Winner! Tote Bag Giveaway

14th October 2011

Congratulations to Jeannie! She wants to, “Have a studio of my own, with good light, and a door.”

Jeannie, you’re officially a person who wins things. Congratulations! Look for an email from me in your inbox.

And now a few more of my favorites from your Life List comments:

Heather: “Learn how to make my own undies. Really.”
Cassie: “I want to create a book of all my go-to recipes to pass along to my daughter when she leaves for college.”
Amy: “Defy the odds and walk again.”
JJZach: “Help save a farm.”
Sarah: “I’m removing the word “hate” from my vocabulary.”

Here’s to that. And then there’s Jen’s recounting of an item accomplished:

“My entire life, I’ve been promising myself I’d to go Holland and see the places my grandparents grew up. I finally did it, and took my baby boy along. My grandmother cried when she saw pictures of her great grandson in front of the house she was born in.”

Good job, team. Thanks to everyone who entered.

5 thoughts on “Winner! Tote Bag Giveaway

  1. Parker

    Comment unrelated to this particular post. Has anyone ever told you that you channel Chanel? Coco Chanel. See November Vanity Fair, page 116.

  2. Michelle R-R

    Almost 2,000 comments on the Giveaway post and only three on the winner announcement? Sheesh.

    Congrads Jeannie, enjoy your prize! Here’s wishing you your studio, your light and your door!

  3. Colleen

    I, too, wish Jeannie good light and a door.

    Re: Maggie channeling Coco Chanel
    I’m sure there’s some influence, because Maggie’s like a sponge, learning from each and every experience, good or bad. I’d like to think that, ten years from now, we might look at the way something is worn, and say how very “Maggie” it looks. Very likely, I think!

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