16 thoughts on “Children’s Book Tattoos

  1. Tamera

    2 things I love – tattoos and childrens books! I’ve always wanted to get a collage of my favorite book illustrations on one of my legs, but that requires money I do not have. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. k

    Oh! A children’s librarian at our library has Frances on her arm! (As in Bread and Jam for Frances.) Wonderful!

  3. AnthroK8

    I particularly like the Ramona tattoo. I often feel that way, myself.

    A friend in college had Max from the Wild Things as a tattoo, and again… I can fully relate.

  4. Heather

    That was awesome! The detail in the line work and the hatching on the Wild Things tattoo is incredible.

    Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Amanda

    Such awesome tattoos! My younger sister has a tattoo of Moishe from Where The Wild Things Are on her thigh.

  6. Colleen

    I’ve often wondered what I might have tattooed, if I were to do such a thing. I’m liking the birds from Little Prince. (I love swallows, but the traditional swallow tattoo is just too cliche!)

    My 100-year-old grandmother recently expressed an interest in getting a tattoo. (seriously) Could be a fun bonding experience!

  7. Stephanie

    These are too awesome. What better way to express something that has obviously had left its mark on you since childhood (than to mark it on yourself in adulthood :-D)

  8. lily darger

    My brother has a tattoo from Bill and Pete by Tomie DePaola on one arm and a ring of Tomie DePaola birds around the other. So perfect. Mama read his books to us a lot as kids. I think the influence of good art is important in developing a child’s aesthetic sensibility.

  9. Jan

    Someone I met online around 2005 and now considers a friend is a children’s librarian and a few years ago got an AMAZING tattoo of Miss Fly from “The Spider and the Fly”. It goes almost from her shoulder to her elbow.

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