30 Fun Days: Day 5

14th July 2011

I’m on Intel’s Social Media Advisory Board, have I told you guys that? Yesterday I went to their Upgrade Your Life Event and met a bunch of smart people who like to make stuff. That is among my favorite things to do.

(This may be obvious, but thought I’d mention that this isn’t a sponsored post or anything. Just my fun thing for the day.)

Joya Chatterjee runs a program that takes Intel employees to developing countries to teach children computer skills and supply classrooms with technology.

Muki Hansteen Izora is working on a bunch of healthcare products that help detect when seniors are more likely to suffer a fall, or help caregivers determine whether patients remember to take their medicine. He showed us a little scale that attaches to the bottom a pill bottle so it can weigh whether someone has taken medication. Then it uploads that information to your PC wirelessly so caregivers can monitor it. Genius.

This is Brett who was running a scavenger hunt we did later in the day, and mentioned over dinner that he used to be a blogger too. Turns out he made a 50-item Life List in 2007, quit his job, and traveled the country crossing things off. Then he catalogued his adventures at Amtrekker. Weird right? It’s pretty rare that I get to have a conversation with someone who’s done something so similar to what I do. Hi, Brett.

Also in the fun category, a midnight toast with a couple of girlfriends.

Good day.

9 thoughts on “30 Fun Days: Day 5

  1. Katie

    Maggie: Do you happen to know the name of Ms. Chatterjee’s program at Intel? They could be a great partner for my organization in Liberia!

  2. William_Jr.

    I like social media. Mr. Izora looks like he’s preparing. Great idea, we need wireless everything.

  3. Theresa

    Worlds colliding! I worked with Muki years ago on the Health Games Research project out of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Cool to see Intel’s work on a blog like this; it helps to shorten the distance from research to translation.

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