Oh, 2012. You are my favorite year of all the New Years. So gentle, so charismatic, so imminent. I don’t usually make New Year’s resolutions, but for you kid? I’ll make an exception.

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Eat more donuts.
When you’re drunk at 3:30 a.m.? Donuts. When you have eight bucks, but need breakfast for yourself and eleven of your closest friends? Donuts. When you’re a weirdly permissive parent? Organizing a party game where you tie a tasty snack to a string? So two teenagers can kind of make out as they eat it? Let’s just say cupcakes never led to dry humping. We hate you, cupcakes. Donuts! 2012.

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Carry less crap.
They make enormous purses now, which is convenient if you need to transport a ham or a human head. But do I need a digital SLR, a book, a notepad, and three kinds of lip balm to grab a cup of coffee? Spinal health, 2012.

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Light more candles.
I’m writing this by candle light. You feel sexier just reading that. Candles, 2012.

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Read some books.
My memory and attention span have been

Keychain from Brookfarm General Store.

Organize the little stuff.
I recently inherited a key on a handmade ring that actually stabbed me like barbed wire. I used it for about a month. Then I got one of those keychains with multiple tiny key rings, each of which has a quick release. Now I feel so tidy and content when I use my keys. Yesterday, I bought some special hangers just for my scarves. De-fricking-lightful.

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Listen to more music.
I love music, but in the past I rarely made time for it. I can’t get much done if there’s music playing, because I stop what I’m doing to listen. So lately, I’ve just been listening to music and failing to get stuff done. Worth it. Dancin’, 2012.

That’s how next year is shaping up for me. What are you resolutions for the New Year, team? Wanna go get donuts?

37 thoughts on “Resolved

  1. Love this…and how small/simple/free things can make such a difference. Thanks for the 2012 ideas nudge. Happy New Year to you and donuts.


  2. I’m right there with you on the music. We have a friend who is a fanatic about vinyl . . . and as much as I like to mock his pricey obsession, there is something admirable about a willingness to just sit and LISTEN. I wanna be a person who does that.


  3. A few years ago, I decided that my resolutions should be to do the things that made me happy more often. So I resolved to eat more muffins. The next year was donuts. I’ve had some strong years with this plan.


  4. Yes! to the small organizational things! There was some comedienne mom who sang a song of mom cliches and the “everything has a place, a place for everything! ” refrain gets stuck on my head all the time, because I don’t have a place for things and I bought a shoe organizer this week and whoa! Totally worth it. And high five on the candles – was thinking the same thing last night (while reading outlander).


  5. Maggie: YES!
    Sarah, it sounds like you’re already on the path of being happy… the Outlander series is my favorite guilty pleasure reading.


  6. I love this and the part about the books made me laugh out loud. I think the little things make the biggest difference sometimes. It takes approximately 10 keys to get into the school I teach at, and once I bought colored key covers so I knew which key was which, my mornings were a million times better.

    Wishing you an amazing 2012. Camp Mighty was one of the major reasons my 2011 rocked so hard and I have you to thank for that.


  7. Love your resolutions! I would add:
    1. See more movies.
    2. Sleep late more often.
    3. Eat a bit more chocolate.
    4. Spend time with friends.
    5. Leave the laptop at work.

    Happy New Year!


  8. LOVE your resolutions! You helped me realize I wasn’t respecting donuts like I need to be! Thank you. And just thanks for the smiles you’ve added to my 2011. I know it hasn’t been the greatest year for you (and I’ve had better), and continuing your positive spirit helps me to do the same!

    Now I’m headed on a donut run…


  9. I am so happy that you are in the world and that you write so well and share with us. The keychain thing is so important. I got a new mini coated cable keychain for myself for Christmas and it makes my life better.


  10. Please, please let me know what hangers you purchased to organize your scarves. Mine are a mess in a box under my bed and just begging for organization/exposure.


  11. Oh Maggie Mason, I ❤ you!
    Love these! My big resolution for the coming year is to treat every hurdle and situation from the viewpoint of "everything is as it should be," without laying my expectations on top of them. And some others:
    1) Play more!
    2) Build time in for playing hooky from work.
    3) Have friends over for dinner/drinks/games/laughing more often!
    4) Celebrate everything, even the sad things, in their own fashion.
    5) Don't dim my light for anyone.
    6) Give more compliments to random strangers.
    7) Be thankful for at least 1 thing at the end of every day.
    8) Do one crazy thing every week (or not).
    9) Go dancing more often!
    10) Keep saying yes to life!

    Happy New Year Mighty Maggie! And to everyone in the Mighty Community!


  12. I love your list! So true about music, I’m adopting that one. I spend so much time listening to talk radio and podcasts– I can’t remember the last time I listened to a whole album.


  13. Maggie Mason, You are the best! You continue to inspire me. Really. You are, in fact, Mighty! Love to follow you, and Hank! Happy, happy 2012!


  14. Googling keychains with multiple tiny key rings, each of which has a quick release, right now and I bet it will be my first purchase of 2012. (so much for the resolution of less shopping.)

    And no to the donuts! My pants don’t fit as it is. Okay, you convinced me…maybe a boston creme every now and then.


  15. Best New Year’s resolutions I’ve ever seen. I just love you and your spunk and wit. You’re going to rock 2012.


  16. Love it ~ will add them all to the list. At the top of my list? Taking time to be a Couch Potato ~ as in watching movies, cuddled up with my kids, sipping some wine in my jammies. (Can be done with donuts and candlelight…) 2012 It’s going to be AWESOME! ~ Chris Ann


  17. Hear hear! To candles, and books and music! New tune I can’t get enough of, to start you on your year of dancing, Mother Mother, with Stand:


  18. I generally resolve to make no resolutions. However your list is so tempting that I am beginning to question my … um … resolve. Yeah.


  19. So diggin’ your list. I want to listen to more vinyl, read more books side-by-side with my family and a whole lot more. Spotify is making it easier to listen to anything that comes into mind. You might want to check it out, if you haven’t already. Happy New Year..


  20. I like how we’re all in agreement that – FINALLY – we are going to quit worrying about our constant upkeep of the bullshit and just have a nice, happy, extraordinary year for a change.

    2012, you’re so cool already.


  21. I had that same problem with reading novels & a short attention span. Then I gave up the internet & tv on the weekends, and voila! There was my attention span, just waiting for the time to reveal itself.


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