13 thoughts on “Yes to this.

  1. Kate S.

    I’m very impressed by his sense of balance. Totally would have been on my ass 13 seconds in.

  2. Sarah

    I have my own neighborhood dancing rollerskater and is the highlight of any day I see him. One day I hope to capture him on video and share the joy with the world.

  3. Kelly

    Where I live, you would never, EVER see this (would be in fact on the local evening news under “human interest story” and he’d be respectfully and politely interviewed to share just wtf he’s up to) and I think this is great, he’s just so into his movement! Thanks for giving us country folk a wee glimpse of city life (I know I sound like a bumpkin but really I would be delightfully surprised to see someone rocking out on roller skates on Main Street).

  4. Amy

    We also have a neighborhood disco skater, but he stakes out a section of a waterfront park and has a whole set up of amps and pvc pipes and other necessary (?) items. I appreciate that he also rocks the disco skate uniform of short-shorts and sweatbands. It is quite a sight… and I totally love it.

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