Mobile Manners Giveaway

22nd March 2011

While we were at SxSW, Laura and I threw a Mobile Manners brunch with Intel. We gathered a group of very smart women to eat quiche and text one other about the irritating things people do with their gadgets.

Genevieve Bell, an Intel Fellow who studies how different cultures use technology, presented some of their mobile etiquette research.

During Genevieve’s presentation, I tweeted while she was talking (event hashtag, FTW), checked in to Foursquare, and texted with a person sitting two tables away from me. Afterward, I drove around town looking for a funeral parlor, because I’ve heard those are nice quiet places to make phone calls.

Everyone else was the picture of civility, even when the gift bags came out.

Now that’s some good home training.

The bags were a team effort amongst attendees, and as always we saved one for you. Maile brought her gorgeous Epiphanie Bags, and I set aside the Clover Laptop and Camera Bag in grey, which is the one I carry. Everywhere. And sometimes I spoon with it. It looks like this:

Elizabeth works for Twitter, but also has a letterpress business called Paperwheel Press. She brought everyone a couple of geeky letterpress thank you notes:

And finally, Intel threw in a copy of Emily Post’s Great Get Togethers:

To win, please leave your pinky out when you sip your tea, and leave your most profound mobile etiquette peeve in comments.

Please only enter once; I’ll leave comments open until Monday when I’ll announce the winner. I hope it’s you.

1,464 thoughts on “Mobile Manners Giveaway

  1. misstraceynolan

    I’ve recently decided with all the other options people have to get in touch with me, CALLING me, on the actual phone is RUDE. I can’t stand it. I think it might evolve out of the fact that I used to answer phones for a living. I can’t imagine I’m alone on this one?

  2. Laura B.

    For me its the obvious one. Having to BART for an hour each way to work, its the people sitting directly next to you yelling at someone through the phone. This is especially annoying in the morning. Who could possibly be yelling to at 6am in the morning? *sigh*

  3. Rachel

    I loathe when you’re at a theater (movie or otherwise), and someone keeps whipping out their cell phone to check texts/email/time. It’s so distracting – when it’s dark inside and they’ve already asked you to turn off your phones, please stop checking it!

  4. Meghan

    Recently I’ve had ‘gentlemen’ (and i use the term loosely) take out their phones and text during dates. It’s rampant all across LA and it makes me stabby.

  5. Cara

    For me, texting while dining… I admit doing it occasionally, but nothing is worse than have a great conversation interrupted by a virtual one.

  6. Audrey

    My pet peeve? When you’re talking with just one person and they start texting. I’m all for texting people during events, Tweeting, all that. But! Not while you’re in a conversation with me.

  7. Manders

    I’m a barista. If you walk up to the counter and order while you’re on the cell phone, I won’t actually punch you, but I will be doing so mentally and repeatedly the entire time I am making your drink. I am not an automaton; I am a human being and would like your full attention while you’re talking to me.

  8. Erika Lee Sears

    MMMM pet peeve is when people are on their phone and talk to another person all at the same time and they are having multiple conversations.

    Fingers crossed I win!

  9. Jillian

    It aggravates me to no end when people have long, complicated, loud phone conversations in the dang university library.

  10. Pauline Roy

    I’m probably the only person on the planet who doesn’t do email on my phone, so I’m probably alone in this, but it drives me nuts when my husband and I are out and he keeps checking his phone every single time he gets an email.

  11. Cece

    If a call is dropped, the person who initiated the call has the responsibility to call the dropped caller BACK.

    As the dropped caller, do not continue to try and try and try to reach me back, because my call will then just roll to your voicemail over and over and over once I finally get signal again.

  12. Jenny

    My absolute biggest mobile etiquette peeve is people on cells in waiting rooms. You know, the ones on their cells who carry on conversations in their usual tone and volume (LOUD) while sitting in the middle of a room full of people who are potentially in pain, febrile, and/or off their anxiety meds.

    Yes. That.

  13. Emily

    CLIPPING FINGERNAILS. It deserves to be shouted. I once witnessed someone clipping their fingernails during a discussion session of a workshop. It was a relatively informal session, as opposed to a presentation, but still. EW.

  14. Meredith

    Colleagues that use the phone in the restroom stall. NOT an appropriate place for a phone call. Oh….and the one I am thinking of? Is not calling her daughter! She is calling her client! Eeeek!!

  15. Elis

    Checking one’s phone constantly while “interacting” with other human beings. I should note that this habit most peeves me when I do it, but I can’t seem to help myself. Ugh!

  16. Rebecca S

    It really bothers me when family members, at family gatherings, have long–no, EPIC–phone calls in front of the rest of the gathering. Pick one or the other, but don’t involve everyone in the room in the conversation. Take it into the next room, please.

  17. ColleenR

    My biggest technology pet peeve are those people who are talking on the phone while running on the treadmill at the gym. Seriously, if you’re that important you can afford an at-home gym. So get one ;)

  18. Meadow

    When the person not physically present gets more attention. People who text/email/play games (argh!) during meetings instead of paying attention (and then ask for something to be repeated!!), friends who check whatever during dinner (Facebook will still be there in an hour, but I will go home!), store personnel who answer the phone instead of helping the person who is right there! in the store!

    Obviously, I have issues.

  19. jenn g

    One seemingly inoffensive act that really gets under my skin: When I text someone and they feel the need to call me back. Almost immediately. I texted for a reason, probably because I’m about to be in a meeting or otherwise unable/unwilling to talk. Please respond back in the same manner.

  20. Kate

    On the flipside, when you’re having a conversation with someone on the phone while *they* are ordering something from a [insert drive through, Starbucks, etc…]. Hi, I’m pretty sure your double tall latte with no whip can wait till we’re done on the phone.

  21. Rochelle

    I am guilty of texting too often with a dear friend while also spending “quality” time with my dear, dear family and not giving my full attention to either one. It’s a terrible, rude habit that I’m trying to break!

  22. Lisa

    Talking on the phone and driving. I had a job where we did a lot of site visits and when my boss drove she would talk on the phone and it scared me to death. She was not a good multi-tasker in the car and ran a few stop signs. I ended up just making up excuses not to be in the car with her.

  23. Annalise

    Amen to all of the previous pet peeves, but for me the worst is the loud caller in a confined public space like a bus or train. I don’t want to hear about your personal life, and neither does the guy sitting all the way down at the other end of the bus.

  24. sue

    Pet peeve … dimwits (almost always women for some reason) who take calls and talk LOUDLY while going through the grocery check out!

    Are you that important that you can totally disregard the cashier waiting for you to sign your credit slip and the line of shoppers behind you?

    Wow! What a great giftbag. I so need a stylish camera bag that doubles as a purse! Thanks for the giveaway Maggie!

  25. Lauren

    People who don’t stop talking on their phones when in a packed BART train (or ever, but if you’re quiet and the train is not packed, I’ll live). I recently witnessed an unassuming middle-aged woman speaking into her phone loudly just inches from a man’s ear with no apparent awareness or remorse. And the conversation did not sound urgent! Then, she was visibly put out when the call got dropped in a tunnel. I was relieved.

    I love gadgets as much as the next person, but I worry that mobile devices create invisible bubbles that make us more and more oblivious to the humans right next to us.

  26. Gillian

    People answering their phone while you’re talking to them. It’s one thing if it’s an emergency, but if you pick up and say, “oh, nothing”, I’m going to be pretty offended.

  27. Leanne

    I hate, hate, hate when people talk loudly on their cellphones when they are at the front of the line in a retail store or coffee shop. Put down the phone and interact with the salesperson! You’re annoying other customers and slowing down the process. *sigh*

  28. Ariel

    My darling father has been answering his cell phone without deference to etiquette or polite society since the appearance of the old school brick cell. I have joined hundreds of movie goers in staring him down, and nothing says father daughter bonding time like him answering at the dinner table… on your birthday.

  29. Janelle

    I hate when I am with two people and they’re playing “words with Friends” with each other. I don’t have a smart phone. I can’t play. No fair! (Not very profound, but extremely irritating.)

  30. Jessica

    Voicemails, actually. I’d rather someone called and waited for me to return the call, rather than check my voicemail only to call them back to confirm.

  31. Ms. Huis Herself

    In a one-on-one situation, when one of the people calls/accepts a call/texts/uses a mobile device that essentially removes them from the actual real-person interaction. Hello! I am a real person, I am here, I take precedence!!! Let it go to VM, read the text later… be present here and now!

  32. Danielle

    I really hate when people use their hands-free devices when their hands are not occupied or even wear it while walking around a store.

  33. Ariel

    I hate it when people use thier cell phones at my dinner table. They came to see me, to eat with me, and what are they doing? NOT interacting with me! BOO to them,I say!

  34. monica

    Someone standing in front of the bookshelf I want to peruse at the bookstore, talking loudly into the phone about the latest therapy session, and not budging an inch. Even after a polite “excuse me” as I try to reach around them. Huge pet peeve

  35. Belle

    “Hello.” “Hello?” HELLO?” HEEELLOOO??? IS ANYONE THERE?”

    No, no one is there, and no amount of screaming is going to make them come back.

  36. Jen

    My pet peeve is people checking email/tweets/rss etc. during intermission at a show! It’s FIFTEEN MINUTES, people! Just make conversation!

  37. Lise

    I also find it incredibly rude and demeaning to the clerk when customers can’t hang up their phones while paying for their items. I once sympathized with a sales clerk after that. She told me that, when customers were on their cell phones, some of the other clerks would ring up items multiple times. The yapping customers never noticed they were being overcharged. Rudeness can cost you!

  38. Beth

    Any phone use at a movie theater makes me absolutely bazoo. You are not at home with talking furniture, people! There are other patrons trying to actually hear what the pretty people on the screen are saying! Ay yi yi.

  39. Bethany

    I think it’s rude to talk on the phone while checking out at a store. I also hate any kind of texting, especially during a conversation.

  40. Megan

    I think it’s a huge faux pas when someone conducts a meeting with their mobile left on. I have a certain manager who will interrupt meetings to pick up his phone – regardless of who is calling. I see this as a clear message of disrespect for the others in the room, saying that their time is much less valuable than anyone else’s.

  41. jayme

    It never fails to amaze me when someone answers the phone in the movie theater. Please turn it off and if you make the honest mistake of your own, it’s your duty to tackle the phone and make for the nearest exist while non-elegantly muffling the sound. Answering the phone and giving the person on the end a run down of the major plot points is not appreciated.

  42. kimberly/tippytoes

    I just came back from a vacation that involved a couple of airports, so my most recent mobile peeve is people who use the phone in the bathroom. And because everyone can hear the conversation, we know the information isn’t urgent. For bathroom callers: think of how the person you’re talking to feels – first hearing a noise that sounds like pee, then some muffling as pants get pulled back up, and later the unmistakable flush. Ick.

  43. Bextoronto

    I would agree with almost all of the aforementioned peeves. I’m pretty peeved with folks who choose technology over humans, in general. But I’ll add that I get peeved when folks send me photos or video in their texts. I don’t have a data plan, but my phone will happily accept these texts for an outrageous, outrageous fee. So, the text you just sent me with that super cute photo of your cat?? Yeah, it just cost me $5.

  44. Lisa

    My biggest pet peeve is texting during a one-on-one conversation.. what a great way to show someone you are not interested in what they are saying! Texting, checking Facebook, and picking up a phone call at dinner are all close seconds.

  45. Kim

    My mobile etiquette peeve is having someone’s phone go off during a live play/performance. For eff’s sake, you don’t even have to turn them OFF anymore, just silence the damned thing.

  46. Stephanie

    My pet peeve is my own desire to fill every moment of in between (waiting while gassing up my car, in line, lunch breaks, in bed…) with my phone and its seemingly endless source of information and entertainment.

    That and people browsing their Facebook on their phone while they talk to you in person. HUGE FONE FAIL.

  47. Aimee

    My biggest pet peeve is talking on the phone while at the grocery checkout counter or while ordering coffee. I think its very rude.

  48. Beks

    My mom does this – keep calling till I pick up, even though there usually is a good reason I’m not picking up. :) I love her but I wish she’d learn to text.

  49. Erin Faye

    my pet peeve is when people think that they need to yell into their cell phones for the other person to be able to hear them.

    what an awesome giveaway!!!!

  50. Carrie

    Call waiting bothers me. When I am talking to someone, I resent being asked to wait while she checks to see who else is calling and decides which conversation she’d prefer to have!

  51. emma

    Oh, there are so many… to narrow it down to just one… not using bluetooth or other wireless device to talk on the phone while driving! Even though it is now illegal here in CA, people still do it all the time, usually when they are in front of me, weaving between lanes at 10 miles below the speed limit, when I am late to something important. Annoying as crap stuck in my favorite sneakers’ treads.

    p.s. SO bummed I wasn’t able to make it to SXSW this year. Being granted a prize would definitely help release me from my deep, deep depression over it all. ;)

  52. Nancy M.

    My peeve is sending a photo in a text, without knowing if the recipient has a photo-text plan.

    A friend of mine sends me funny pictures of her kids, which costs me 20cents each! Of course I can’t say anything, since a photo now and then is nice, but four in one evening gets expensive!

  53. Raechel

    I love that being able to sync your phone to your car’s audio system keeps the road safer for everyone. I do not love when coworkers take personal phone calls, on “speaker phone”, with others in the car.

  54. Nicole

    People who have full conversations on the phone while using public transport. I recently traveled to Japan and LOVE that they have signs discouraging this behavior on their trains.

  55. Vanessa

    I hate it when people call me and I don’t recognize the number, therefore don’t answer it, and they don’t leave a message. I’m having someone right now do this repeatedly!

