Mighty Closet: Janna Stark

I met Janna through my long-time friend Mai Le of Fashioni.st. She has that kind of thinky style that makes me want to take notes on her outfits. I’ve always wanted to do a maternity Mighty Closet, and when I found out Janna was pregnant with twins, I was thrilled for her, of course, but also pretty thrilled for us. Janna recently moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles, so Mai did a quick photo shoot while she was in town visiting.

Take it away, Janna:

Let me just start by saying that being seven months pregnant with twins is exhausting! But, of course thrilling at the same time. Mix in selling a house and relocating to a new city, and well, you have yourself one tired pregnant mamma to be!

I work in the fashion industry as a trend consultant, sometimes trend forecaster and, my favorite title is “futurist.” Who doesn’t want to be a futurist! Lucky for me I work for a company in Paris, called Promostyl, which means that I get to work from home and email in French a lot. I love what I do, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I get to work with design teams from a bunch of industries including fashion, tech, and industrial design, and get to conversate and debate the future of design with some intelligent and enlightened folks. As an indulgence, I sometimes teach at a few colleges and am constantly inspired by students and their creative ideas.

Janna Stark Tie-Front Dress | Mighty Girl

This is a little more of a San Francisco outfit. Something I would wear to do a trend presentation or seminar, or meet up for dinner with folks to discuss the future of ladies neck ties, or the influence of the corset in modern day. If I weren’t pregnant, I’d wear this with a tight denim vest.

I come from the land of high-waisted jeans and jumpsuits, and of course heels, so this transition has been interesting! But I have some good finds and have managed to keep rockin’ the heels in the wedge/platform style that seems to be working out just fine.

Dress: Was my mothers, but is from I-Magnin
Shoes: Chloe (5″ heel)

I am so thrilled at the prospect of becoming a mother, and can’t wait to meet these little ones. Pregnancy has been an interesting ride for sure. No one told me about the morning sickness, and apparently I am the only one of my friends to ever have this, because none of my friends that are already moms could relate. But I love the “bump,” or maybe we should call it the “small mountain” at this point, and figuring out what to wear has been interesting, and fun. This dress has been a dream while I’m pregnant. I found it at a vintage store in Oakland (Mercy Vintage), but coincidentally it is also from I-Magnin.

My husband and I were living in San Francisco (one of my favorite places), but in the last few months we relocated to LA, where I have a bigger client base, and also where there is a little more sunshine (no offense SF, I still love you) and some space for these kiddos in my belly to play around in the grass and run through the sprinklers. I’m already sourcing and making cute little swimwear outfits for the two of them — a boy and a girl! I wear this to go to art openings and to meet up with people for coffee in my new neighborhood, Silverlake.

The necklace is one of my new favorites, and reminds me of something my mom would have made in her pottery days, but it’s from a great boutique in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley, called Reliquary and is designed by a woman in Philly. I’m inspired to make some clay beads!

Shoes are my go-to clogs by Swedish Hasbeens.

Janna Stark Green Dress | Mighty Girl

This is an all-time favorite: Maxi dress by Isabel Marant. This was one of my first pregnancy purchases before the bump started showing, and it has served me well. Comfort and style! This dress is pure class. Great for waltzing into the Chateau Marmont for a cocktail.

Necklace is vintage.

Shoes are by Belle by Siegerson Morrison.

Janna Stark Dress + Vest | Mighty Girl

This outfit is a bit of an amalgam. Mostly vintage. The dress is one of those moo-moo maxi hippie dresses that can be quite terrible if worn the wrong way, but I have been able to rock it for a while now. Hhere I am still trying to rock the leather vest, but this may not work for too much longer!

This is kind of a farmers market outfit, followed by a long brunch on a hot sunny Sunday.

The necklace is a gold collar with a leopard on it and is one of my favorite jewelry pieces of all time. It’s from Bird in Brooklyn.

This dress must be worn with heels, these are some of my favorite vintage 1970s clogs.

Ah, next to the Isabel Marant dress, this was a fantastic pregnancy purchase. It is by the brand Hatch, and has fulfilled my pregnant lady jumpsuit dreams! It is so comfortable and versatile and also comes in a cool cotton version. I love this. Cute for after pregnancy also with a belt.

Janna Stark Romper | Mighty Girl

I think this outfit is something I would wear when I want to make a good first impression. When I want to leave a room and have people say, “Who’s the cool pregnant lady?”

The shoes are by Fiel, and I call these my pregnancy platforms. I love the mesh that is airy and cute but also great if my little feet are a swollen.

Necklace is from a friend’s shop in Highland Park (LA), called Platform. It’s a fantastic store with just exquisite style and home finds from all over the globe, as well some great local LA designers. I love turquoise, so this piece caught my eye right away.

All my outfits are things that I want to be able to still wear when the bump is gone and the babies are in my arms, and when I have a waist and can walk more than a block in my heels. I think all of these fit that bill just fine!

BAM! Janna, you are going above and beyond, my friend. Wearing heels while pregnant should be an Olympic sport. Which is why I’ve sent you a medal, please look for it in the mail.

Huge thanks to Mai (@mai) for the photos, and to Janna for letting us into her closet when obviously could have used the time to nap. Hooray, ladies!

15 thoughts on “Mighty Closet: Janna Stark

  1. Wow on the heels! And all I know is if I had tried to wear those “pregnancy platforms” when my feet were swelling, my feet would look like waffles after a few hours! šŸ™‚


  2. It’s too bad you never photographed Rebecca Woolf when she was pregnant, I loved all of her pregnancy clothes.


  3. This was an awesome Mighty Closet, I really loved the hippie maxi-dress and leather vest look especially. Makes me want to buy a pair of Swedish Hasbeens immediately! I love her style.


  4. Welcome to LA! We moved here from the east coast last fall (we’re down on the southcoast area.) Love your style, but also wanted to say I adore your haircut – super cute!!


  5. I got a dress much like the green one — only blue — at Banana Republic this year. It never occurred to me that it might appear as if I were pregnant … but in a dress so pretty and comfy, who cares!


  6. Love Mighty Closet. Thanks for keeping it fresh with different models (pregnant!) and interesting sourcing. Such a terrific inspiration.


  7. That green maxi dress outfit is my favorite. A maxi with POCKETS? And that necklace! I’m so envious, I want one too.


  8. I have serious love for Mighty Closet. These women make my brain burst with fashion inspiration, but then I go into my own closet, take a slow look around, and quietly close the door.


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