Team Mighty

21st May 2012

This photo makes me happy.

These are my friends Sarah Bryden-Brown and Laura Mayes, talking on Sarah’s couch in New York City. I’ve been spending a lot of time in New York recently because the three of us are making something, which is our very favorite thing to do.

As some of you know, Laura and I have been working together for years on Mighty Summit and Camp Mighty, and she’s also a co-founder of the Mom 2.0 conference series. A few years ago Laura said I needed to meet Sarah. At the time, Sarah was heading up Babble in preparation for its eventual acquisition by Disney. Most recently she created a strategic direction for Kirtsy, and founded Blogstar — a community of professional women bloggers — which has been folded into The Mission List. (Boo-yah.)

Now the three of us finally have space to do a project together. It’s a big undertaking, the kind that makes you feel a little nervous and sweaty-palmed, but excited knowing we’re in it together. So for now I just wanted to introduce you to our little team and tell you we have big plans. When everything’s ready to go, I hope you’ll be in it with us too.

29 thoughts on “Team Mighty

  1. Colleen

    Even with as little as you’ve shared, this makes me happy, too! Here’s to making great things happen!

  2. Maggie

    I’m happy to help if you need any extra hands. Seriously, it would make me the happiest.

  3. Asha Dornfest

    Can’t tell you how excited this makes me. Thrilled for all three of you very smart, world-wise women. You help us all think bigger.

  4. Alison

    Sounds fun! Sarah Bryden-Brown, time to ‘fess up: a couple of years ago I rented a house in Bondi Junction, Sydney and evidently you also lived there once because your subscription to Real Simple magazine still gets delivered there… and I, er, decided to selflessly act as caretaker of that subscription for you whilst I lived there. Man I love that magazine. I really miss living in that house, great times were had in it. And I really REALLY miss that subscription… xxx

  5. Jill V.

    Awesome Overload!

    Seriously…it was inevitable and now I am impatiently waiting for the big reveal!

    If anyone can do great things, it’s the three of you.

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