  56. Erica

    Having someone hold up their hand at me mid conversation so they can reply to a text message! I’ve had this happen a few times recently and I would understand if it was something important, but something about holding out a hand instead of just asking me to wait a moment strikes me as both arrogant and rude.

  57. amy

    Biggest pet peeve: people who stay on their cell phones while checking out at the grocery store, at the post office, etc.. I once had a realtor stay on the phone with someone *while she showed me an apartment*. (Fortunately the place was a dump so I wasn’t forced to walk away from a great place just because the realtor was a twit.)

  58. Anne

    My mobile etiquette peeve: taking pictures at a group event, and posting them even though you know some of the people involved would prefer not to be identified on a social networking page. Thank you Maggie!

  59. KazC

    Immediately getting on your phone as you get into your car to drive. Really?!? You couldn’t make that call before you left? I’m all for convenience, and I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit that I use my phone in the car. But if I have the convenience of using it while not operating a moving vehicle, I will take it.

  60. Teagan

    I HATE it when you go to the movies and it politely shows a commercial to NOT text during the movie and then someone in the row in front of you does it. The light is blinding. Talk about rude and annoying.

  61. Belinda

    When we do family dinners and everyone brings out the gadgets at the table. Trying to have a convo and hearing bzzzzz ding every few minutes!

  62. Lauren E. E.

    Whenever people are talking–whether it be at the dinner table, at a work meeting, or while in the middle of a conversation in the grocery store. It’s just plain rude.

  63. Rhea

    Pinky: up

    My biggest smell phone pet peeve is people who talk LOUDLY and REPEAT THEMSELVES in closed spaces. Like da train. Hate.

  64. Meg B

    I get irritated by people who chat or do business on the phone while shopping. Also, headsets used anywhere but in the car. UGH!

  65. Caitlin H.

    I think the most annoying thing people do with their phones is text while someone is giving a presentation or talk of some kind. In places like class or work– just leave the room! Or don’t come at all if you’re going to be on your phone the whole time! The clicking noise is very distracting.

  66. Kelly H

    People who talk loudly on the phone while in the bathroom at work. #1 I don’t really want to sit in the toilet and listen to you yack and #2 EW! The person you are talking to can surely hear you doin’ your business (and flushing!).

  67. Aarika

    My biggest issue is with one (or seven) of my friends in particular who just want a night “away from him/her” and then spend the entire night texting him/her while we’re supposed to be bonding over large amounts of bread. Grrr….

  68. Noelley

    My doctor answers personal cell phone calls during our consultations. That is so annoying!!

  69. Arina

    I am so annoyed when people drop the conversation with the people who are there to address one with someone who is not. Gah!

  70. wendy

    I (like many others) find it hurtful when people talk on the phone when they are ordering or checking out.

  71. Stella

    Alright, so. My biggest pet peeve is when a person is with company and they’re on their phone all the time. Not even phone calls, but texting, playing games, generally ignoring their friends. If you wanted to hang out with us, then why are you ignoring us with your phone?

  72. Meagan

    It drives me crazy when people attempt to “walk and text” but really just “stand in the middle of the sidewalk/path/street/hallway tripping up everyone else and text.” I know very, VERY few people coordinated enough to walk and type without looking where they’re going, particularly in a crowded city. One thing at a time, people!

  73. Jen

    When people feel the need to check their phone every single time it rings/vibrates/beeps even when they are already interacting with actual people in front of them! My husband’s family does this constantly at family dinners and it drives me nuts!

  74. Miss K

    My peeve is when someone texts while walking slowly and zigzagging up the subway stairs, while I am behind him/her!

  75. kate

    People talking LOUDLY on their hands-free device in the grocery store, airport, ANY public place. a) You look like an idiot, having an animated conversation seemingly with yourself, ALMOST ALWAYS WHILE DOING NOTHING WITH YOUR HANDS and b) It’s like second-hand smoke; what makes your conversation more important than my peace and quiet?

    Wow, I feel better already. ;)

  76. Margaret

    I think mine’s a classic one, the using the phone (to text or to talk) while driving. Most of the time I see someone do something reckless, it turns out they’re also holding a phone.

  77. dani

    I also hate when customers can’t hang up their phones while dealing with customer service/clerks. I also hate when a person complains about someone else’s gadget habits when they are just as guilty. And, of course, when someone finds their twitter/facebook/whatever more important than the company their with (my mother might be the worst).

  78. Jaime

    My biggest mobile etiquette peeve is ring tones. My phone is always on vibrate unless I am home (and many times even then). At work, I shouldn’t hear your cell phone ring. In the car, on the bus, in the theatre, in class, at a party – shouldn’t here your cell phone ring. Let your business stay your business – use vibrate! :)

  79. Meegan

    I think that when interacting with a human, face-to-face, no phone should be involved. For example, if you are at Starbucks and would like a cup of coffee, get off your damn phone. It’s rude! Same goes for the pharmacy, the grocery store and anywhere people are literally serving you. Be nice to them. They make your world better.

  80. Leah

    I work in an office where the phones ring constantly, both the landlines and everyone’s cell phone, which is to be expected I suppose, but there is a very handy little invention that will actually record a message from someone if you miss their call, and it drives me absolutely CRAZY when I am in a meeting with my boss and he not only answers his desk phone, but will also answer his cell phone. Or respond to text messages. Using voice-recognition software. And it makes no difference if a client (who is paying by the hour) is sitting in the room too.

  81. Heidi

    Getting together with a friend I haven’t seen in ages, and they’re constantly checking their phone. Am I not entertaining enough for you? Drink more, I get funner.

  82. Sarah

    Friends who “have” to spend five minutes checking in to Foursquare, Gowalla, FB, etc as soon as we sit down to dinner at a restaurant. So rude.

  83. Karen

    I go to a ballet fitness class in which we are all very focused and centered — except for the girls along the barre who text while we plie. Really.

  84. Rosanna

    I can handle people checking mobile devices while we are having a conversation. What Really gripes me is a person NEVER, not even once, looking up from the mobile device during the conversation. It makes me crazy!

  85. shannon

    when I’m meeting with someone, I don’t check my phone. I know it’s hard to expect that from others but I can only control myself.

  86. Melissa

    I hate when people leave me a voicemail telling me to call them, but don’t say what they need. Please give me a heads up so I can be prepared when I return your call.

  87. latenac

    I hated it when the train would be delayed for whatever reason on New Jersey Transit and most of us would sit there and read our books or whatever but there was always one person in the car that would call someone and complain loudly for as long as the delay was about how awful the delay was. Made the delay 10x worse than it needed to be.

  88. aly

    having people text while IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONVERSATION. wha? am i really that boring? i realize there are emergencies, but at least say something instead of forcing me to pretend i didnt notice you TYPING WHILE NOT TALKING TO ME.


  89. Marianne

    When people pick up the phone and do all the regular intro chatting before deciding to tell you you’re on speaker phone and the whole fam-damily is there listening to you inquiring about them. And by people, I specifically mean my father-in-law. Speakerphone is not for casual calls, it’s for when you want to talk but your hands are full blending margaritas.

  90. Sylvia

    My biggest mobile pet peeve is hearing the beep beep beep whoosh of mobile video games from the stall next to you when you’re in the bathroom.

  91. Niamh

    I am a professor at a medium sized, private, Midwestern university. I have really, really lovely students, but they do have a bad habit. They come to my office with their paper drafts and ask me to read through them. I agree to do so, and once I begin reading, WITHOUT FAIL, they pull out their cell phones and start texting, tweeting, facebooking, emailing, etc. Right in my office. While I’m reading their rough drafts out of the goodness of my heart. Really makes me want to scream.

  92. Elizabeth

    As a high school English teacher, I’m privy to many instances of bad etiquette but my biggest pet peeve is lateness. I think it’s incredibly rude to make someone wait.

  93. Liesel

    People who answer their phones in the most innappropriate, disrespectful places, like court. And then act like I’m the jerk for shooting laser beams out my eyes. Um, sir? You just got asked to shut it off by a state patrolman. Who, exactly, is the asshole?

  94. Natalie

    When someone tunes out of a meeting they called with me to “attend” to their mobile device. You asked for my time, and now you want me to watch you answer your email? No thank you.

  95. Rachel Looo

    I hate texting/email checking/FB statusing/whatever in front of a person who is actually trying to interact with you. You know, IN PERSON. As if the vast internet will DIE if you are not at it’s EVERY BECK AND CALL, whereas the real person right in front of you can wait.

  96. Samantha

    whEN Ppl iNsIst On SeNdiN TxtS lIkE DiS N uSe leTTeRs InStEaD of WoRds N GiTs all CR8zy WhEn I DoNt No WHAt btfwhandm MeAnS.

    Or in other words: When people send me text messages and get ADHD with the caps lock and shorten sentences to be nothing more than the first letter of the word. Than get mad when I don’t know that dyktmdghtpt meant
    “did you know that my dog got his toenails painted today?”
    I can feel my blood pressure rising already.

  97. Lauren s.

    I can’t decide between the old school Nextel on speaker conversations, complete with drawn out error ‘beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!’ or people who ignore their screaming children to talk/play/text. Seriously, folks, disconnect.

  98. Meghann

    I do so hate when people text in the checkout line. I swear I’ve witnessed people paying more than then they should because the cashier is seeing how much they can get away with while the texter is oblivious =) lol

  99. Jaye

    Oh, please, can I have the bag? I can’t be mad about buffoons when I think about the possibility of winning that bag.

  100. Shannon

    I don’t know if I’m disqualified from winning because I’m in Canada (Vancouver) but I still want to contribute!

    I used to be a barista. One day, I was standing beside the till while my coworker rang up orders, and this girl came up, on her phone, and she took one of the contest entry slips we had at the counter and started writing on it, still chatting away. I thought she was entering the contest before ordering, and thought nothing of it.

    Then she handed my coworker the slip.
    I nearly lost my shit. You couldn’t say, “hang on” to your friend?

    So, being on the phone while dealing with customer service people? RUDE AND I HATE YOU.

  101. Nichole

    I hope I win, too.

    My pet peeve is the egregious spelling and grammatical errors that seem to be acceptable in mobile communication. Just because you’re typing on a tiny keypad doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read it over to make sure everything’s correct.

    Also: Get off my lawn, whippersnappers.

  102. Ashley

    I agree with previous comments–loudly talking in very public places, like a check-out line, is pretty annoying. The worst offence I’ve EVER been privy to was in the waiting room of a physician’s office. An older woman was practically screaming into her phone while her elderly mother sat patiently next to her. Essentially, she was having a Bible study (club?) meeting via cell. Pretty obnoxious.

  103. Elizabeth

    People not sexting me enough. So. Annoying. Come on people what does a girl haveto do to get a good sext around here?

  104. Missy

    My 14-year-old tries to hide her phone under the table so she can text, but I can always tell. Then she loses her phone for the rest of the night. Then we’re blessed with no more annoying phone behavior for an entire evening!

  105. stephanie

    ooh, parents who are texting, talking, whatevering while ignoring their child causing chaos on the playground….

  106. Ed

    When someone is not in their office, yet they left the door open and didn’t put their phone on silent or vibrate, and their really annoying ring is blaring down the hallway.

  107. Leah

    Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher that I find texting/facebooking/whatever in class, especially when your classmates are talking, to be the height of rudeness.

  108. Maggie

    I hope you had fun at sxsw! And welcome home again.
    I love it not at all when people come barreling down the sidewalk, forcing me to dodge around them, because they are trusting their seeing-eye-phone far too heavily.
    (also) maggie

  109. Heather

    My biggest pet peeve is when you’re talking to someone and they get a text. Rather than say, “Sorry, do you mind if I respond to this now?” they keep nodding at you, pretending they’re listening, while they start tapping out a response on their phone. If you stop talking, they nod at you to further emphasize the fact they want you to pretend you don’t notice they’re not listening.

  110. Meredith M.

    Oh, man. When people keep checking their phone or leave it on the table when I’m sitting with them in person. Like they are just waiting for an out, or for someone “better” to call/txt. Ugg.

  111. Arrie

    I don’t have many pet peeves, but there’s this one jerk at work who bumped into me, with a mug of piping hot tea, because he was buried in his phone. I don’t like that guy.

  112. Andrea

    I can’t stand hearing personal conversations in work environments. There is nothing more akward than sitting a my desk listening to someone in the next cube over arguing with their spouse or children or having what should be very private conversations.

  113. Sarah

    I can’t stand it when I’m at dinner with someone and they answer their phone and tell the caller that they will call them back later. Hello? Really? Is that not what voicemail is for? I know how horribly straining it is to listen to a message, but if they get your voicemail, they’ll probably text you later anyway. Just let it go.

  114. Patsy

    Hands down when someone is checking out at a store and they are on the phone. SO SO SO Rude.

    Also it is you not U.

  115. Anna

    LOUD one sided phone conversation in restaurants.

    I also get really annoyed when I see families in restaurants and the kids are plugged into phones instead of interacting with their parents.


  116. Katie

    When people don’t listen to the voicemail I leave but instead call me first. I left the voicemail for a reason and end up repeating myself most of the time.
    That bag could be just the picture taking motivation I need!

  117. Jenne

    I work at a library, and not only does it irk me when people talk on their cell phones in the library, it REALLY irks me when they answer their phones at the reference desk when I’m trying to help them.

  118. jess (fushmush)

    I really dislike when I find out from facebook that a close friend is engaged or pregnant or had a baby. This means I’m not even important enough for a text or email.

    I always say that if you find out any news of mine on facebook then it means I don’t love you.

