Weekend Soundtrack: Hawaiian Punch! Luau Mix

8th June 2012

Aloha! Last year, I won a stay at a house in Hawaii at the preschool auction. It was about to expire, so I packed Hank up, made some last minute calls to friends, and now we have a team of little boys running around in leis.

For those of you like, “WTF? Weren’t you just in Hawaii?” Good point, you guys. After we booked this trip, I got the call for the press trip, and I wasn’t about to say, “Meh. I’m already going to Hawaii” because I am not a stupid person. So I live here now. You should come over. Here’s what we’re listening to:

Hawaiian Punch! Luau Mix on Spotify
Hawaiian Punch! Luau Mix on Rdio

Tonight You Belong to Me, Eddie Vedder
Sweet Tooth, Kids on a Crime Spree
Lovin’ Spree, Ann-Margret
In the Water, Beat Connection
Yo Seria Otro, Davila 666
You and I, Ingrid Michealson
Mrs. Cold, Kings of Convenience
Rock-A-Hula Baby, Elvis Presley
Without You, Eddie Vedder
Don’t Worry Baby, Beach Boys
Calhoun Surf, Los Straitjackets
Room Without a Key, Rubies
Walk Don’t Run, The Ventures
Swimming, Breathe Owl Breathe
Fools Rush In, Bow Wow Wow
The Way We Ought to Be, Indigo Swing
Pipeline, Agent Orange
Goodnight Moon, Said the Whale
Forever, Pete Drake

Plans for this trip are less ambitious. Shaved ice, sandy bottoms, a new fruity drink every night, and taking turns keeping the boys from wounding each other.

What are you guys up to?

12 thoughts on “Weekend Soundtrack: Hawaiian Punch! Luau Mix

  1. courtney

    You should add ‘Let’s talk dirty in Hawaiian’ by Those Darlins to this mix. Seems fitting. :)

    My grandma one November asked if I wanted to go on a cruise with her to Hawaii all expenses paid for 16 days. It was not too difficult of a decision, ha.

    Have fun! Have some Kona coffee!

  2. Leah

    Ooh, fun! Think of it this way: the press trip helped you prepare!

    We are leaving for Hawaii in a week. 5 days on Oahu and 7 on the big island. Wooh! I loved reading your experience from the press trip. I’m stoked for our trip and ready to pick and choose the right things for us.

  3. Daniella

    I am trying to endure my last day in rural France (Loire valley) before heading home to oz. It’s hardship allright. By the way, new challenge! There are 365 cheeses in France. I might just make that my challenge for 2013. Wanna join me?

  4. Kelly H

    Your post couldn’t be more timely – I leave for a week on the north shore of Oahu exactly one week from tomorrow. Thanks for the mix and ALOHA!

  5. savorysaltysweet

    Good lord, you’re listening to Agent Orange. Right now, as I sit at my desk, I am applauding you. It’s nice to know that I am not the only literature-reading, etiquette-following, 30-something mother out there who listens to skate rock. Might I suggest you also turn on some Reagan Youth?

  6. Asha Dornfest

    We were in Hawaii for Spring Break and Rael was so inspired he’s now learning to play the ukulele. Did you know Eddie Vedder plays the ukulele? Possible addition to your playlist! Enjoy the lovely time.

  7. Elly

    Ohlala, Hawaii sounds pretty fun! Things here in London are pretty miserable (so grey, so much rain!) but I took a break to try flying trapeze. Almost as much fun as being in Hawaii :)

  8. Joyce

    And not to be pedantic, but actually… shave ice. If you say it a few hundred times, you’ll stop cringing.

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