Soundtrack Friday

Hello, team. I’m in Nashville this weekend with a group of very fine girlfriends and many bottles of wine. These are my latest picks from your suggestions for our sobbing/dancing mix. You guys are good at this.

Cry Into Your Beer

Woke Up New from The Mountain Goats

They Won’t Go When I Go from Stevie Wonder

Plane from Jason Mraz

Smile from Nat King Cole

Shake It ‘Til You Break It

Americanarama from Hollerado

Something Good Can Work from Two Door Cinema Club

Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes

Just a Little Bit from Kids of 88

20 thoughts on “Soundtrack Friday

  1. You’re in Nashville? I live here in Nashville. And let me apologize for the dreary weather. I hope you’re having fun here. I can’t wait to hear about where you go in my fair town!


  2. The Mountain Goats have a perfect song for every occasion, and this particular one always hits home for me. Even though I haven’t experienced a breakup in some time, it still takes me back to those exact moments of the hardest one.

    Some people are just so blessed with the ability to encapsulate an experience PERFECTLY.


  3. Nashville is the best! Make sure you go to Bongo Java or Fido for some decent coffee in the morning. Delicious stuff!


  4. Another Nashville girl here. I’d recommend Holland House or Past Perfect for drinks. Sorry, but I can’t point you towards any faboo fruits.


  5. I’ll third the Patterson House recommendation and throw in Crema and Ugly Mugs for your coffee drinking pleasure. They both serve Drew’s Brews which is roasted locally.

    Enjoy our fair city. I wish I could say the rest of the weekend won’t be so dreary…Alas.


  6. also try some prince’s hot chicken – a nashville institution. best honkytonk on broadway is robert’s western wear.

    *sigh* i love nashville.


  7. Another Nashvillian here. I’ll second the apology for the dreary weather. I recommend Eastland Cafe for an awesome happy hour and City House or Margot’s for a delicious, upscale meal. Try The Smiling Elephant for a casual but yummy lunch. Now go paint my town red!


  8. I love everything Mountain Goats. Good pick! Their “This Year” is awesome too when you just feel like giving up. It’s an anthem for the weak of heart. Always gets me through a bad day.


  9. Nashville’s a little brighter this weekend thanks to your visit! Good bar and restaurant (City House!!!) recommends all; I also advise a visit to Bar 308 on the east side. Rumor is they sometimes stay open after last call to run a cash bar until the wee hours, and the drinks are amazing. If a late night is in the books, be sure to hit either Hermitage Cafe or Athens Family Restaurant for your 4am foodie fix. Your body will thank you.


  10. I don’t really have songs that I cry to. If I’m crying during a song, it’s usually because the music itself is so beautiful, not that it’s tapped into some emotion on my end.

    The one song that will always make me dance is “Hey Ya”-how can that song NOT make you smile?!


  11. So many fellow Nashvillians! Hey Y’all.

    Hope you have our great time Maggie. Roberts is one of my favorite places in the world. Enjoy.


  12. Another Nashville girl here, I second/third/seventh all recommendations. Head to 5 Points and go to 3 Crow for good times. And hopefully you made it to the flea market on Saturday. Patterson House, City House, Holland House…basically anything with a “house” in it’s title is the ish.


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