Five Super Easy Fourth of July Desserts

3rd July 2012

Look that awesome cake!! Holy crap, it looks like the U.S. Flag when you cut into it! GAH! It would be so cute with sparklers on top. You should pin the shit out of that. You already did? You totally pinned it. And the next time you have six hours to bake a cake, it will be one of the seventeen cakes on your Girl With The Most Cake board. That rainbow cake is awesome too.

In the meantime, here are five quick patriotic desserts you might actually make this Independence Day. Or you can just pin them. Your call.

Red, White, and Blueberry Trifle (Martha Stewart Living, via Mighty Girl)

1. Red, White, and Blueberry Trifle

2. Patriotic Watermelon Blueberry Snack

3. Fourth of July Patriotic Ice Cream Cones

4. Patriotic Berry and Cake Dessert Platter

5. Spangled Ice Cream Sandwich Pops

12 thoughts on “Five Super Easy Fourth of July Desserts

  1. Deirdre

    “You should pin the shit out of that” made me laugh out loud. Along with “next time you have six hours to bake a cake…”

  2. Christian

    Your posts the last few days have made me laugh out loud (am I actually allowed to type that out anymore?) You have the best sense of smart humor – I still remember specific funny posts you wrote over the years I have been reading. I’ll be arranging the shit out of some red, white and blue fruit thanks to you.

  3. (the other) Margaret

    Don’t forget the Rainbow Jello: I’ll make it right after I finish my three kids’ epic, Pulitzer prize winning “Your First Ten Years, Day by Day” scrapbooks.

    My favorite dessert for the 4th involves taking big strawberries, dipping them in white chocolate, and then dipping the tip in blue sanding sugar. Voila: red, white and blue berries! Looks way more impressive than it is, and it may get fruit in your kids:

  4. kasaro

    laughed a good amount at this post. last week, i used 6 hours that i didn’t really have and i made that “awesome rainbow cake” for my man’s surprise party. happy that even after those 6 hours i can still laugh at myself.

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