26 thoughts on “Oh Hey, Oprah

  1. Stephanie

    Congratulations, Maggie. I don’t want to be you – I want to be a BIGGER version of myself – but your Life List has shown me how to do it.
    You have the gift of inspiration and I want to thank you for sharing it.
    The world is a better place having you in it.

  2. Wendy

    I’m raising a bourbon on the rocks to you. This is a thrill! Toot toot, m’dear!

  3. Rachel

    Go You! Congrats Maggie! How exciting! It’s so nice to see that when you set things in motion, good things start to happen.

  4. KD

    I just got Goose Bumps FOR you! How exciting! And, she gets it. She nailed it! Congrats.

    I just crossed off another on my list…..plant and sustain an herb garden. I planted last year and am calling it a win on the sustaning part.

  5. Vanessa

    Hey Maggie – Congratulations! I thought of you on my daughter’s field trip to Mission Delores. At the end of the tour, they let the kids ring the old church bells. I crossed another off mine last Sunday, participating in a Chicken Coop Tour. Thank you for inspiring all of us.

  6. Sara @ Zahara Dessert

    Congrats Maggie. I was inspired by your Life List to create my own and set up a blog about my adventures getting there. It has been an amazing experience and I have never looked back. Thank you so much for giving me a new found perspective on life.

  7. Daffodil Campbell

    I know your life list changed my life. And last night as I lay in bed and read this my heart was bursting with excitement for you and all the cool things you have accomplished. I said to myself, “Yeah, Maggie should totally hook up with O and make some shit happen.” Thanks for being so inspiring and amazing.

  8. kate

    Way to go Maggie Mae! I love that you said ‘full circle’ – was inspire Oprah on your life list?! If so, that’d be a very fulfilling one to cross off. Catch you soon, girl.

  9. Posy Quarterman

    Well you may not have met her but I think INSPIRING Ms Winfrey should allow you to at least partially cross that one off the list. Oh and I freaking LOVE this photo!

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