Ladies Night Transcript: Keep it Classy, SoHo

17th April 2012

Upon passing a beauty shop:

Girl 1: I know what a Brazilian wax is, but what do you guys think a Brazilian Manicure is?
Girl 2: Maybe they have you strip naked, throw your legs up behind your ears, and then paint your fingernails?
Girl 3: Actually, I’m preeetty sure they paint your anus.
Girl 2: Is this the new vaginal bleaching?
Girl 1: You can get designs!
Girl 3: “I’d just like a circle of arrows, please? Pointing inward? Thanks.”
Girl 2: That’s nice! Like a little directional aid. Maybe it also says, “Enter here!”
Girl 1: I want mine to say entre vous! Because if it’s French, it’s classy.
Girl 3: Right. Keep it classy.

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