Tattly Makes Temporary Tattoos that Don’t Suck

22nd August 2011

Tina from Swissmiss sent us some of her Tattly temporary tattoos for design nerds, and I’m smitten.

This one made me so happy while it lasted that I briefly considered making it permanent.

Apparently Hank had the same idea, because he’s started asking for a tattoo. A real tattoo, like all of our friends.

I just found a pack of candy cigarettes hidden under his bed. Tattly, you’re a bad influence.

10 thoughts on “Tattly Makes Temporary Tattoos that Don’t Suck

  1. Rachel

    Yeah, people were a little surprised at the green market this Saturday that I’d let my five year old get tatooed. Even with a popsicle. Love Tat.ly.

  2. Nora

    I’ve always been too much of a wimp to get “bookworm” tatooed across my knuckles, so this rocks. Hell Yeah indeed.

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