  119. karla

    i was on the train home from work today and the guy in the seat in front of me was texting but had the key sound on. so very annoying. i really wanted to say something alas, i did not know how.

  120. Maytal

    Texting during a work meeting, can’t stand it when I’m talking to someone and they are texting on their phone DURING A WORK MEETING!! At least say excuse me.

    What is the best way to be involved with the kind of event you had at SXSW? I was there and I have a hard time finding good networking events for like minded women.

  121. Elise

    Loud personal calls laced with profanity and way too many private details in a public space at work. Repeatedly.

  122. Laura

    As a cashier, I am particularly annoyed when customers talk on their cell phones while I am trying to process their order. And then, when I interrupt their call to ask the questions necessary to complete their order, they glare at me as if I were the rude one!

  123. mrs.wigley

    My pet peeve is having to listen/overhear very personal calls. They may not care that it is personal, but I do!

  124. Sarah Brown

    When the Q train goes out over the Manhattan bridge, and everyone suddenly has service so they pull out their phones and have the same conversation:

    “Hey, it’s me. I’m on the bridge now. Home soon. Okay, bye.”

  125. Heather S

    I know it might be because I’m young and texting is such a big part of my life but when I’m in the middle of writing a text and you can see me typing on my phone, maybe you could just wait a damn minute to start talking to me! I want to hear what you’re saying to me but I really cannot give you my full attention when I’m trying to text and I damn well can’t type properly when you’re confusing me with your talky talky. Perhaps this is because I don’t multitask well?

  126. Barb @ getupandplay

    Mine for sure is cell phones ringing in church or the worst, FUNERALS. I mean, come on people, is nothing sacred? My pediatrician goes to our church and I’ve seen him (a doctor, ON CALL) leave the meeting to take a call but I’ve never heard his phone ring!

  127. Khadijeh

    For me, the worst is when I am walking through a doorway, and there is a person right behind me, so I hold the door for them to push open as they go through, but instead they are too busy talking or texting and just walk right past me, stupidly holding the door open for them. It’s hard to articulate the situation, but oh how I hate it when it happens!

  128. Sara

    I have lots of technology pet peeves, but the texting while driving is still a big one, especially since it’s now illegal in CA. I also still find it REALLY funny when people physically move their phone right in front of their mouths when they speak and then move it back to their ears to listen.

  129. Stephanie

    Hanging out with people and having two of the people text each other and giggle. It just feels rude and snotty and high school.

  130. Maureen G.

    Ladies who continue their phone conversations in a public restroom AND have the audacity to give you a dirty look when you flush. Totally rude!

  131. Jen

    I can’t stand when people leave their bluetooth headset in their ear during a meeting. It’s almost worse than the phone ringing and them actually having to take it. It says “I guarantee that I will interrupt this meeting.”

  132. Cass

    When my grandma says – I hear that beep again can you walk me through how I find out who is on the other end of it?

    Thanks Gram – loving talking to you too.

  133. Laura

    People who leave voicemail! Ugh! There is nothing worse than a message that says, “Hi there, just checking in, hope you’re well, call me back.” Why do I need to log in to read this? I obviously know you called and I missed the call. If you don’t have a specific piece of information to tell me, stop wasting my time! And if you have a specific piece of information to give me, isn’t sending it via text easier? Man, this drives me crazy.

  134. Beverly

    Oh my gosh, talking loudly on the cell phone while commuting on the train or in the salon and I am ready to smack the phone out of their hands. Oooh, and when someone is talking into a bluetooth and you mistake them for talking to you and they look at you like you are a loser for thinking they are talking to you. Ugh. As if.

  135. JachiCue

    Sitting with another person to a nice meal, and they are not able to put the phone down. Human interaction is wonderful, put it down for 30 minutes. It will be there when we’re done with our conversation.

  136. Emma

    Worst phone etiquette: checking your phone while on a FIRST DATE! Okay, it might not actually be the worst, but it is the worst I have experienced! And there was definitely no second date.

  137. Jessica Mae

    Games in public! Come on, Angry Birds is more important then the conversation we are having?!?!

  138. Dominique

    Cell phone use in the public restroom. It’s not a phone booth, yet they give you dirty looks for using the facility while they talk on the phone. And who wants to hear those noises on the other end?

  139. Emily

    It’s common, but I’d have to go with people texting while you’re talking to them. Even if it’s 3 or 4 people at a meal — if it’s so important at least excuse yourself first or confirm that it’s ok with everyone. And apologize!

  140. Karly

    I’m quite annoyed when the person waiting in line in front of me can’t be bothered to get off their phone when it’s their turn. It always takes so much longer for the person to wait on them, aside from being incredibly rude.

  141. kate

    welcome back from sxsw! it drives me crazy when people leave their cell phone’s sound effects on while in close quarters with others — whether it’s the beeping sound of the keypad when they dial and text, or the various chirps when they receive texts or emails, or the dings and pings from the games they’re playing. if you’re going to be glued to your phone, at least spare everyone else from listening to all the bells and whistles! thanks for the lovely giveaway, maggie.

  142. Danyelle

    I don’t like it when people talk on the phones in public when they should be tending to other things like their unhappy, crying kids or talking to the cashier.

  143. Sarah

    I ride the train to and from work every day, and I cannot stand the people that have very loud conversations on their phones. Sometimes I can even hear them when I’m sitting at the other end of the train car.

  144. Ann Kru

    Calling to tell me I should not text you about such-and-such. I should. Because I *can.* And then it’s in writing.

  145. Brittany

    When you’re spending time with someone and the whole time they’re on their phone tweeting or updating their facebook status, as if experiencing the moment with me is secondary to documenting it for all of your other friends!

  146. LauraSt

    Pet peeve that I’m guilty of…the inability to walk down a hallway without my face glued to the Blackberry because I’m afraid I’ll be bored.

    How’s that for sensory overload?

    (And also the reason why I frequently ‘forget’ my cell phone. I’m afraid of its power to suck me into the pursuit of the inane.)

  147. Rachel K

    All my friends have learned that if we’re having dinner together the cells go in the bags and put on silent. For the duration of the meal.

  148. Jenni

    I don’t like it when the person I’ve hired to watch my children talks on the phone while my kids play at the park. On your own time, Missy.

  149. Cynthia

    I work retail. It’s bad enough for someone to be on their phone when they come up to my counter, but even worse if they have a hands-free earpiece. More than once, I’ve been glared at for ‘interrupting’ their conversation…while they hold up the line, and continue to blather on.

  150. Dawn

    Definitely agree with everyone else regarding people texting while in the middle of a conversation with me, or carrying on cell phone conversations in public. But, personally, I hate when I am texting with someone about something important (like where we are meeting, etc), and they just stop texting right in the middle of the conversation for no reason at all. I mean, I know stuff happens, but this is more like they just up and left in the middle of a conversation, and now I am stuck waiting to hear back.

  151. Chris C

    Oh, the bathroom phone talkers drive me BONKERS! I mean, what the hell? Even if you don’t care if YOUR bathroom time is private, I’d prefer mine be! Argh.

    (Also – that bag is totally adorable, so pick me, pick me, pick me! )

  152. Ali

    I can’t stand it when people walk down the street with music blasting from their phone sans earphones, as if everyone on the street wants to hear your bad idea of music.

  153. Rina

    I once interviewed for a job while the interviewer emailed on his Blackberry the entire time I gave my answers. I got the job, but still!

  154. Ali

    Using cell phones around my baby (or any baby, or any pregnant lady)! No testing has been done on the safety of such devices and the developing brain. Be considerate and safe. You wouldn’t smoke around a baby (I hope). Make your call elsewhere too.

  155. Catriona

    Texting in the middle of an in-person conversation. If it’s urgent (somebody is bleeding, or sobbing, or being chased by an axe murderer), okay… but texting back and forth with three different people during a dinner with somebody you see only once in a blue moon… not so much.

  156. Kris

    My father always has his bluetooth headset in his ear, including but not limited to family dinners, Christmas morning, and in the hospital moments after I had given birth to each of my boys and his first pictures with them. Pretty much, all bluetooth people who walk around and make you wonder if they are talking to you have made my list.

  157. Becky

    Mine is pretty personally specific. When my husband tries to multitask listening to me and playing Angry Birds, and the next day can’t remember any of the important things I told him.

  158. jessicookie

    Ooo, I’m stealing another person’s answer: music blasting from your headphones. Not only is it annoying to those around you, IT WILL MAKE YOU GO DEAF. Lose-lose.

  159. Shira

    After three years of being friends and one year of being roommates, I finally cured a friend of the most irritating mobile habit ever: regularly (as in, every time we’d hang out in person) his parents would call, and instead of excusing himself or telling his parents (whom he talks to a minimum of three times a day) that he would call them back, he would simply leave me hanging while he spoke with his parents for upwards of 20 minutes. Eventually I’d just leave the room whenever he did this, telling him that it is BEYOND rude, and he finally got the hint.

  160. Courtney

    I really hate it when people use a letter or two to shorten a word. R U coming over? Really annoys me. You really aren’t saving that much time!!

  161. Beth K.

    Texting while sharing a meal – especially if it’s just two of you. Nothing like “catching up with a friend” when s/he seem to be focusing all attention elsewhere.

  162. Jane in CA

    My biggest pet peeve is when my (college) students are “taking notes” on their laptop while I’m lecturing and they spontaneously start smiling. When I haven’t said anything even remotely funny. Checking facebook, perhaps? Seeing drunk, naked photos of themselves from the night before tagged by some thoughtful friend? Who knows, but it is beyond annoying.

  163. Elaine

    My peeves, they are many. The general public is rude beyond belief. Aside from the giant “I am an asshole” signals–cell phones in theaters and checkout lines–my least favorite thing is when people on the train let their phone ring (loudly) 18 hundred times. It’s the equivalent of hearing someone hit their snooze button over and over; put the thing on vibrate, already.

  164. Lisa

    Blasting music from leaky headphones on public transit. I don’t want to listen to a shitty tinny version of whatever insanely annoying song you happen to be listening to…

  165. MJ

    I hate when people use cell phones for any purpose while they’re in IRL social situations. Either give your phone conversation your full attention or give it to your social surroundings, but it’s rude to try to do both at the same time.

    My mother is notorious for this– she’ll drive 4 hours to visit me, then take a phone call 10 minutes into the visit and talk to her boyfriend for half an hour. So unnecessary!

  166. Susan H.

    Unless it’s a emergency, you should never be texting someone while out with friends–unless you are trying to find out what happened to the friend who was supposed to meet you there!

  167. ellbee

    My husband does this and it drives me insane–he will answer his phone and either stay in the room with me speaking at an incredibly loud volume, or he will wander around the house. The latter is actually more annoying, because if I get up to go do some small task in another room (or just to get away from his loudness) he will eventually wander in to that room and then give ME the hairy eyeball if I happen to do something loud, like run the blender. My old boss used to do this as well when we were in meetings and it drove me batty. No one wants to hear your conversation, and for heaven’s sake, NO ONE wants to be chased around the house or office by a loud talker!

  168. dana

    I love comment #1 about people calling me AT ALL – pretty much phone calls during work hours are emergency or not at all! And voice mail without a hint of the topic… grr… and the #1 peeve is people on their phone while at the check out! HUMANS BEFORE TECHNOLOGY!

  169. Karen

    I was attending a piano performance at Davies Hall last week and was sitting up on the second tier. One rude person kept checking his phone and from where I sat, it appeared to light up the entire orchestra, seating section. I had to close my eyes when he would light up… wanted an usher to tap him so badly….

  170. Vee

    Mine is still people who think the bathroom stall is a phone booth. For pity’s sake, who’s that busy that they need to be on the phone when they’re in the john?

    The passive-aggressive in me comes out in situations like this, and I have to admit that when someone in the next stall starts talking on their phone…I flush. Repeatedly.

  171. Sheila

    People who talk on the phone when they are in line and refuse to talk to the person behind the counter.

  172. Annemarie

    I’ve returned to school and find it so irritating when the young co-eds come across and idea/theory that they think makes them sound smart so they call their parents and talk LOUDLY about how this intellectual theory is the reason that they now want to be a write/forensic psychologist/CEO/consultant. (This is especially irritating at the library).

  173. Jen

    I catch students using the bathroom and talking on the phone all the time. Gross. How does one wipe while talking on the phone? And how does one explain the flush???

  174. Barbara

    I destest when someone calls me on their cell and they’re in a store, their car, wherever, and either lose the call, put me on hold to take other calls, or all of a sudden start talking to the check-out person, or asking where the lumber aisle is in Home Depot, etc.


    Sorry for yelling.

    Thank you.

  175. Karla

    People who talk on the phone when ordering in a restaurant, checking out in a store or otherwise dealing with someone who is trying to help them. So rude.

  176. Megan

    Oooo I hate it when you’re mid conversation and someone picks up their phone only to half pay attention and start texting. That or answering my phone call only to tell me they’ll call me back.

  177. Elizabeth_K

    I’m really (really) not a fan of talking to someone while they are also on the phone/texting/checking in. Just — wait to call me or ask me something until you have a second to spare, okay?! The gift bag looks awesome …

  178. amanda

    really can’t deal with people continuing a cellphone convo while going to the bathroom. i don’t want to hear that while i’m talking to you. GROSS!

  179. Colleen

    I cannot stand people who insist upon texting while pushing a shopping cart through a store. This keeps happening to me! I’m out happily running down my to-buy list and cruising the aisles, until I end up trapped against a wall of salad dressing trying to stay out of the way of a texter-gone-rampant careening toward me.

    And if they’re not barreling toward me at warp speed, then they’re competing with the hare at tortoise speed blocking the aisle exit.


