Score! New Orleans

6th May 2011

Antiquing with Miss Anna Beth.

Ladies. Do you have an event approaching that requires a hat, the underside of which is decorated with the finest acrylic flowers?

You only kind of want this, until you see the tag:

And then you need it for your friend in Florida who collects flamingo memorabilia.

Ladies. Is your current wine opener not unwieldy enough? Then perhaps you might enjoy our custom handmade corkscrew. Does it open wine? Is it a sex toy? You’re in charge.

Wait. Wait. This purse has a situation happening. What is going on up in here? Are these three separate purses disguised as a single purse?

Hold up. Are you seeing this? It is red inside. There are three separate compartments. And that is not a little round magnifying mirror mounted on a swivel? No. It. Is. Not!

Shut up right now, purse. How is it possible we’ve never met?

22 thoughts on “Score! New Orleans

  1. Rev. Back It On Up 13

    Dag, that is one sexy painting for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on. I don’t know if it goes with my decor, though. Flamenco art.

    My vacation to New Orleans was very hat based as well. They had a hat store in the French Quarter where the ladies in charge were very, very serious about the hats. As soon as I walked in, they knew I wasn’t going to buy a hat. They spent my entire visit warning me NOT TO TOUCH THE HATS.

  2. Laura

    Are you now obsessed with New Orleans? I went for the first time as an adult in January and have been absolutely consumed ever since (to the point where my friends audibly groan whenever I talk about it). If you’re in a similar situation I suggest WWOZ, the greatest public radio station ever. It’s a great mix of new orleans music (i only wished they played more bounce) and the djs are hilarious. You can stream it live or get the app on your phone.

  3. AB

    AB is distracted by her OWN cleavage. Lord. The shop is called “Magazine Street Antiques,” and it’s on Magazine St. directly next to Sucre.

  4. curlystraight

    The painting and the hat I can do without.

    The purse I already have plans for:

    Compartment 1: lipglosses galore.

    Compartment 2: money and cards.

    Compartment 3. receipts and tickets and random stuff that ends up in my wallet that I throw away after a while.

    That purse needs me.

  5. Jany

    Uuuuhh that corkscrew… you ‘ll get one here in Switzerland at every wine-tasting in a winery. For free.

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