Weekend Soundtrack: 1,000 Songs Project

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend. There’s a kiddo birthday party in the park, an Oysterfest in Tomales Bay, and I’m seeing the Avett Brothers at the Fox in Oakland.

I finally put all the best music from last year’s 1,000 Songs Project into Spotify and Rdio, so you can listen to everything at a go.

1,000 Songs Project on Spotify
1,000 Songs Project on Rdio

There were a bunch of songs that weren’t available, of course, but you’ll find the whole playlist and individual links to each tune on the original Life List post, Listen to 1,000 New Songs? Check. I hope you like them.

What are you up to this weekend?

2 thoughts on “Weekend Soundtrack: 1,000 Songs Project

  1. Hi, long-time reader first-time commenter who is interested in knowing what you think of the current internet conversation about paying for music, artist rights and the business model of Spotify. You have always seemed to be a thoughtful person. Any response?


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