Mighty Summit 2011, That Was a Good Time

20th September 2011

We’re still unloading the car, but some of the Mighty Summit attendees have been busy writing. Watching these posts go up is one of my favorite parts of the whole shebang. If you’re curious about how the weekend went, check in with the folks below while we take a long nap:

Victoria Smith from SF Girl By Bay:

Sarah Bryden-Brown from Blogstar:

“What I took home with me isn’t a revolutionary plan to upend my life, but it has made me feel mightier in the sense that there are women I now know who wish to make magic as much as I do and are there to help one another to do so.”

Stacey Morrison from Filling in the Blanks:

“It’s amazing what good company does. Being surrounded by a bunch of women who have done amazing things, big and small, who are making it work by the seat of their pants, who have found success and survived failure, and, most important, who all have big, mighty hearts, has reminded me that I am one of them…”

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