Small Differences Between Hawaii and Home

13th June 2012

Instead of taco trucks, they have shrimp trucks.

There are chickens everywhere. In parking lots, on the road, walking through your yard.

Instead of waving as a “thank you” in traffic, locals throw you a Shaka.

The birds and flowers are more colorful.

Leaves are bigger.

You can get candy leis at the bodegas.

There are (terrible) coconut M&Ms with little beach umbrellas printed on, and you can get Hershey’s Kisses with Macadamia nuts inside.

The fruit stands have bags of pre-cut fruit on ice.

Garbage cans are less accessible to wildlife.

People worry less about locking their cars.

Your phone maps look different.

You can get Spam anywhere.

The view from the 7-11 is better.

Dramatically better.

13 thoughts on “Small Differences Between Hawaii and Home

  1. nzle

    I’m finally going to Hawaii this August — my boyfriend spent all his summers there and I just spent ten minutes accosting him about whether these were REALLY REAL.

    Is that REALLY what a 7-11 looks like??? Are you fucking kidding me, that is NOT a trashcan! Etc. I guess seeing is believing.

  2. Shevon

    Seems like an excellent place to live. Maybe we’ll have to try to get orders there next!

  3. BKC

    My father’s side of the family is Hawaiian, and that’s where I was born (and my kiddo too!), so even though I grew up in Oregon I went back for summers and holidays. I gotta tell you, these pictures and pointing out all the little things made me physically homesick: lightheaded and teary. I can never take that beauty for granted.

    Also part of the dramatically better views are the gorgeous local boys. Yum.

  4. Karen

    Those beautiful, brown men! I was sitting on the beach (Sandy Beach), trying to figure out what a man’s tattoo was across his back as he studied the waves. When he rose to make his way out to body surf I realized that there was not a one tattoo~ ahem, I was looking at only his MUSCLES. Yes, I then took a ~swoon~.

  5. Lindsay

    Chickens, everywhere. So true. Luckily, the island atmosphere chills you out enough that you don’t freak out when a hen casually strolls through the restaurant!

  6. Kara

    Did you try the spam musubi? You should have… for it is delicious. Delicious way out of proportion to the fact that it is spam wrapped in sushi rice and nori.

  7. Angie

    MMmmmm… candy leis! Like something a surfer Willy Wonka would create… and they’re real!! Thanks, Maggie!

  8. Sarah

    I don’t know if they’re the same, but they have coconut M&Ms in the continental US as well. I think they’re pretty new though…

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