6 thoughts on “Hot Wheels in Action!

  1. Mary

    Did you watch Cool Hot Wheels Jumps 08? Watch it! Mixed feelings about the tracks, though, as our favorite boy next door used to beat us with his tracks to keep us from leaving his house. Hurts like a bitch getting smacked with those things.

  2. Frumptastic

    I loved Hot Wheels race tracks when I was a little girl so this is AWESOME. Our almost 3 year old loves cars so I’m thinking some tracks or in order for a Christmas gift!

  3. Curt Brown

    Weekend coming up, check. No plans to do anything productive, check. 6 year old son, check. Lots of tracks and cars, check. Aw hell yeah.

  4. Elizabeth

    You catch a lot of videographer-in-action shadows in skate videos. When filming street shots, the person wielding the camera is usually also on a skateboard, sometimes following the skater being filmed, but oftentimes skating right next to him at the same speed. This Mark Gonzales bit from the Real to Reel video is not only totally awesome because the Gonz is one of the best skaters in the universe, but also because it features a lot of shadow skating (and shadow pushing, which I just love, for reasons I can’t quite articulate).

  5. Shevon

    My son made me show this to him over and over. He said,”Man, that track goes all the way to the clouds!” I didn’t want to tell him it was snow!

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