14 thoughts on “Covet: Jeffrey Campbell Rockin Platforms

  1. Amy

    Maybe if you just walk uphill, those shoes and the hills will cancel each other out?

    Downhill is another story, obviously. Unless you walk backwards.

  2. Jeannine

    uphill is doable solo. downhill, you’ll need a sturdy person to walk in front of you so that you can brace yourself–i’ve done it, but it’s terrifying and kind of undoes the kick-ass-ness of the shoes in question.

  3. Carole

    1.) Throw an “Impractical Shoe” party. You will not have to leave your house. Let the hills conquer your friends’ heels.

    2.) Run a rope through the heels, toss over your shoulders like skates, wear a pair of foldable ballet flats. At your destination, borrow an attractive stranger’s shoulder as you climb into your awesome platforms. Maybe he’ll even tie them for you. Thank him with an insouciant smile as you tuck your flats into your bag. Unforgettable view as you walk away toward the bar.

    Seriously, how can you not buy the shoes?

  4. Cindy

    Sadly I don’t think I would even know the first thing about walking in those shoes let alone walking up a hill. Imagine a new born giraffe on stilts. But they sure are pretty to look at.

  5. Pam

    I love that it looks like a jazz shoe in the middle of a some great step. Like you’re always in mid-awesome move. Jazz hands optional.

  6. The Woman Formerly Known as Beautiful

    I am going to use the word “Prevail” all day. When my husband asks why I’ve left the sponge on the counter I am going to say, “If it bothers you I would prevail upon you that you put it back in its place, or where somewhere the sun don’t shine.”

  7. Pretzel Thief

    Holy shi(i)t(ake) mushrooms.



    Yikes! I’m equal parts captivated and horrified by the crazy heel!

    Throw the Impractical Shoe party, as per Carole’s suggestion above!

  8. Libby

    Man, that shoe makes me dream up a whole outfit…
    ash gray jeanie pants
    black dress coat with exaggerated coattails
    some hue of red/orange silk shirt tucked in, loose tank
    some kind of felt short brimmed hat in same ash gray as pants
    nice bright lipstick to match or play off the shirt color
    well done nails
    and jewelry, ah simple

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