  180. Kristi

    My pet peeve is when people answer the phone in a stall in public restroom. I don’t mind so much that they’re talking in there… it’s when all of the sudden you’re sitting next to an occupied stall and hear “hello?”. Are they talking to me? I never know until it’s too late.

  181. melissa

    As much as I used to worry about her not having a cell phone, I now rue the day my Grandmothehr went mobile. Her hearing isn’t great so whether we’re at a restaurant or shopping together- the entire world hears her conversations. One of my younger cousins put a ridiculous “Help! Get me out of your pocket!” ringtone that is on full volume (again, lousy hearing, yet can never be located in less than 5 “rings”. I’m mortified each and every time we go out into public.

  182. Katherine

    Agree with all the above, but I think my biggest pet peeve is obnoxious ring tones. I’m all for a discrete ring tone, ideally just vibration. And don’t get me started on how I feel about people scrolling through all their ring tones in public.

  183. Stephanie

    Texting while walking. Now that I have a big ole pregger belly I’ve gotten the courage to (politely) say “Look up!” when people are about to run into me or a pole, cause I’m nice.

  184. Jenn

    I HATE it when I’m out with friends and people are checking their e-mails & voicemails, sending texts, or playing games! I can understand if it’s an emergency, but it never is. Put the phone down when you’re in a social situation. Seriously.

  185. Martha

    I hate it when people have long conversations when they are hanging out with you. I’m sure this isn’t a big deal for most people – I don’t have a cell phone (GASP!) so to me it is just so obvious that if you are engaging with real human people it better be an emergency for you to talk on the phone for more than five minutes when we are hanging out.

  186. Kate

    Texting while driving is the worst. It’s bad mobile manners AND bad driving manners. Not to mention dangerous!

  187. kim

    Arrgh! Where to start? People talking on their phone whilst driving the car – that really is annoying and, don’t they know, dangerous?! “Heard of handsfree or car mobile kit?”, I want to ring them up and shout down the phone. Not while I’m driving of course. Also, people who talk on the phone the whole time whilst they drop their preschooler off to childcare. That has to be the height of rudeness, and to their own child! Could it really not wait a few minutes?

    BTW – I so love that bag, and love the idea of the Mobile Manners Brunch! Lucky ladies!

  188. Bryce

    This is more phone etiquette, but people who talk to other people or their PETS, or anything else, while on the phone with me. Either we’re having a phone conversation or not. I don’t want to listen to you talk/yell at your child or dog or whomever, no matter what’s going on.

  189. susannah

    business etiquette pet peeve: accept a meeting and then don’t show, or show up horrifically late.

    personal etiquette pet peeve: don’t acknowledge a kindness (on any level – from a spoken compliment, to letting you cut at the last minute into my lane on the freeway, to a gift given)

  190. Sarah G

    My mobile pet peeve is definitely coworkers using their mobile in the bathroom, especially while in the bathroom stall. Bonus points if they’re also on a work call, because we all recognize the jet-engine-loud sound of the office restroom toilets when we hear it because you, additionally, forgot to mute yourself!

  191. Maggie

    Oh man, people pulling out their phones in movies and texting, tweeting, whatever for 5 minutes. So obnoxious. And one more reason why I haven’t been to a movie theater in over 6 months.

  192. Kate in the Shade

    I know this is my own personal pet peeve and isn’t actually bad etiquette, but I also hate it when people call me instead of e-mailing, particularly because many of these people already KNOW that I hate the phone and rarely check voicemail.

  193. Jess

    Biggest pet peeve? People talking on their phones while checking out of a store or ordering food or any other activity in which they should be engaged with the person that is actually physically standing there.

  194. Abby

    Absent-mindedly checking one’s phone while in the middle of a conversation with someone in real life, drives me crazy :)

  195. Lara

    It drives me batty when people wait for the chorus of their ringtone song to play out before answering.

  196. Lindsay

    If I call someone and they answer the phone, but they are CLEARLY not in a place or frame of mind in which they can actually have a conversation. PLEASE don’t answer the phone. Conversely, if you are calling me, please finish the conversation/meal/email writing you are in the middle of when you call ME. I think the ubiquity of mobile phones and other devices has made (some) people completely forget phone etiquette and general decency. Booo.

  197. Gloria Chen

    Those that don’t know an advice has been beaten to death and still want to keep on offering advices.

  198. Madison

    When it’s a two person meal and someone spends more than a brief moment or two answering texts or emails on their phone, especially mid-conversation, especially without an apology or justification. I’ll just be awkwardly here with my soup.

  199. Lisa

    Leaving the text message notifying alert on. Honestly everyone! You check the thing a million times a day anyway, there really is no need to be ALERTED when you have a text. Trust me. Life is much more relaxed when YOU decide when to look at your phone. Plus the damn thing ringing or buzzing every fifteen minutes makes the people you’re with think they’re not worth your immediate attention! Rant over.

  200. abby

    i spent a good part of the weekend complaining about people who leave me voicemails even though my outgoing message says “you’ll get a faster response if you email me”. i travel incessantly, and email is easier and less rude in the confined spaces travelers find themselves in. help me not be one of those people the other 223 people in the comments are complaining about and send me an email instead.

  201. Steph

    My husband texts from the passenger seat when he should be co-piloting. I need a second set of eyes to find the good parking spots.

  202. Kathy W

    My biggest pet peeve would be people who text while having a 1-on-1 live conversation with someone else, then act surprised that they miss 1/2 of the live conversation. Focus please.

  203. Jessie

    It’s sort of a peeve, sort of a bad habit, but being constantly on the smartphone while you’re hanging out with friends. I was at a bar with 3 other friends and the times when there were fewer than 3 phones out were rare.

    Maybe I’m just bitter because I don’t have so many people to talk to that I need to be always on the Internet/texting/facebooking.

  204. Lauren

    When the person you’re talking to gets a text and they tune out of the conversation to start talking to someone else

  205. Courtney K.

    I *hate* when people have their nose stuck in the phone while driving. You are REALLY not so important that you have to endanger my life and the life of my family/child. Also…when you try to carry on a conversation with a person and they can’t look away from the screen long enough to make eye contact. RUDE.

  206. Candie

    My mobile pet peeve is when someone doesn’t take the time to learn cell phone basics like how to silence the ringer. I don’t know how many times I’ve been talking with someone or sitting in a meeting when some cheesy song/tune disrupts everything. Then the music keeps going, and going, and going. Sometimes they announce that they don’t know how to make it stop or sometimes they act like they don’t even hear it. Either case makes me want to grab their phone and chuck it out the window.

  207. jennifluff

    My biggest peeve, and its happened more than once, is having the person in the stall next to me in a pubic bathroom continue to talk while they’re doing their business. If you’re going to poop and talk on the phone at home, fine, but while you’re in public, please fake some decency.

  208. Melinda

    I think its unbelievable when people pull out their phone to text or, even worse, take pictures during a live play. People around you are annoyed, and even worse, actors can see it from the stage. I can even see it from the wings of the stage, where I hang out. There is nothing more distracting, except maybe that hacking cough you can’t seem to shake off.

  209. Susan E in VA

    When I’m having a conversation and they get a notification and read their text and start answering it! How rude!

  210. Kelli

    I teach scrapbooking classes, and nothing annoys me more than the couple of ladies that put their phone on vibrate and put it on the table. I can still hear it, it’s still distracting. But then they get a text and reply to it and then have the nerve to ask me to repeat all the instructions I just gave. I’ve had to say something and it makes ME feel like the bad person.

  211. BKC

    My peeve was recently discovered: when my aunt uses her cell phone integrated via bluetooth over the car speakers. While I’m in the car. I can’t speak, or hum, or cough because she’s on the phone! And how weird for the person she’s calling! It’s mostly business calls, but still. Gah!

  212. Aurora

    It is very annoying when someone is listening to the music player on their phone without a headset. Especially if we are in a confined area. I had that happen for the entire hour I was waiting at the DMV. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  213. Holly

    For me, its texting during dinner. Or answering a phone call and not excusing yourself- just sitting there at the table talking unnecessarily loud.

  214. Stephanie

    Like lots of other commenters, people who talk on their phones while interacting with service staff drive me crazy.

    I also think people should just text me instead of leaving voicemails. It’s so much simpler.

  215. Lulu

    I rather dislike people who speak on the mobile phones and the person on the other end of the phone is so far away! Especially in a restaurant and in the middle of a meal. Thank you.

  216. Misty

    Mine is definitely when people answer their phone (and chat!) while your out to dinner, etc… with them. Can’t you just ignore and call back later?? I rarely answer my phone with I am with someone and if I do I make it quick.

  217. Minh

    It drives me C.R.A.Z.Y.!! when my boyfriend whips out his phone the minute we sit down at a restaurant and starts to read the news. Since when did dinner etiquette include burying your face in your phone to the exclusion of conversation? He does it in the car too!

  218. lu

    biggest mobile pet peeve is people using their phone like a walkie-talkie and having a full-blown argument with the person on the other line AND gesturing with the phone while they scream into it…in speaker mode.

  219. Rachel

    I can’t stand it when someone is on their phone when they are ordering food somewhere or speaking with a sales associate. It is so rude. The poor person tries to be so polite while the phone user yacks on his or her phone.

  220. Wendy N.

    i think the worst is the person in the public restroom on the phone… ewwwww… and REALLY????

  221. Emily

    There are a lot of things people do with their mobile devices that bug me, and it all really boils down to one thing: not being aware of your surroundings and behaving appropriately. If you’re in line to order or pay for something, get off your phone. If you’re on the train or in a waiting room (or some other public place) only talk on the phone if necessary and speak quietly. If you’re out to dinner or doing some other activity with your partner or friends, PUT AWAY THE DAMN PHONE!!

  222. ariel

    very simply I cannot stand it when people use cell phones at meal time. eating is to be enjoyed, company in your actual presence is to be cherished and phone calls, text messages and emails can wait!

  223. Lee-Ann

    I hate looking at fbook and ‘seeing’ everyone having a good time in the pictures everyone is taking with their phones, instead of actually having a good time with the people they are with! Like step. by. step. each. and. every. thing. they. are. doing. {I’m a photographer, so that’s ironic :)}

  224. Meghan F

    I hate when someone is on their phone while paying for something! It doesn’t matter if I am behind them in line, or if I am the cashier. Either way, it is rude. Have some respect and actually say hi to the person serving you!

    On a side note. One time, a guy was doing this (talking on his phone and purchasing something at the same time). Very rude. Anyway, he finished paying, finished talking….started to walk away and then….dropped his phone! It shattered. My husband laughed.

  225. Cyndi

    There are so many listed that I agree with – but I think talking on the phone while in the restroom just may be at the top of my list. But texting, etc while in the middle of a face to face conversation is a close second. Be present with the people in front of you – whether it’s a friend, a cashier, barista, teller, etc.

  226. KrisLee

    My biggest pet peeve is entire conversations via text. If you cannot come to a conclusion/answer after 3 texts, it is time to have a phone conversation.

  227. Tasha

    I HATE when people say “UR” for You’re..or you are. DRIVES ME CRAZY!

    Thanks for the chance to win the bag. I LOVE that bag :)

  228. Jenn F

    When my students text each other during my lessons to find out where they’re meeting for lunch! Or when parents text their kids during class :(

  229. Allie

    Definitely when someone you are with (in person) answers a call coming in on their earpiece without telling you that’s what they are doing when of course you couldn’t even hear the phone ring.

  230. zchamu

    Mobile etiquette peeve: People who jump to answer the phone mid-serious-conversation without even a “sorry, I’m waiting for a call, I will only be a moment”. Very annoying.

  231. Sue FitzGerald

    Ahhh, so many peeves about moblie users, (several of which I have been guilty of myself,lol) but I think the one that annoys me most is people who text while have a conversation with you, next in line is people at store counters ordering/paying for stuff and chatting on their mobile and holding up the line. Haven’t they ever heard the term “I’ll call you back in 5” ???

  232. Jennifer B

    I’ve recently returned to college and some of the fresh out of high school crowd will get up in the middle of the lecture and just walk out of class to take a call – which we’ve all heard ring because they don’t have the courtesy to silence their phone. Exceptionally disrespectful!

  233. Beverly

    Anytime I have to overhear a phone conversation, I am annoyed. I really hate the way people use cell phones in public. Really you do not even want to get me started.

  234. Shannon C

    I hate when people have cell phones but never turn them on but freak out when I don’t answer mine. I also hate when people talk on the phone in public restrooms.
    I hope I win!

  235. Jessica

    I’m not in retail but it peeves me to no end that people yap on their phones while at the checkout. For one, I don’t need to hear what so and so did to your boyfriend last year at whatever party, and two, it takes you that much longer to complete the process and be on your way. Hang it up, get your stuff, and call ’em back when you’re in private. PLEASE!

  236. Jana

    Cell phone peeve: actually it’s a particular person at the chiro office I go to…she constantly talks in an overly loud voice in the waiting area on her phone…the first time I thought she was having a conversation with another patient…I was wrong! I know all about her parties and hangovers, etc. Honestly I’d rather not know these personal details of her life. lol!!!
    A clover bag to hang out with while I endure it though would make it soo worth it!!!!

  237. Candice

    The other day someone was yelling and swearing on his cell phone in the deli section at the supermarket. I hate cell phone use in public in general but 1 – yelling, 2 – *swearing*, and 3 – in an enclosed space like a store? The ultimate in rude.

  238. Cindy

    The worst is hearing someone’s ringtone go off during a wedding (and then them actually picking up the call frantically, rather than quickly turning the phone off!

