Packing Light: 5 Tips for Wired Travelers

If there’s more computing power in my smart phone than in the the first space shuttle, then I shouldn’t need a Sherpa to help me lug my gadgets. Still, as our tech gets smarter, our suitcases get heavier. The more clever the device, the harder it is to leave behind. Here are five tips and ten gadgets that let you pack light without a heavy heart. Read more…

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2 thoughts on “Packing Light: 5 Tips for Wired Travelers

  1. Ooh, that cocoon is amazeballs. So sad I didn’t know about this before hitting the road this year. Suppose my shoe bag full of tangled cords will just have to do for one more year.


  2. I cannot get page 2 to show me the fifth tip. I tried to comment on that site, but that function doesn’t work either. Frustrating.


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