I Wish I Was Swimming

1. Lisa Marie Fernandez Seersucker Suit | 2. Norma Kamali Fringed Bikini | 3. American Apparel Gloria-V One-Piece | 4. Miu Miu Plunge Front Swimsuit | 5. Norma Kamali Halter Bra and Low-Rise Bottom

I’ve been pinning swimsuits again, so there’s more to see in Swimsuits for Shy Girls and Swimsuits for Bold Girls. By the way, that perfect ruffly bikini above is one kazillion dollars, which is not preventing me from wanting it.

4 thoughts on “I Wish I Was Swimming

  1. Old Navy is selling a swimsuit similar to the ruffled navy one above, but I assume for MUCH cheaper. It’s not as awesome, but if you want ruffles and dark blue, it’s got it.


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