  239. Mel

    Oh so many of my greatest mobile pet peeves are already listed here! i’ll second all those who said anyone on a phone while at the cashier. Just hang up. I’ve been surprised by a fast moving line and found myself on the phone and at the front…and I just say “hey, gotta call you back” and drop the phone in my purse. No way am I making that cashier wait on me while i blather on.

  240. 101 Things Before I Die

    Mine’s not too profound and I’m pretty patient with most people but my biggest peeve is when my husband answers work email on his black berry on the weekend when we’re out to dinner. He travels during the week so I only get to see him on the weekends; I figure work gets him 5 days a week, I’m not asking too much to have him for 2.

  241. Vicki

    My biggest pet peeve re: smart phones is people calling and not leaving a message- ESPECIALLY if it’s someone I don’t know. Leave a damn message! No message, no callback.

  242. Laura

    Distracted parents! It really bothers me to see new moms pushing strollers and talking on the phone. You need to be engaged with your baby. These kids are going to grow up to the sound of 1/2 of a conversation and constant chatter.

  243. Dana

    I absolutely hate it when a I’m talking with some one and they are texting another person… I mean, seriously, if you want to talk to that person you should have visited them instead of me! It’s just so rude and inconsiderate.

  244. Susan

    I used to teach at a university and I finally had to ban electronic devices from the classroom – I really found it very distracting when I was lecturing to look out and see people not paying any attention at all because they were focused on their tiny screens instead of the lecture they were (indirectly) paying me a lot of money to give.

  245. Katie Sterling

    When people use their phone in the bathroom! It makes it so uncomfortable to go to the restroom, I don’t want the person on the other end of their conversation hear me go to the restroom!

  246. sarah b

    i have a couple pet peeves…1) people who go up to the cashier to order/pay and are talking on their phone…2) when i see 2 people sitting at a restaurant and the other pulls out their phone to check on facebook or send texts.

    both of these are SO rude.

  247. sarah

    My ex uses his smartphone as a crutch for his crippled attention span. Whenever we went out to eat, and I stopped talking for more than ten seconds (I.e. long enough to chew and swallow), out came the Internet. “Oh, I’m sorry, was my pause for breath boring you?”

    Brava for promoting mobile manners, Maggeh!

  248. Sarah K

    I hate when you are having a conversation with someone and they are half listening and having conversations with others. I will even ask “is this a bad time?’ and they will say no.

  249. Cristie Ritz King

    Oh my gosh I shouldn’t have read the comments first, they reminded me of so many other peeves! My biggest peeve is when people speak so loudly on the phone. I understand if you have to take a call, or if you have a long train commute you want to talk. I just don’t understand why you have to yell. Didn’t your momma ever teach you inside voices?!

  250. Jennifer King

    Peeve: When I’m standing in line at the Post Office for example and the person behind me answers their cell phone LOUDLY and proceeds to hold their conversation with whoever called them LOUDLY speaking directly forward right into my ear. I want to turn around and scream in their ears!

  251. sharon blankenship

    I do NOT like to hear other peoples phone calls when in the dr’s office .. I will usually only be there because I am uncomfortable and sick! Not listening to someones grocery list


  252. Lesli Hampton

    It irritates me to no end when someone comes to visit, either me or someone else, then stays on their phone constantly. Whether it be texting, socializing, or actually talking on it, it really bugs me. If you want to have a face to face conversation with someone, please put your mobile ones on hold for a few minutes!

  253. Cyndi

    I’m taking college classes at age 45, and I think texting during class is incredibly disrespectful. Back in my day there was no such rudeness. (Shaking index finger at inconsiderate undergrads.)

  254. emily

    Agree with 207. Totally rude when people answer in the public bathroom! I mean if you are answering a phone in the bathroom isn’t that usually something you try to keep under wraps?!

  255. Kimberly

    The ‘hold on a sec’ single finger held up with a serious look by the person talking on the phone while you’re there, in person, waiting to talk to that person.

  256. Jennifer Medeiros

    I am a total nerd and I actually hate grammar and spelling errors in text messages. I figure with most people having a full keyboard on their phones today, there’s no excuse. Maybe it’s just me….

  257. Brigita

    o phones can be terrible – for example I hate it on spots events – when you pay so much money to see tennis match and then a person sitting next to you is on the phone the whole match,
    phones in church also should be prohibid
    it is also hard to talk with a client if they have their phone in their hands

  258. Carrie L

    I *dislike* it when I am in line at the grocery store and i have to wait for the person to finish talking on the phone or finish reading their e-mails so that they can pay; and i therefore can get my turn…grrr. Plus i can not stand it when people call me & they really have nothing to say, it’s like why did you call for…just e-mail me.

  259. Carolyn K

    I can’t stand it when someone is talking while ordering food etc. It’s so unbelievably rude. You can bet I’ve shot out my fair share of “stink eyes” to perpetrators I’ve encountered!

  260. Jet Harrington

    Someone who emails me and then immediately calls my cellphone to “see if I read the email” makes me want to stab them in the ear. Really?

    Current favourite tea is Northwest Earl Grey with Lavender Blossoms (in bags) or Pear Luna White Tea from Teavana (loose).

    And I’d LOVE that charcoal Clover bag. SO MUCH. I would love it and pet and feed it and maybe rename it George.

  261. Christine D'Arbanville

    1) People who constantly text others while spending time with me. While they’re incessantly checking their phones every time they chime to read a message and then respond it is a constant interruption to the very real, live conversation we’re having. I lose my train of thought and find myself wondering why I bother.

    2) People who text while driving. If you’re not paying attention to the road while you’re behind the wheel, uh, who is? I see it daily and often and give these folks a wide berth- if I can’t get around them I’ll make sure there’s plenty of room between us. It’s not worth my life because someone just had to send a “LOL” text that “just couldn’t wait.”

  262. blackfernandes

    I hate when people leave their cellphones at their desk when they aren’t around. All day long I get to hear their annoying ring selections go off endlessly. Seriously people – put it on vibrate or take the phone with you!

  263. Anneli

    When people’s cell phones ring during church or weddings….worse yet funerals….if you are there to celebrate, then do it. Don’t be somewhere else and not in the moment!

  264. dawn

    my two biggies: 1) texting/tweeting, etc. during social engagements. if we got together to hang out, why do you care about what’s going one somewhere else with someone else?! particularly annoying during meals. 2) relating the plot of the movie to someone on the other end; tell them to watch the darn movie themselves!

  265. Din T

    Where do I start… People texting each other when they are with a group of people (does this remind you of grade school when people used to whisper secrets to each other in front of others?); phones on during church service; texting/ phone calls during meals; a text instead of hearing a voice when getting bad news. I could go on and on.

  266. Anne (no longer in Reno)

    I’m gonna go with messing with your phone while we are at the dinner table. It is just too much. What can be happening in the span of a meal that is SO important? And how did you survive dinners in the past without it, my heavens! Yeesh.

  267. Heather

    My biiiiggest pet peeve is being able to hear someone’s music through their earphones. If I can hear your music, then you can DEFINITELY hear your music, and you need to turn it down. For the sake of your ear drums and my sanity, TURN IT DOWN.

    But since that isn’t cell phone related, my biggest cell phone pet peeve is being able to hear someone else’s conversation when I’m in a place where I can’t escape it (usually the bus, which I don’t even like even when it IS silent).

  268. Debbie Y

    My pet peeve is someone answering a text message while still having a conversation with you. Surely it can wait till your conversation is over but if not excuse yourself and deal with it, do not talk and text at the same time.

  269. Janet S

    It used to be you could win an argument by simply using an authoritative, clear tone of voice. Now someone can double check your facts on a cellphone and tell you on the spot that you are wrong. How rude.

  270. Miss B

    Pretty much any cell phone use in public, really. Unless you are somewhere outdoors and where nothing else is going on — like waiting for the bus, or standing or sitting still somewhere fairly uncrowded (alleyway, empty doorway to a closed establishment along a sidewalk, that kind of thing) then I just really hate it when people have phone conversations in public. Text messages on the bus and what-have-you are okay, because that’s quiet and unobtrusive at least. But all this constant connection to everything and everyone everywhere, all the time? I hate it.

    Also — a related-but-different thing — the use of the word “text” as a verb. “Texting” is not a thing. “To text” is not a verb. You can send someone a text message. That is what you can do. (And don’t even get me started on text-speak and stupid numbers/letters-in-place-of-real-words-and-never-using-punctuation nonsense. *shakes fist at sky* Kids today! Even though I’m 30, and so I’m supposed to be okay with all of this nonsense. But really, gah.)

  271. Shante Gillette

    What I hate the most is when you are out with a friend or in my case my sister, and you are having a conversation and out of no where they just start laughing. You look around like you missed something and then you look at your friend or my sister, and realize they read something funny on their phone, and then they have the nerve not to share. SO Rude!!!

  272. Amanda B.

    My biggest mobile pet peeve is talking on the phone in a public restroom…I really could care less about your personal problems, or how your love life is going…I just want to pee in relative calm. Thank you.

  273. Amy beth

    texting during a movie…the last time i went i counted 26 screens lit up and people texting away. movies are expensive I shut my phone off to get my entire 12 bucks worth of show! thanks for the contest!

  274. tonya

    Agh! People talking on the phone in a public restroom (well, any restroom really). Yeah, it’s more quiet than the restaurant or bar, but what do the people on the other end think when the offender or I flush the toilet? Ick!

  275. MissyO

    I know it has been mentioned before, but using the device while driving and NOT PAYING ATTENTION! DRIVES ME INSANE!!

  276. Lacey Blackburn

    I work in a pharmacy, it is extremely rude to talk on your phone while we are trying to ask you questions about your health. Get off the phone, this stuff back here can kill you!!! Oh, and you are not exempt from this rule because you are in the drive-thru.

  277. Monica

    My biggest mobile etiquette peeve is just because you have a smart phone doesn’t mean you don’t have to re-read what you have typed in to send. (all the word errors)

  278. Kayla

    When I see a family out n’ about, and the children are playing while Mom and Dad are glued to their phones. Seriously, very sad. They are missing out on so much more than a text, tweet, email.

  279. fiona voet

    People who text while you are talking to them … and they ask you to repeat what you just spend your time explaining…. :(

  280. Elif

    When people write epically long, serious texts that require multiple texts to clarify. If it’s that important, please let’s meet *in person* and discuss it.

  281. Jen

    When I’m in close proximity of someone and they start speaking (with bluetooth that I can’t see) and I say excuse me, I’m sorry can you repeat and then they give me a look like I have 3 heads for talking to them. Well, excuse me…it looks like you’re talking to me.

    Oh and a close second when you’re in a public restroom and someone is carrying on a phone conversation in the next stall. Ewww!

  282. Kendra Jean

    Pinky out!

    The most annoying EVER is when visiting with friends and at least has got their phone out the whole entire time texting. Actually one more is even more annoying is when their phone rings and they answer it right there in middle of the group and chat away!! GET UP AND LEAVE the room PLEASE!! Whew, felt good to get that out;) Now, hoping that I am the lucky winner to an absolutely beautiful bag ;)!! thanks!

  283. ani

    When I am standing in line at the grocery store and the person checking out is talking on their phone or texting and is therefore taking 3 times as long to put their groceries out, pay, etc.

  284. francine

    Hmmm…I have so many pet peeves!
    As a parent myself, I find it infuriating when other parents can’t be bothered to watch their children or to interact with them b/c their phones are too important. Last week at my daughter’s ballet class not a single other parent actually watch their adorable toddlers dance. They all were too busy texting or talking (too loudly)on their phones. Don’t they realize what preciousness they are missing out on?! The same thing happens at the playground.
    I also agree with everyone above who posted about how rude people are to tellers, cashiers and fellow humans. When did phones become more important than humanity?

  285. Rachel

    I can’t decide which has bugged me more:
    people who start phone conversations while in bathroom stalls


    people who refuse to dim their smartphones while in use at the movies

  286. Angie

    I work in retail so, anyone who continues to talk on the phone when they walk up to the register, I find very rude. I can’t help someone when I don’t know if they are talking to me, or the person on the other end.

  287. Stephanie Early

    I am one of those people who pay for a limited number of text messages (I may be the only one left). It drives me bonkers when people text me a happy face…and nothing else. Seriously..did I just pay ten cents for =) ?!

  288. Chelsey

    Haha, I, too hate when people call me on the actual phone, what a life interruption! But the original pet peeve I was going to post is when I’m with somebody, actually in the flesh, especially people I haven’t seen in a long time and they text with someone else the entire time! Once or twice I can put up with, but even so, I try my hardest to connect with those I am with rather than giving them half my attention because I’m texting or checking facebook.

  289. Tia Pugh

    Biggest peeve: When someone [read: my mother] calls during a time when they know you will be unavailable to talk and then leaves a 3 minute phone message. “What? Oh dear, it says I have eight seconds le… ” click.

    And then she calls back again to continue…
    Lord have mercy.

  290. Dina Turco

    Driving and Talking…..whenever a car is driving all crazy, the driver is always on the phone. It’s not only rude, but so dangerous!

  291. Sharon

    I echo everything Dana (#283) above me said. I absolutely HATE that – it’s the epitome of rudeness. It got so bad with one friend in particular that I threatened to leave and not hang out with her again, if she didn’t put down the damn phone and pay attention to me. Thankfully it worked. :)

  292. Jennifer Cook

    Has to be when people are talking on the phone while checking out, at a store, post office, wherever. It’s just rude.

