6 thoughts on “30 Days of Fun: Day 12

  1. Josefina

    Can’t think of a better way to spoil dinner than with a yummy dessert. Love the smiles in these pictures, absolutely adorable :-) Have a great weekend Maggie!

  2. steph

    That’s great. My sister-in-law’s family has this thing where they sometimes declare dessert night (though they have some catchy name for it), and they just eat dessert for dinner. It’s just one night, and it’s rare, but just dessert. I think that is an awesome idea for when the family is stressed. DESSERT NIGHT! Because stressed spelled backwards…. is DESSERTS!

  3. Martini Mom

    Love! My son and I spoiled our dinner one night last week. We walked to the store and I let him pick out his favorite treats and then we ate them until our stomachs hurt. It was great!

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