoring funding. All the information you need is here. Let’s do this thing.

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16 thoughts on “Library Portraits Project: Potrero Branch

  1. Amanda

    I love this project! Wherever I go, I always have to check out the local library. I loved them as a kid and fell back in love when I worked at my local library for 3 summers in a row during university.

  2. Megan

    Thank you again for bringing attention to the issue of library budget cuts. What would be lost is devastating. You’re helping to make a real difference on this issue. As always, thanks for using your power for good.

  3. Very Bloggy Beth

    Love this library, we lived over there for a time and going there was such a pleasure. It’s so beautiful. And that view from the children’s section! Unbeatable.

  4. Aarwenn

    Apropos of nothing immediate, but I’ve always remembered your brief and fun Champagne and Chocolate Wednesdays series, and therefore I wanted to share the following: Have you heard of Madecasse chocolate? They make some of the finest chocolate in the world, and it’s produced bean-to-bar in MADAGASCAR. Each bar has 4x the impact of fair-trade cocoa because most of the profits go back into the local economy to keep the manufacturing line going. Also, you know, it, like, saves the animals. And the packaging is adorable. And on top of all that, the chocolate is DELICIOUS. Thought you should know.

  5. Sarah

    This is one hip library. Are the librarians as cool as the library? That might be a fun photo series, too. Librarian chic.

  6. Nora

    As a librarian myself, I second Sarah’s suggestion (sort of a mighty closet + library portraits hybrid). In no little part because I need some wardrobe inspiration, stat.

  7. Hilary

    @Nora and @Sarah RE: Librarian Fashion
    There are some gorgeous gems hiding for the bookish girls among us on both Etsy (Search – Librarian or Bookish) and Modcloth (blouses with adorable ties at the neck? Tweed pencil skirts? BLAZERS WITH ELBOW PATCHES? Bestill my novel-scrounging, vintage-loving matchy matchy effervescing heart! Srsly dudes.)

    I second (ahem.. third) the Portrait of Librarians project, in the event that my vote counts. The puns alone would be worth it. (:

    @Maggie: Thank you for continuing to bring the issue of library funding to your readers. The photos are lovely, and the issue is dear to me.

  8. Alison @ The Peacock Diaries

    Oh. My. GOD! Do all libraries in San Francisco look like that? I can’t believe it. Other than the 42nd Street main branch, I don’t think there is an NYC library that even comes close to this. I LOVE libraries, but it is hard not to be depressed by my local offerings. I’m glad to know the situation is better in other cities…

  9. willow

    There are many great libraries in San Francisco, but this one is my favorite. It’s peaceful and cheerful, and the librarians are always friendly.

  10. jenny

    If you don’t mind, I may steal this idea and hit up all the libraries in Denver. Maybe we could make it a nationwide movement to boost federal funding, grassroots style.

  11. meligrosa

    love these series so much, thx for sharing
    i can say that i have been to every library in SF with the exception of 2 :)

    greetings y saludos from our same foggy skies <3

  12. Beth

    My lovely SF friends took me to the Potrero branch this year, and I do agree it’s a gorgeous, gorgeous, library.

    However — as a librarian, I was actually getting claustrophobic about how little space there was on the end of each shelf for new additions. 10 new books in a section means that entire building’s shelves have to be shifted at the same time. Librarian. Worst. Nightmare.

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