  293. Kate Craft

    Texting while people are trying to sell me stuff …Really D-bag try to actually pay attention, to me while you are trying to up sell me on a million billion texts with my new phone plan, then you might see the look of disgust on my face and relize you should stop talking and texting and leave me alone LOL

  294. Kimber

    I can’t stand when people leave really long voicemail messages. You know, the ones where they have to call back a second time to finish up what they were saying.

  295. Leila Arias

    It is super inexcusable when people would talk on their phone while they are checking out through the lane. When I used to work at a retail store it bothered me so much, that they wouldn’t even acknowledge me when I was being polite. Rude!

  296. Steff

    I hate it when someone keeps resending you a text or calling multiple times. If I don’t answer/reply right away, it’s because I can’t! I will see your missed call when I am available.

  297. Lindsey

    I can’t stand it when people are at the register checking out and talking on the phone! It’s rude to the cashier and to all the rest of us in line waiting – some people can’t multitask!! :)

  298. Laura

    I think it is ridiculously rude when people bring merchandise to the checkout counter while on their mobile phones, talking away while the clerk is trying to complete the transaction. It just has a bad vibe.

  299. LisaF

    People who text while I’m trying to talk to them, or answer a call in the middle of a conversation. Are they really THAT important? ;)
    Seriously, as a deaf person, I love, love today’s mobility. It’s opened up a wonderfully larger world of communication for me.

  300. Mommyof2Girlz/Steph

    Driving while chatting. If it is so darn important to be on the phone while in your car pull over! I can not count the number of times I have been almost side swiped by people just chatting away totally oblivious to anyone around them.

  301. Lisa May

    Personal, private phone conversations in totally public places. I spent an excruciating 45 minutes commuting home last year across the aisle from a woman who was making a series of “I’m pregnant!” phone calls, including occasional details about her recent miscarriage. Loudly. On the train. During rush hour. WTF?

  302. Jennifer

    My biggest mobile pet peeve is when people don’t put their phones away for meetings, etc. Even vibrate is LOUD and disruptive!

  303. Deborah

    It bothers me when someone “blows up” my phone. I will call you back – you don’t need to continue calling every minute until I can find where I set my phone down!!

  304. Kim R

    It really irritates me when people talk on the phone while driving, and they don’t pay attention to the road; driving under the speed limit and driving reclessly!

  305. ciara

    hmmm where do i start w the mobile pet peeves? lol i get annoyed by those who feel they must converse so loudly while on their phone. no, i do not want to hear your conversation, and it just makes you look ridiculous. i also hate when people don’t stop to text. they just walk as their texting and don’t pay attention to their surroundings. this is not good for a couple of reasons: one, they can get hurt if they accidentally walk out into the street, they bump into people, and the most important reason? the fact that they leave themselves open to any attacker who notices that they are not aware of their surroundings. i take criminal justice courses w an ex-cop, and it annoys him, too, because he knows what kind of risk some people put themselves in.

  306. Marie-Claire

    My mobile etiquette peeve is when I see teachers (I’m a school librarian) at a conference twittering away while a speaker discusses the importance of keeping electronic devices out of the classroom.
    Fail all around.
    Fail for the speaker suggesting we can hold back progress (instead of growing with it), fail for the teachers for acting in such an obnoxious “do as I say, don’t do as I do” way.

  307. Sue

    Definitely texting while driving, weaving all over the road and if children are in the car a big no no.

  308. Emily

    I get super peeved when I’m in line for coffee behind a person that is yammering on their cell phone, and when they get to the front of the line, they haven’t bothered to decide what they want! They take another few minutes to figure it out, and it wastes precious (pre-caffeinated and cranky) moments of my day.

  309. Christone

    My biggest peeve is the all of the abbreviations!! I mean, how hard is it to spell out “you” instead of “u”?? Not to mention, I’ve seen people use these abbreviations when they’re NOT texting!!!!

  310. Lindsay

    I really can not stand people who put their cell phones on speaker as they’re walking through a store. I don’t get it??!!?? I don’t want to hear your conversation…

  311. Teresa

    Worst I’ve seen. A woman walking around a store with her cell phone on speaker. The person she was talking to giving details of a medical issue. I’m guessing the person on the other end had no idea everyone in that grocery store department now knows all about her medical problem.

  312. Lynsry

    This is going to sound out of place without any context, but my biggest etiquette pet peeve is when people throw up and then try to hide it/don’t tell you about it. I’ve spent years working in hotel banquets and the number of people that get sick under a table/behind a coat rack/into a planter/on a wall and then try to act like nothing went down is nothing short of staggering.

    A more common etiquette pet peeve? People who don’t wait for you to cross the sidewalk when they are driving. YOU ARE IN THE CAR. I AM ON FOOT. YOU WILL STILL BEAT ME THERE, 5 SECOND WAIT OR NOT.

  313. Carrie

    Pinky up… my biggest mobile etiquette peeve is when people remain on their cell phones while interacting with cashiers. There is nothing more annoying to me to watch someone pick up a pizza or order a chai and perform the entire transaction while on the phone. I think it’s awfully rude and a bit condescending.
    P.S. I ADORE your Clover Laptop and Camera Bag!!

  314. Desiree

    I think mine is pretty common – texting while you’re actually having a face-to-face conversation with someone else, at coffee, dinner, what have you. Also, I am really not a fan of text-speak (i.e. How r u?). It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.

  315. Molly

    I hate when people text someone else while we are having a conversation…UUGGHH so frustrating.

  316. Katherine

    I don’t like it when I’m on speakerphone and I haven’t been informed–it’s unlikely that I’ll say something inappropriate, but I don’t like that I have an audience.

  317. Kendra Portnova

    My pet peeve is when I’m trying to have a convo with my husband and I’m interrupted with a text( on his phone) and he sits there halfway listening to me… THEN gets a phone call ( out in public) a proceeds to use his megaphone voice to talk! I have to tell him to lower his voice , cause I know it’s annoying to everyone! Even me!

  318. Barb D

    Pet peeve, asking for a “dat” via e-mail or text or Facebook page. Worst ever, breaking up via e-mail…and he was 42yo!

  319. Yvonne

    Really annoying when the person who sits next to you talk on his/her mobile phone on the bus on the way to work every morning disregarding the big sign that says NO PHONE on board!

  320. Karen

    Loud cell phone conversations while in public places, like the bus. I really don’t care to know about how crazy your mother is, OK?

  321. Jen M.

    People texting or answering the phone at the table while you are out to dinner really annoys me. Excuse yourself and go outside if you have to take the call, but be warned that if I eat dinner by myself because you’re on the phone and it wasn’t an emergency- we won’t be dining together again.

  322. Mickey

    My pet peeve is when people talk too loudly into their phones in public places, forcing everyone in the general vicinity to hear their entire conversation.

  323. Margaret

    My biggest mobile-related pet peeve is the dog park workaholic. You know… that person who stands at the furthest corner possible and pays absolutely no attention to their dog (who almost invariably is poorly trained and insists on instigating spats with other dogs). See also: Playground workaholic.

    Get off your phone! Pay attention to the world around you for a few minutes! Oy.

  324. Cabogirl

    I’ve recently been finding voicemails so very annoying. I don’t even listen to them….I’d rather call the person back than listen to a voicemail. And since I’ve become annoyed with the whole listening to the voicemail….when I call someone and get sent right to voicemail, I just hang up without leaving a message. I opt to send a text instead.

  325. Holly A.

    I really can’t stand someone walking up next to me in a store and starting a conversation. Of course, I turn to look because I assume they are speaking to me but NO, it’s the hidden blue tooth in the ladies’ hair she’s speaking to.

  326. Tracy

    While attending an event, particularly involving kids (sports games, parties, etc), the parents are not paying attention as they are too wrapped up in their texting or making a phone call. I’ve seen where kids come up to the parent and ask if they saw them make a goal or hit the ball and the parent is dumbfounded because they missed the entire thing!

  327. Melissa

    I hate when people make a server wait at the table so they can finish a call before ordering. So rude.

  328. Erica Farwell

    my biggest peeve is people texting while driving & talking while driving too! Get off your phone & pay attention people, so everyone on the road can be safe! On a happier note: love the Epiphanie bags!

  329. Shanee

    Oh I can’t stand when people don’t respond back to text in a timely manner, but when with you are just all over their phone. WTF? Either put it up or GET BACK TO ME ASAP!

  330. Amy

    Pet peeve: teens who plug into their iPods when they are alone with you. I’ve instructed my kids that when it is just the two of us in the car (and in the front seats!) that it is rude to check out into any electronic device. Unfortunately, ignoring the person you are with is so normal nowadays that both of my kids were surprised that I thought it was rude.

    But I make them take off their hats once they enter a building, too, so I am a bit old-school.

  331. Corri Anne

    I take TriMet every day and my absolute biggest pet peeve is people who have loud, personal conversations while on the bus.

    Seriously, nobody needs to know about that boil you had lanced or the fact that he’s getting out of prison and your ever so detailed plans for welcoming him home. Ick!

  332. Jane Noir

    I hate it when I see someone on their phone as they approach a check-out counter at a gas station, 7-11, or anywhere really. I always make sure to say, “Hold on for minute,” and put my phone in my pocket or at my side as I approach the counter and take care of my purchase so as not to deprive the cashier of a face to face personal interaction and “thank you” for her/his help.

  333. Samantha

    Just one? It has to be insanely private conversations happeing loudly on public transportation…. egad!

  334. Christa

    I hate when I am riding in a car with some one and they talk on their phone the entire time…especially when they are the ones driving.

  335. abi

    I was at Target a few days ago when I overheard a conversation a patron was having about *another* patron, who happened to be using a scooter and obese. I thought it was bad enough that the woman behind me was saying rude things about the woman in the scooter within her earshot, but when I turned around (to glare), I realized she wasn’t even talking to another shopper – she was on her phone! In retrospect, I kind of wish I’d run her over with my shopping cart.

    (I guess this is more a general etiquette/humanity faux pas than a mobile one, but I’m still stewing over it. Grrr.)

  336. Charity

    A work voicemail in which someone instructs me to call them back, without telling me what it’s about. Does that count?

  337. Desiree

    I wish people would put their phones away at dinner. Even if it’s at a restaurant at someone else’s table. If I see people glancing at the phones an inch from their dinner plate instead of each other it makes me worry about loneliness taking over. I want to take their phones away and make them look at each other.

  338. Courtney

    My biggest pet peeve is kind of a gross one – there are people in my office who decide to take private calls, not in the library or stairwell or office, but in the BATHROOM. They’re in the stall, chatting away. I try to be extra noisy washing my hands, flushing, etc., just to be a pain, but seriously!

  339. Kim

    My biggest peeve is when a mother (or father) is towing at least 3 children in a public place and talking on the phone at the same time. Then they start yelling at their children for ‘misbehaving’ and to pay attention. Hello?? Get off your phone and watch your children!!

  340. Gillian

    I cannot stand when people in public locations speak so loudly on their phones that you can’t even hear your own thoughts. And I really like it even more when they’re yelling about private matters that should maybe be discussed in a private location.

  341. Stephanie

    My biggest pet peeve is when I’m out with a really good friend catching up and they answer their cell everytime it rings. It interrupts out conversation and I have to sit there and listen to their conversation. I don’t mind if it is really important. But most of the time it can wait.

  342. Andrea

    Like so many others, people who won’t get off their phones when they’re checking out in a store. As someone who used to work in retail: If I knew a manager wasn’t around, and we weren’t too busy, I would stand there and wait for them to get off the phone before doing a thing.

    Want the poor underpaid cashier to help you? Treat them like a human being and get off your phone. Thank you kindly.

  343. Heather

    Texting while at a funeral church service has to be one of the worst things I’ve seen. Seriously…really? In church…is your phone that important. Ugh!

  344. Kate Furek

    The thing that bothers me most is when two people are visibly texting each other during a conversation with other people. It’s so rude! We all know what’s going on when one person presses send and the other person’s phone vibrates, then vice versa. It’s really no different than whispering!

  345. Erica

    I work at the front desk of a non profit that sees sexual assault victims and I hate people who have to be on their cell phones while they are in our waiting room disturbing others who are waiting quietly.

  346. Amy Ferguson

    When you are truly trying to have some time “connecting” with a friend or loved one and they will not turn off the phone. seriously! unplug. you are telling me that whoever is texting you is more important than i am. it makes me a little stabbity.

  347. Dawn

    Texting while driving or even trying to navigate google maps while driving – put down the phone and DRIVE!!! And if I am sitting in the passenger seat and you need to know the directions, hand me the phone – I can look for you! :)

  348. Laura

    Texting or checking for messages when in the presence of another person- one with whom you’re holding a conversation. Way to make your conversation partner feel second tier!

  349. Jenna Rice

    It drives me bonkers when I’m having a conversation with someone and they begin texting as we speak. Or when I am on the phone and my husband chain-texts me. Or when I am forced to endure teenagers talking on the phone (in a store or other public place). Or when I see a table full of people at a restaurant texting and checking status updates and carrying on their virtual social life while completely ignoring their actual social life. Wow… I have some issues here…

  350. Billie Earley

    Mobile devices in church. Give God one hour without all the interruptions. He will take care of everything.

  351. Michelle

    Distracted shoppers make me stabby. When the grocery store is crowded and I am trying to get in and out quickly, it never fails that someone is wandering around aimlessly blocking the aisles and chatting on the phone,

  352. Maryanne

    Phone chatters in restaurants or coffee shops. They should all have to step outside like a smokers break or something. Second hand talking. That’s my peeve.

  353. Lisa

    I’m so glad that I am not alone on this one. Interupting a conversation to attend to your phone is humiliating for the person that you are speaking with and I hate it. I won’t put any effort to meet the person in IRL after that. I will likely get more of their attention if I remain virtual!

