Model Home

24th April 2011

The best parts of Model Home, by Eric Puchner:

“They had lost this feeling, the way you might lose a favorite gift you were no longer attached to. It had not seemed an important loss at the time: Dustin was born, and if anything a deeper,more devout-seeming love took its place. Once, while they were bathing Dustin together in the sink of their apartment, washing his scabbed-up bellybutton and tiny, heartbreaking penis, Camille had turned to Warren with a look of such stunning affection that he had actually lost his breath. I will never be happier than I am now, Warren had thought. Seventeen years later, he realized how sadly prescient that was.”

“[The guy in the top hat] sprayed some PAM into a plastic bag and then stuffed it up to his face. He blinked his eyes wide when he was finished, like something hatching from an egg.”

“The place gave Lyle a sludgy, unreal feeling, as though she were watching soap operas on a beautiful day.”

“He looked like one of those football players whose popularity hinged on their willingness to eat strange things.”

“The fact that you could know someone almost intimately and then a year later not know him at all seemed to be at the heart of everything sad and fucked up in the world.”

10 thoughts on “Model Home

  1. roxanne

    That last paragraph breaks my heart. I’m sending you huge hugs, Maggie. I’m so sorry for what you’re having to go through.

  2. Julie Carpenter

    Wow. There’s no escaping how true that all is. Thanks for the kick in the gut. I’d like to read this, but I am debating between girding my loins first or just settling in with a box of Kleenex after clearing my calendar for three days.

  3. keagansmom

    I’m on year 18. It’s absolutely true. And I have no idea what to do about it. So sorry that you are going through this…I hope things get better. :)

  4. Poptart

    Because of this post, and excerpt, I bought this book because I needed something good to read. So far, so good. Thanks!

  5. geeky

    Long time reader, infrequent commenter.

    I read that last line and thought, I hope you have really good friends to get you through this.

    When I was getting divorced for the first time**, I was driving around with my best friend. When I was giving her an update about how horrible my ex was acting, she pulled the car over and said, “Just get out, right now, and scream ‘fuck’ as many times as you need to. It will make you feel better.”

    I did and it did. I hope you have people in your life who can give you just what you need.

    **And yes, I’ve been divorced twice. Can you imagine the horror? It’s a wonder I ever got married again, but I am a good story: #3 and I are blissfully happy after 10 years. He was the first guy I dated after my second divorce was final.

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