Outsidelands Inside My Belly

15th August 2011

I went to Outsidelands this weekend, and now I must eat kale for five weeks to atone. Do you see this?

This is bacon in a cup. It’s from a local restaurant called Straw, which specializes in carnival food. The bacon is resting on an unctuous swirl of peanut butter and chocolate syrup. You’re supposed to mix it up like so:

And then you ingest it. I’m pretty sure it looks like that inside your body for months to come. Delicious, I mean. It’s like some gourmet version of the power-goo triathletes eat just before they have heart attacks.

This is a pork sandwich from Maverick. I asked for one with extra pork and a side of shirtless-man torso.

Then, just to keep things kosher, I had some oysters and a glass of Pinot Grigio. As I was eating these, I thought, “Am I seriously eating raw oysters at an outdoor music festival in August? This seems ill advised.” But I suffered no ill effects. Beyond the extra ten pounds, I mean. Worth it.

The rest of what I ate is up on Foodspotting. Also, there were some bands.

19 thoughts on “Outsidelands Inside My Belly

  1. Erin @ Brownie Bites

    Ha, I think I’d be a little concerned about the oysters, too, but I’m glad to hear you survived! The pulled pork sandwich looks like heaven! Everyone needs to indulge every now and then!

  2. Deirdre

    Oh, bacon and peanut butter sandwiches! I used to eat those when I was a fat kid. :) Now I just eat the peanut butter on a spoon right from the jar. So much quicker. It sounds like the music festival was delicious!

  3. Desi

    That hairy nipple in the shot totally sells it for me. Pulled pork sandwiches are now officially “Hairy Nipples on a Bun” around here!

  4. Melanie

    Ah, amazing. I love food at music festivals! I hope you’ll post about the music too – I didn’t send a blogger there this year and now I regret it!

  5. K8

    I am not being one of those “kale is as good as bacon” types. Bacon is pretty much the best, along with olives and sunripened tomatoes.

    But in defense of kale, which is delicious delicious delicious…

    Roasted Kale

    Heat oven to 375.

    A bunch of kale, washed well, still damp, torn up into pieces.

    A glug of good olive oil.

    Sea salt. (or the Middle Eastern spice zatar, a mix of thyme, sesame, salt and sumac)

    Put the kale in one layer on a baking sheet. Sprinkle with oil, toss, spread out again in one layer.

    Sprinkle with salt (if you use zatar, add it at the end)

    Bake till as crispy as you like it. I let mine go till the edges are really browned and the leaves are crisp. You can be less committed to carbonizing your food. I leave it in about 15 minutes.

    Not bacon. But so good.

    Yeah. I’m a kale devotee. My friend Kelly at Make Grow Gather makes an amazing raw kale salad with olive oil and lemon, and it tastes like it’s healing you while you eat it. Yum. -M

  6. Ashley Twogood

    hi Maggie. i have a confession to make… i was the person who yelled out your name on the third day of outside lands. my bf saw you & said, “hey, do you think that could be maggie mason?” we watched you walk across & i just blurted out your name without even thinking. when you turned we got so excited & went to wave at you until we were swallowed by the crowd. i feel childish & lame for making you look around & wondering who the hell yelled out your name. i’m sorry.

    Ha! I assumed it was someone yelling for another Maggie, but it did seem very directed at me. I was mostly looking around for another Maggie looking around. Please don’t worry about it at all. Hopefully next time we run into each other it won’t be in a crowd of 180,000.

  7. Leah

    Straw is who we had do the catering for the wedding, and I thought it was pretty fabulous then, too. It fit perfectly with the carnival theme, and is definitely worth a visit. I recommend a little bit of everything. With a side of bacon, of course…

  8. Kevin Smokler

    I had one of those peanut butter/bacon cup things, then dunked myself in a tank of aloe and wheatgrass juice when I got home.

    I didn’t know you guys had a human-sized tank. We’ve really been squandering some serious theme party opportunities here, Kevin. -M

  9. Taylor

    I had one of those flying saucers while I was there too! It was soooo good. Also had fried pickles, mainly because they call them frickles and I couldn’t stop laughing.

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