26 thoughts on “30 Days of Fun: Day 20

  1. Terri in SF

    Bobbing curly hair is a HUGE mistake. Don’t listen to anybody who tells you different!

  2. a.

    second that, take it from a former trianglehead. just say no to the curly hair bob. but say yes to that haircut, and also to the fakeout bob upsweep thing you got going on there. mighty fine indeed.

  3. Heather Hansen

    I’m going to be the lone dissenter saying that actually a bob on SOME curly hair works. I mean some people’s not partial head, in case that wasn’t clear. My curly hair gets straighter the shorter it gets, so there’s no poodle/triangle-head action. There’s a profile pic on my blog if you’re inclined to review. Maggie, what I want to know more about was your previous time with bangs. Please tell me everything.

  4. Rachel

    I know at least three women with curly red hair cut in a bob. The faux cut didn’t surprise me at all.

  5. Jules

    I agree with those who said the bob can look good on a red head with curly hair. I also agree you can look like a tomb for a pharaoh and his consorts. The trick is to go to someone who knows what they’re doing. (More specifically, NOT the person who cut my bangs two weeks ago.) Gabrielle from Design Mom has curly hair cut in a bob and she looks great.

    You look great.

  6. EMM

    You look supremely, truly angelic in that second picture. Beams of light streaming down from the heavens and all.

  7. Sarah

    No, the bob doesn’t work well with curls, but even shorter can work really well, very wash and wear!

  8. Jennifer

    On the one hand, cut it so I can stop being jealous of it. On the other hand, don’t you dare cut that hair!

  9. Jeri

    As a fellow red-headed curly girl, I can attest that bobs can and will work with curly hair. That said, the maintenance of it was a real chore but it was the only way to ensure my head did not resemble the Great Pyramid of Giza. And growing out a bob can be… well, painful. Frankly I’m not too into getting my hair cut more than every six to eight (or ten or twelve) weeks or so. Who has the time? Your faux bob on the other hand looks great! It’s a win/win!

  10. jenG

    I’ve got curly hair and I’ve been doing the inverted bob for a while. LOTS of texturizing and layers, or it’s epic fail…and my hair is much thinner than yours. I feel strongly that any sort of bob cut on you would require a trim every three weeks, which I can’t, in good conscience, support.

    That said, if you know of a stylist in SF who is Good With Curly, PLEASE share. God, they’re hard to find.

  11. Sarah

    Get the soundtrack to Hair. Play it loud, and sing along. Dance! (At my gym, there’s a Broadway inspired dance class. I can teach you moves!)

    It’s hair. Cut it, chop it, dye it a lovely shade of honeysuckle with turquoise streaks. No matter what you do, your hair will always find a way to talk back to you, anyway.

    Peace out. :)

  12. Laura

    Maggie, your hair is so beautiful I think you could pretty much do whatever you wanted with it. It is a gorgeous trim.

    I have *very, very* curly hair and am currently in the growing-it-out stage which is, fortunately, not so painful because I have the most amazing curly-hair stylist *ever*. I like to spread the word about her whenever possible because I had three curly girlfriends who told me to see her for years (I fear change) and when I finally did I was full of sorrow for the unnecessary years of bad haircuts I could have avoided. Seriously, she is a freakin’ wizard.

    So, for those curly girls in SF: isaacthegirl(dot)com Y’all, she is the sweetest (and she has very curly hair herself). You’re welcome!

  13. norm

    I think you can do whatever you want to your hair and you’ll still be stunning. *cough* Oops, ah, shouldn’t a said that /hagrid

  14. Kristin A.

    omg when i saw that first picture my stomach felt like it jumped into my mouth. thank god it was a joke. your hair is gorgeous. please dont bob it.

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