  354. Jenn Shock

    I have to say risking my life as a passenger in a vehicle when the driver is texting, tweeting or emailing is my biggest pet peeve. Call me crazy :)

  355. Roxanna

    Checking your smartphone while having a conversation with other people. Answering your phone while having a conversation with other people. I think the people right in front of you get dibs on your attention.

  356. ladyloo

    I am one of the worst people I know for this, but the constant checking, checking, checking for the little blinking light. If I’m in the middle of a conversation, at work, visiting my in-laws(!), it’s terrible. I need help.

  357. Ashley Nadreau

    My strongest mobile pet peeve…hmm this is actually hard to pick only onnneee! ;)

    I would have to say though, since living here in Okinawa, Japan, us American’s living over here via Military are very intense with cell phones. The locals; not so much. The worst thing I have seen, that bothers me so much, is when a parent cannot get off the phone while shopping with their kids. To me, spending time with your loved ones is utterly important, but I have seen so many women that are either shopping with their kids, or even punishing their kids, but doing it while on the phone! Really?? Maybe the kids wouldn’t be acting up so much if they had their mothers FULL attention, one would think right? So yes, that is my most hated..opps..major pet peeve when it comes to Mobile Phone etiquette.

    Thanks for this opportunity, what a lovely idea!

  358. Tammy Hensley

    I don’t mind people talking on their phones when you’re at a coffee shop usually, however it should be kept brief and at a tolerable volume level (which I am always having to remind my husband of)!!!

  359. jjzach

    Answering cell phone calls during a meal is by far my biggest pet peeve.

    and the newest one that I had to add to my rude list was smart phone in bed. My husband has been warned that I will throw it out the window if it happens again :)

  360. Tina

    I find it absolutely revolting for people to use their cell phone will cashing through at a store or ordering something at a restaurant. It’s so terribly rude and inconsiderate!

  361. Keren

    I think *my phone* is rude to me. It’s rude to me when it doesn’t tell me I have a new voicemail. So, if I win the bag here, I think I will take that as a sign to buy an iPhone. Certainly an iPhone will have better manners.

  362. Susie

    It really bothers me when people are talking on the phone while checking out at a store or coffee bar. It is beyond rude to the service person. When we are served by robots, I will be fine with this behavior. Until then, treat your fellow humans with a little respect!

  363. JennC

    Oh, lord. Can I just say all of the above?

    I’ll admit, I am guilty of checking my phone for texts/tweets when I’m out with friends, but they’re all usually doing it, too, so…two wrongs make a right? Also it really annoys me that my parents refuse to learn to text. Or, y’know, have their cell phones turned on AT ALL.

  364. Linda

    Not silencing your phone and fumbling in your bag for to turn it off when it goes off in lecture!

  365. Liz

    I can’t stand it when people are walking and looking down at their phone. Pay attention to what you are doing!

  366. Kayemgi

    I hate when someone calls me (usually my poor dad) and leaves me a voicemail that they called. And that’s it. No other message, just I called, call me back. It’s a CELLPHONE!! I can see that you called, please don’t make me go through the voicemail process just for that!

  367. Melanie L

    my pet peeve is when people speak so fast on voicemails that you cannot possibly get their return number.. or they forget to leave it.

  368. Laura

    We are deep in conversation and your phone goes off with different beeps for each text message, received email, and calls from your boyfriend, mom, your mom’s boyfriend, etc.

    These things bother us so much that my husband and I are the only people we know that have phones that only make calls. No smart capabilities, no internet, no texting, no nothing. It’s freedom!

  369. Lindsey N

    If you are going to text me….please tell me who you are. I don’t have everyone in my phone by name….UGH

  370. Erica Lucci

    Lots of people said similar things, but I really hate when people are texting when they should be engaged in the world around them. For example, I have friends that will text/Tweet/whatever throughout an entire party when they should be ENJOYING the party. We all need to learn to put down the phone a lot more often.

  371. Darah7

    Hands down the texting at a funeral. I go to a lot of them because of my work I go to a lot of them and there’s always someone’s nephew or something doing it. So embarrassing.

  372. Jaime

    My biggest pet peeve is when people say lol, when they are not really ever laughing out loud.

    That bag is gorgeous!

  373. Ann

    This is a tough one… texting in church…. I find very hmmm…”ungodly” but I also hate the folks who get on their cellphone and yick yack while I’m seeing their kid – my PATIENT! Is that text or phone call more important than your kid’s health?

  374. Cairith

    I have to choose one? Ok cell phones.PERIOD. I have one, I use it all the time but what happened to good old corded phones that tie you to one place so you will not stay on the phone too long. Going out and just talking to the person you are with. NOT 5 OTHERS. :S I miss the good old days.

  375. Lisa

    I dislike when people approach a salesperson, at any establishment, on their phone. Very rude. Its especially wonderful when they FINALLY hang up the phone, then look at the salesperson with a look of complete disdain and ask, “CAN you HELP me?!”

    Thank you once again for giving us a chance to win some awesome gifts! Hugs to you and all you have been going through lately.

  376. Kay

    I’d have to say the biggest mobile etiquette breach I’ve experienced is someone reading and replying to texts/IMs while breaking my heart (aka ending a several-year serious relationship).


    (By the way, this is a great giveaway.) :)

  377. BethS

    When people talk on their phones in public bathrooms. I have actually thought someone was talking to me when she said, “Hold on, someone in another stall thinks I’m talking to her.” Then I’m the one that feels stupid – why is that?

  378. COLiz

    Loud conversations. Also, when people leave voicemails saying, “Just calling to chat, I tried you at home but you didn’t answer so I thought I’d call your cell…” Chances are, if I’m not at home, I’m BUSY.

  379. Tulip

    It’s been said before but loud talking on the cell phone is so annoying. And if you are checking out/banking/ordering anything AND on the phone? You are a class A jerk.

  380. Krista

    One word: Sexting. As if phone sex wasn’t difficult and awkward enough NOW this is common place to be sexy with someone. I’m just waiting–and by waiting, I mean cringing–for the app that assigns either special emoticons and/or noises for certain acts.

  381. Colleen

    I’m positive I’m pretty guilty when it comes to improper mobile manners. I try to be good though.

    One thing I’m always very good about… and that truly irritates me… cell phones ringing in church. We don’t even go that often. We’re not weekly church goers. But I NEVER leave my phone un-silenced in church.

    Also… people who don’t silence their phones during concerts/performances/whatever… even when they make a huge announcement about turning off phones right before the show starts.

  382. Lori

    There are SO MANY to choose from, but I will go with girlfriends texting or going on their social networking sites updating their status, etc while you are out for dinner or drinks!

  383. heather

    my pet peeve? when you’re in the car with one other person, and that other person -IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONVERSATION WITH YOU- is texting and emailing, and then MIDSENTENCE, whips the phone open and calls someone about something unrelated to your conversation. this is not cash cab; you will not win prizes for trivia answers.

    sometimes i would prefer to drive with a brick wall- at least the wall doesn’t have opposable thumbs with which to text.

  384. Wendy

    Trying to have a conversation with someone and they continue to check their phone and text and you know they are not paying attention.

  385. Carol

    It peeves me when someone makes their phone call everyone else’s business by being loud while on the phone, and even worse, using their speaker phone to carry out the conversation while at a group function… the rest of the room is really not interested!

  386. Heather

    I can’t stand it when the person I am meeting with acts like their phone is more important than my time! The e-mails can wait!

  387. Krista

    Though I agree that all of the above is highly obnoxious I have to argue that loud distorted ring tones/songs and call back tones/songs top them all. Please be a dear and turn your phones onto vibrate.

  388. Sansanee

    When someone is having a very loud conversation on their cell phone on the train, especially when it’s a very private or emotional topic, and the person is forcing everyone around them to hear it.

  389. Lee-Ellen

    When people must answer their cell phone even though they are taking to me – in person- at the time. It’s like the face-to-face person isn’t as important as that incoming call.

  390. Dianne - Bunny Trails

    Mine is when someone walks into a public restroom and they appear to start talking to you. Then you realize they’re on the phone! Or when you’re in a stall and the person in the next stall is talking on the phone. Good grief! Hang up and use the facilities already!

  391. Beth

    My biggest pet peeve is definitely when I’m in the middle of having a conversation with someone and they get a text and they start typing back WHILE I AM STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF A SENTENCE. Can’t you just wait 3 little seconds to answer it? Then you can politely say, “I’m so sorry, do you mind if I answer this real quick?” I won’t mind and I’ll also still like you.

  392. Madeline

    So many pet peeves, such a little comment box. Talking on public transport. Talking on the bus. Checking the time on your phone while I’m talking to you. Checking the time on your phone in a darkened movie theatre. Checking the time on your phone at all (doesn’t anyone own watches these days?). I could go on, and on, and on…

  393. C

    I am currently in grad school to become a librarian and I absolutely hate it when people have their cell phones out in class, period. It seems that just the act of having it out on their desk means they have to check it every five seconds. They think it won’t disturb anyone if they leave it on vibrate, until it rattles along the desk when they get a text from their friend across the room saying how boring the class is. Texting when a professor is lecturing is just plain rude, and class is a lot less boring when you are actually paying attention!

    And don’t get me started on playing farmville in class…

  394. Jessica

    For me, my biggest pet peeve is when people text in class. It’s persisted since my freshman year of college, I’m now a PhD candidate, and it happens at all levels of university. Sometimes the professor is worse than the students! Class should be a no-phone zone.

  395. Keri Always

    Not actually ANSWERING THE PHONE. “I know you know it’s me, now talk to me or find a divorce attorney.”

    Equally rude: not turning off phones in church – or better yet – leave it in the car.

  396. brooke

    my pet peeve is when I am talking to someone, and they pull out their phone and start texting….how rude!

    (and what an AWESOME giveaway!)

  397. Dorean

    I get SO annoyed when I’m talking to someone in person and they start reading and answering texts WHILE I’M TALKING! It says “You’re not worth my full attention.”

  398. Ami P

    People using a bluetooth ear piece around other people. Uhm, are you talking to me, or on the phone?
    Bluetooth ear pieces should stay in the car. :)

  399. Amy

    I have a few but the biggest is when people talk on phone or text while at the movies! It is so distracting!!

  400. Jen Casper

    When customers approach me while talking on their phones, ask me for help, then make me wait until they are finished with their phone call. This also happens at the cash registers. Most of my coworkers would just go thru the motions with the customer rudely ignoring them, but I refused to do this. I would stand there and wait for them to finish their call. Sometimes I would walk away from them entirely. I don’t understand why its so hard for some people to give 2 minutes of their time at a checkout to buy a book without talking on a cellphone.

  401. Cindy

    Oh, so many peeves have been mentioned. My top two: the distractingly bright beam of light from the undimmed mobile phone a few rows away while you are trying to enjoy a movie. Talk about taking you out of the moment! And any face-to-face interaction (especially a meal) that gets trumped by the non-important text/tweet/FB status/email etc. So rude.

  402. Nikki M

    A huge peeve for me is when people have their phones on speakerphone in public. I don’t want to hear your phone conversations, people! I was in a public restroom recently and the person in the stall next to me was on her phone, with the other person on SPEAKERPHONE! Seriously?! Are you kidding me?

  403. Karen Burgess

    When your kid ignores your call then makes a lame excuse… Hey – I know you have your phone on all the time. ALL the time. And I see you look at your phone, decide to ignore it, and hit the little button when OTHER people are calling you. So it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to mentally “see” you look at your phone, see “MOM” on the screen and hit ignore. Poof. Mom is gone. You’re not fooling me!

  404. Laurel G

    answering the phone while eating dinner. I don’t care if you are at home or in a nice restaurant… the person calling can leave a message and you can call back when dinner is over. ugh.

  405. Andrea

    Oh man. I cannot stand when I’m full conversation with someone, and suddenly their face is in their phone, which was on vibrate. Like the little buzzing text machine is more important than what I’m saying.

    Maybe it is? lol

  406. Daniele

    My biggest pet peeve is when people are on talking on the phone while cashing out at a store.

  407. Barb C

    I work near a large auditorium, which frequenly has meetings. On their breaks, many attendees will use our hallway to talk on their cellphones (LOUDLY) with no regard to anyone who may be working there.

    That, and cell phone conversations on elevators really bug me.

  408. Adrienne

    Oh man. I love that bag for one. it is gorgeous!

    Okay, and for two. I *HATE* it when:

    I used to work at Kohl’s for a while, and I really hated it when customers would come up to the register while on their phone and ignore me the WHOLE time they were checking out! How RUDE!

  409. Michelle B.

    Ok my biggest one has got to be cell phones ringing in the movie theater. I mean seriously, there is even a reminder on the screen before the movie starts. But it never fails there is always someone who gets a call in the middle of the movie :-(

  410. Liz B

    People talking loudly into their blue tooth ear pieces in places where it’s really not necessary to be hands free. It makes me think they’re crazy, then that I’m crazy, and then I realize what’s actually going on.

  411. Jen

    People who talk on their cell phone in the bathroom stall next to me. Really? You’re so important that you have to talk and pee at the same time? Give me a break.

    The coversation goes like this:

    Pet Peeve Person: Hi, what’s up?
    Caller: wah wah wah wah wah
    PPP: What are you doing?
    Caller: wah wah wah wah
    PPP: I’m not really doing anything right now.
    Me: FLUSH!

    Yeah, that’s right. I flush on purpose.

  412. Brooke

    Having a conversation while making a purchase was my #1, but it’s recently made way for a new one. Really, people? When we’re face to face, do you think you could put your phone away and talk to *me* rather than text other people?

