13 thoughts on “30 Fun Days: Day 10

  1. Abi

    But you’re in SF, where proper Chinese take out exists. No such thing in my neck of the woods unfortunately. All I have are fake Chinese crap.

  2. Jeri

    Maggie, you’ve inspired me to make August my 31 days of fun! Also, I wanted to say that I am sorry to read of your divorce. As a long time lurker on MightyGirl.com I’ve read about your family over the years and personally know how hard it can be to put aside the rollercoaster of emotions during a divorce and do what’s best for your child. My daughter was six when my ex and I divorced and we are happy divorcees and friends, a veritable divorce success story if you will. In the end and six years later, I think that is more important to my 12 year old (and to her parents!) than the fact the marriage part did not last. I’m sending good thoughts your way as you triumph over this challenging and emotional time in your life.

  3. Sharon

    That reminds me of the very short chapter Tina Fey wrote about being 40. Something about the only difference from being in her 30’s was the need to take one’s pants off immediately after getting home. I laughed out loud and then realized that I also do the same thing at 31. No pants at home = awesome town.

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