Small, Good Thing: My Business Card

25th August 2011

(Photo from Oh Happy Day!)

I’ve had a version of these business cards for years, though never as lovely as the ones Jordan made as a gift, above. (Thank you again, sweets.)

They’re blank on the back, so I write in whatever information I’d like a particular person to have. I can put an @ in front of the “Maggie,” write just my phone number, a little note, whatever.

For me, they’re perfect — evergreen information, versatile, google-able only insofar as I’d like them to be, and they double as social cards so I don’t feel like I’m “doing business” at a party when someone asks for my contact information. Yes, I know I am alone in thinking about this. Allow me my WASPy pleasures, they make me feel alive.

19 thoughts on “Small, Good Thing: My Business Card

  1. Miss B

    Oh, you absolutely are not alone in thinking about those things. I have 4 or 5 different cards. None have any contact information — one doesn’t even have my first name — I write in whatever I want to, depending on the situation. I just like cards, but often there is a limit to how much personal information I want anyone I meet to have. And it’s classier than scrawling your name and number or email on a gum wrapper.

  2. Michelle

    I love this idea and have nearly copied it multiple times since you first posted a photo. And I see my business cards are nearly out, so thanks for the reminder!

  3. sugarleg

    omg, PAPER THINGS!!! so many hearts for these. I have been trying to figure out what to do for my own calling card and this just inspired me. thanks for sharing. happy Friday from a Catholic-by-osmosis heathen lover of WASPy things.

  4. Sarah

    I truly hope that you believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, because I might try this for me! Lovely…

  5. Colleen

    I love the subtle, understated quality of these cards. I must say, though, that when I think of you, subtle and understated aren’t the first two words that come to mind! : )

  6. Jen

    I saw these on Oh Happy Day and was immediately smitten. The cards are beautiful and I love the idea of personalizing them for each lucky recipient.

  7. @vcmcguire

    These remind me of Alcoholics Anonymous cards, where members often have a card made with just a first name and a phone number. Anonymous, but friendly.

    I love the blue edge.

  8. Lynne

    As I am in the midst of reading a mystery in which Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are the detectives, calling cards was the first thing that came to my mind as well!

  9. Andrea@FancyThat!

    I recall seeing these some time ago on Oh Happy Day and wishing I had more information on how you use them since they only state your name. I thought they were gorgeous, but wondered about all your contact info. Now that you’ve cleared it up, I’m thinking genius!

  10. Rachel Binnington

    Oh, no. Alone you are not. Come sit next to me. We’ll trade cards and toast WASP-y pleasures.

  11. Eithne

    I am such an advocate of the less-is-more calling card-style business card. The lightbulb moment came for me last year when I struck up a conversation with an amazing 97 year old woman. As well as having been a pioneering doctor with great stories to tell she was very fun to chat to. When I had to leave, she gave me a beautiful, old school card with her name and number engraved on it. A style icon to boot!

    Inspired by her, I just got my new business cards with only my name and email on them. The room to write whatever details you want doesn’t just help bridge the transition between work and social occasions; it’s also useful if, like me, your work fits in to lots of categories so different clients require a different approach.

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