ALT Design Summit 2012

23rd January 2012

(This image and those below are from the ALT Summit 2012 Photostream.)

Oof. ALT Summit was so good. A bunch of artistic, fun women talking about making stuff, while their sequins flash in the light.

This was my third year speaking, and I moderated a panel about growing your site readership with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day, Nicole Balch of Making it Lovely, and Kelly Beall of Design Crush.

They were a design blogger dream team, and I was so pleased with how it turned out. In particular, the audience asked great questions. (High fives, smart audience.)

Other highlights included the Dinner En Blanc, where everyone wore white and then we ate ribs.

All of us discussed how we were a little perplexed about what to wear. How do you find a white outfit in the dead of winter?

But the cumulative effect was like having one of those half-awake dreams where you try to stay asleep because everything is so warm and calm.

Looking good, ladies.

I learned all kinds of business and bloggy stuff over the weekend, but there were two more universal moments that stuck with me.

During her keynote Gretchen said, “If you cram your life with the things you love, there’s no time for the things you don’t love. They have to fall away.”

And during Heather’s panel on community, she said of her brother, “His laugh makes me laugh.”

Most concise description of love on record.

Many thanks to Gabby, Sarah, and Kate for taking such good care of us. See you all next year.

11 thoughts on “ALT Design Summit 2012

  1. estelle

    Geesh, it really does feel like the entire thing was a beautiful and completely overstimulating dream. So much goodness. Hope to meet you there next time. Lovely post.

  2. Susan

    I loved watching the pictures flow through Instagram and the tweets through Twitter during this event. Made me feel a bit like a happy, virtual fly on the wall!

  3. Staci M.W.

    Yes to all this. Especially your lip color, Maggie! What is it? What is it? We share a similar hair color & complexion, I must know!

  4. Colleen

    I think I need to be at this next year. Sounds like a sort of Nirvana for we creative “oddballs” who have finally learned to stop apologizing for our strengths!

    Any idea where it is next year?

  5. Mrs. Kennedy

    I love what Gretchen said, too. That’s been my food philosophy for awhile (if you eat a lot of good food, you won’t have room left for junk) but I’d never thought of making it apply to life as a whole. D’oh!

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