Hello, Lover

21st December 2011

In Central and South America, it’s a tradition to buy new underwear for New Year’s Eve. In Brazil, they wear different colors depending on what they’re wishing for, in Mexico they wear red, and in Buenos Aires a shopkeeper told me that girlfriends sometimes give each other new pink underwear for luck. I love this, the idea of having something pretty just for yourself as a fresh start.

I’ve been collecting images of vintage lingerie on Pinterest for a while. I love silk, tap pants, and slips with patterns. Underwear used to be so much prettier and more functional than it is now. Have a look:

What are your New Year’s traditions?

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13 thoughts on “Hello, Lover

  1. zan

    I *LOVE* these but there’s no way I’d get my skinny jeans on over top of them. (I also love the idea of giving small gifts to girlfriends for the New Year. This might have to become a new tradition.)

  2. Megan

    Oh! My Brazilian ex’s aunt used to buy me gold thong underwear for xmas, and no one bothered to explain why that wasn’t weird. All she said was that it was supposed to ‘bring money.’ Mmm-hmm.

  3. Megan

    Also, what underwear are we supposed to be wearing now? My preferred carrier no longer sells my preferred style (similar to the old navy mesh – which they also no longer carry), and I’m at a loss. It seems that we’re now expected to pay $28 for a pair of decent undies. Seriously, what gives?

  4. Cathy

    I’ve bought a new pair of red underwear for NYE for the past 9 years. It’s supposed to bring love to your life. I’m not sure if it’s causation or correlation but I’ve had love in my life since then…in one form or another. So I keep doing it =) Already got mine for this year!!

  5. Peeps

    My family’s southern, and we cook up a bunch of fresh black eyed peas with a ham bone for luck, then eat it with pork and cabbage for wealth in the new year.

    My personal tradition is to set aside a few minutes to meditate, releasing the things from the previous year that I don’t want to carry with me and naming the blessings and things I’m grateful for that I want to carry forward into the future.

  6. Lisa

    In Peru they do yellow undies. I grew up in Ecuador, and there on NewYears at mid-night you burn a scarecrow-type Old man stuffed with firecrackers. It is supposed to represent the Old year, or you can make an effigy of a significant event that happened in the last year and burn that. It is so much more fun as a kid then just having a party. :)

  7. Mary

    I’ve spent the past few New Years in Rio with my husband and his Brazilian Family. That country knows how to ring in the new year!! EVERYONE wears white and they go to the beach for an amazing fireworks display. You see a sea of white heading towards the water around 10pm. The white is supposed to represent good energy that you’re hoping to attract for the new year. It’s a beautiful!

  8. Meegan

    I love the tradition of exchanging a gift of pink panties with a friend. I’m instituting that this year with my besties. So fun! And who doesn’t like wearing red undies on New Years Eve? I’m shopping this afternoon for some new foundation pieces. Yay! Thanks for the inspiration.

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