Howdy, Texas

Hi, team! I’m in Austin for SxSW, so you’ll be seeing more of me on Instagram (I’m Maggie Mason on the mobile app) and Twitter in the next few days. If you’re in town and see me around, please come say hi! And if you’re looking to track me down, I’ll be at the Girl+Guy party at Stubbs on Saturday night.

7 thoughts on “Howdy, Texas

  1. Hey, you’re at Jo’s BBQ! My favorite vegetarian barbecue joint in the world! And okay, the only vegetarian barbecue joint that I know of.


  2. I took a picture of that wall the day before I got married. 🙂 My love and I were riding around town in a rental car filled to the brim with alcohol for the wedding. We were a rolling malotov cocktail.


  3. Ha – was in Austin a few weeks ago to visit friends and took a photo of that exact wall.

    Hope you have a lovely time at SXSW.

    (PS: Hope you don’t mind, but I’m stealing one of your Life List items: Try 1,000 Fruits).


  4. I miss you. However premature, please don’t stop blogging. The interwebs is better with Maggeh. Come baaaaack to us! And scoop on SXSW por favor.


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