Nerds in Love: Top 10 Valentines for Geeks

3rd February 2012

You met in the math room. Your first date was a Mystery Science Theater 3000 marathon, and the soundtrack? Your eyeglass frames clicking against one another while you made out. Go forth, smart people, procreate. Raise your children to care about the space program.

1. Power Button Valentine

2. If Then Valentine
(via Nerd Valentine)

3. Vader/Death Cab Valentine

4. Daleks in Love Valentine

5. NPR Valentine

6. Bacon Math Valentine

7. iPhone Valentine

8. HTML Heart Valentine

9. Typography Valentine

10. Han Solo and Leia Valentine

15 thoughts on “Nerds in Love: Top 10 Valentines for Geeks

  1. Angela

    Thanks for listing my HTML valentines (The Designer’s 3-Pack of Valentine’s Day Cards). I’m flattered to be shown with such good company! :)

  2. Nora

    I scrolled down, saw the card I *had* to get my sweetie, then scrolled down further and saw two more. I’m going to have to get more sweeties.

  3. Kate L.

    The one I wanted to send was already sold out, but the second choice was still available so I snagged it. Thanks, Maggie, this is just perfect! :D You’re a great curator.

  4. Maryann

    I could only hope to meet my valentine during a MST3k marathon! Or Doctor Who. Or Star Wars…ok, I’ll stop. These cards are great!

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