  413. Talya

    I work in the theatre & hate it when people text during a performance – not only is it distracting to the people sitting next to you, but if you are sitting on the first couple of rows and your phone is lighting up your face, the performer can see you – YOU MORON! Phew, that feels better…

  414. Kirsten Anderson

    When my dear husband (who in all other matters is quite good with his blackberry) checks email in the morning instead of helping get the kids out the door. (Hello, we are both trying to get to work here!) I run around trying to do the equivalent of herding cats and he is calmly sitting on the bed texting/replying. Argh!

  415. Corri C

    Answering my phone call when they are engaged in something else and shouldn’t be talking on the phone. Checking out? Yes, it’s rude to your cashier, rude to the people behind you, but it’s also rude to whoever is on the other end of the phone. If you can’t talk, I can leave a message or call you back later.

  416. robin

    when people are so dependent on their caller id that the outgoing message on their voicemail very snottily says that they won’t answer if the number is caller id blocked.
    well, what if i’m calling from your medical provider’s office and i have no control over that? I still really need to talk to you.

  417. ShannonMarie

    People using their phones while their kids run wild at the park, store, you name it!

  418. Shonda

    How about the guy who thinks he is soooooooooo important that he wears his blue tooth ear piece IN CHURCH… THROUGH OUT THE ENTIRE SERVICE! GAH! That drives me crazy. What can be THAT important?

  419. Kelly

    People who HAVE to text the last word or use many many texts to say the same thing they could have said in 1. Some texts are meant to stand alone or only require 1 reply.

  420. divrchk

    I hate when people type in text speak. I hate having to use a code to understand what someone is saying.

  421. Piper

    I’m a student so here is my pet peeve…
    Prior to the start of an exam the professor reminds students 100 times to turn their cell phones off…but there are always a few who don’t turn them off…or there are those who put them on vibrate which seems to be equally loud… and then throughout the exam there are various phones going off…soooo distracting!

  422. april

    First of all, I vote for Emily because I’m so charmed that she put clipping one’s nails as her pet peeve. :) (Seriously-I am charmed!) As for an electro gadgety pet peeve of my own, Im annoyed by a few. Cell phone holders on pants (just STOP IT!) and answering calls in a library. I’m a librarian and yes, the library is evolving, blah blah blah but it’s still a damn library and no one wants to hear your dumbass ring tone or your trivial business. Not me, not the other staff-no one. I would make an exception, however, if someone were to come in and answer a call on one of those big ass phones circa 1987 that came with their own diaper bag. That would be supreme! :)

  423. Sharon Meyer

    When the cashier is texting while ringing your order up!.. they are not permitted to do this but they still do!.. wait on the customers….. and text on your break honey!!

  424. Annisa

    I love technology but believe it has a time and a place – just like everything else in the world. I can’t stand it when you are talking to someone and they answer their cell phone or check texts, emails, etc. Pay attention to the one you are with! The rest will still be there when our time together is over.

    Awesome giveaway, by the way! :)

  425. Barbara

    When you ask someone (or a table full of people) a question they don’t know the answer to and they immediately pull out their phone to Google it – and then the next half hour looking up variations of the answer and spouting them off as if they are know-it-alls.

    WHEW, that felt good…thank you, Maggie!

  426. mandy

    people using their smart phones during meetings. a quick check every 30 minutes doesn’t bother me, but some individuals get really into answering emails, etc and it’s very distracting.

  427. Cathie O.

    Biggest peeve is when people are on the phone while making a purchase. At least hang up and call the person back after you’ve left the store.

  428. Tambryn

    I can’t stand when people text in church or forget to turn their volume off. The buzzing vibrate is bad enough, but really, it’s just an hour. Disconnect!

  429. Krysta

    Top two pet peeves:

    1: when people text or check their email or whatever while walking in a big crowd, are going up the subway stairs, etc

    2: this one I personally find to be the rudest: when someone uses their phone while eating a meal with someone

  430. Julie

    When people text/talk while driving! It is illegal here, but I still see people doing it ALL THE TIME. Honestly folks, concentrate on your driving… the call/text can wait.

  431. Kelly

    When people are talking to you, but are having a text conversation at the same time! Ugh! Pick me or your text conversation, but not both!

  432. Tiffany

    I HATE going to dinner with friends or family and trying to have a conversation while 90% of the people are texting/facebooking etc. and not enjoying face to face time that is so precious! You can play on your phone when you get home!

  433. Pam

    Leaving a chat conversation without saying “goodbye” or “thank you”. Technology aside, it’s still a conversation — you don’t just get up and walk away!

  434. Chrissy L

    I find it really peeves me off when someone calls your mobile phone and doesnt leave a voice mail, a minute later they try calling again, 2 minutes later they try again, 30seconds later they try and just keep calling and calling again and again, to the point you have have like 50 missed calls, if its so important you contact me, leave me the important message so i know whats going on, gives me the erits.

  435. Michelle @ On and Off My Plate

    OMGosh…I really dint want to hear your mobile conversation while you are in a public restroom! And then u leave and don’t wash ur hands! No, no, no!

  436. Ciara L

    At the end of your blog post, which I loved BTW, I was struggling with what my biggest mobile etiquette peeve was….so I read a few comments and sure enough it all came back to me. Amongst many others, I find that when I am having an important meeting with my boss and he begins texting as I am speaking directly to him, I begin to see red.

  437. Julia

    I think being on a smart phone in any capacity while eating dinner with family/date is a big no no. Unless it’s while they are in the bathroom.

  438. Kristen

    People texting/calling/generally not paying attention to what they are doing while in line for coffee :) As my break in the day it is VERY distracting!

  439. Rachael

    My biggest pet peeves with mobile phones is when someone texts while driving…or texts while in the middle of a conversation. The first is dangerous & the second is just rude.

  440. Alaina

    I can’t stand when people let their phone ring no matter where they are or what they are doing. They make silent and vibrating modes for a reason. I can understand leaving it on when there is a specific call one might be waiting for, but I think we all know someone who blatantly leaves their ringer on and always answers their phone. Ugh.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to vent AND win a beautiful bag full of fun things :)

  441. Mary Burk

    I hate that my 20 something step daughter constantly looks at her phone and is texting. We don’t see you every day, please put the phone away and talk to us!

  442. Sherri Leonard

    When I set up a date with a girlfriend I haven’t seen in awhile and while we’re eating, visiting, chatting she gets 10 million calls/texts that she just HAS to answer right then!

  443. jana

    I’m a college prof, so you can just imagine. I have a policy against classroom cellphone use in my syllabi, but it doesn’t really stop my students. I think they don’t believe I’m serious. The worst offense was one day, the first day of class, while reading the syllabus. I had just finished the “Classroom Civility” section when a student’s phone rang. Rather than quickly shutting it off and apologizing, the guy answered it. Then, when I said “Um, excuse me, but…” he did the TALK TO THE HAND thing.

  444. Amanda

    It’s annoying when out with someone (one and one) and they pull out a phone… but my biggest mobile pet peeve is when someone is talking on the phone while using a public restroom! Rude and gross!

  445. Martha

    Where to begin! My latest is when someone calls you back because they see your number in their missed calls list. If it were important, I would have left a message for you to call me back! I’ve had this happen A LOT with vendors. I called a roofing company once from my office phone. His message said to leave a message or try again later. He actually called back, got the receptionist, and asked if anyone called him. The poor receptionist had to walk around the building figuring out who had called.

    Thanks for the chance!

  446. Libby

    I just read through to #97 and realized I am guilty of 3/4 of the offenses! Eep. So, my peeve? Get an etiquette book out there PRONTO for the well-meanings sinners like me!

  447. Daniella

    People who use their mobiles while driving and expect me (and other drivers) to drive for them. I have seen some doozies, worst of which from fellow parents leaving daycare after the morning dropoff. It’s like now their children have gone then need to lower the intellectual age of their car again.
    Also – two people (who shall remain nameless) sitting on the same sofa and using our mobiles to converse with all our ‘friends’ online without actually speaking to eachother… happened last night and not too proud of it either.

  448. Chrissie

    Voicemails that really could be said in a quick text. Checking voicemail takes minutes, so much rather receive a text.

  449. Sarah

    I think it must be people talking to me in person while staring lovingly into their phone screen. So unattractive. Everyone’s face looks weird from that bent-over angle.

  450. Tess

    Call me weird, but I HATE Blackberry phones. Everyone I know that has one, is addicted to it, and will use it while we’re talking, eating or just plain breathing! Other phone users aren’t as bad.

  451. Tanis

    I hate how my husband comes home from work and spends the entire night texting the guys he just spent 9 hours with!!

  452. Kendra

    Mobile phones in movie theatres are my worst pet peeve. Even when there is no sound, the bright screen of them texting interferes with my movie. Ugh!

  453. Jules

    I’m so persnickety that I even get annoyed when people have their ringer on in a store/place of business. Keep it on vibrate. It it’s important go outside and conduct your business in private. I still have a love/hate relationship with technology.

  454. Megan @ Little Stirrings

    I see it almost every time and I hate it every time! People at store checkouts just yapping away on their phones while the clerk is ringing up their products. Whatever happened to being personal with your cashier? Sigh.

  455. The Dalai Mama

    If you need to answer a call when I am teaching, please leave the frickin’ room and then answer. Don’t answer in the middle of class and then talk the whole way out of the classroom.

    I love that bag so much–I promise to spoon with mine too.

  456. ChaEsq

    Folks who text / check FB / get online while “having a conversation” with me / eating a meal with me or a group. Am I here? Am I not? Stop confusing me!

  457. Kathy

    I am annoyed with people who have a mobile, yet never have it with them (looking at YOU mom-in-law)…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  458. Vicky

    I’m always a little (a lot) irked when someone calls me from their car, which is full of child, dog, or husband and then asks me to hang on while they discipline any one of the above. When the are able to devote attention to our conversation, the background noise from the vehicle and occupants is so loud I can’t understand.

    I would rather prefer to wait to have the conversation.

  459. Robin

    It makes me a little crazy when people answer their cell phone in the middle of having a conversation with me.

  460. Addie

    I hate it when people walk around talking into their blue tooth. It is totally awkward when you think they are talking to themselves while they are actually having a two sided conversation.

  461. Leah

    I don’t mind when people text during class….I do mind when they TEXT LOUDLY DURING CLASS. “What? I couldn’t hear you over the button clicking….”

  462. Cheryl Linton

    Ok all I can say is BATHROOM!! One of the only places 2 b alone and u have someone on the phone it can’t wait Really!!

  463. kiddo

    People who don’t want to answer a call when they’re in a public place but let the phone keep ringing and ringing and ringing loudly instead of just turning off the ringer. Also text speak: “i” and “u” drives me nuts especially!

  464. rachel

    when my husband checks his blackberry minutes after checking his blackberry. really? so annoying. I would NEVER do that. ; )

  465. Mindy

    I was cut off in traffic by a lady in a huge suv talking on her phone (head leaning to hold it) and texting on her blackberry!!!

  466. Marlena U.

    Not sure if this is a phone pet peeve or husband pet peeve BUT it has to be when I leave me husband a voicemail and he calls me 10 minutes later wanting to know why I called. So, I get to repeat myself again…and 8 times out of 10 it STILL goes in one ear and out the other. (Love you, honey!)

  467. Amanda

    When people fight loudly with their significant other on the phone in public! I really do not want to hear about the “skank” your boyfriend slept with, and all the nice colorful descriptions you have for her!

  468. Christine

    I cannot stand it even one bit when I’m at a party and I see a group of people gathered at a corner, all checking their BBM’s or Iphones. Also, a table full of people at a restaurant and they’re on their mobile devices… not one person talking to another. What?!

  469. Laura

    When folks leave their cell phone on vibrate to not be loud and disturb others during a meeting…but you can still feel and hear the vibrations!

  470. Robin

    I get pretty annoyed by obnoxious cell phone rings–especially when the tinny pop song, or the heckling laugh, or the other “clever” ringtone sounds in the middle of a serious occasion or silent room. It makes the person who owns the phone seem quite a bit less professional.

  471. SusanHnSC

    My biggest pet peeve is when the person I am talking to carries their phone into the restroom and goes about their business! I don’t want to hear the trinkle, twinkle, and flush!!! I’ll be happy to let you call me back if you have to go that bad!!!!!

  472. Carolyn J.

    I expect the teens and 20-somethings I teach to be dependent on their phones to a certain degree, but I’m always surprised (and dismayed) to be having lunch with someone I think of as an adult (i.e., someone old enough to have either restraint or a lack of interest in texting) and find them pulling out their phone and sneaking peaks while we’re talking. Hello, I’m in the middle of a sentence!

  473. Kris

    Oh where to begin…
    I guess my biggest pet peeve is people who don’t turn their phone to vibrate (or better yet, OFF) in the library. Can you tell I work there? Grrr….

  474. Meg P

    OOH! my biggest mobile etiquette pet peeve of all time, ever, would totally have to be when a person is on their cell phone (talking, not texting) in an ELEVATOR. this is just awkward all around, for everyone involved!

  475. Beth C.

    I am really annoyed by people who hold cameras up at concerts, blocking the views of others. Like you’re gonna capture the DEFINITIVE video of the song. Argh!

  476. Stacee

    Ring tones bug me, period. Loud ones especially, but any song that I’m suddenly forced to listen to is incredibly irritating — especially if/when it becomes an earworm I can’t shake.

  477. Cathi

    I am a mom of preschool-age children, and our school protocol requires that we walk our children to their classrooms. Then, we sign them in at the main office that is situated on the opposite side of the classrooms. It is a process, but that’s the way it is. My pet peeve is that each and every morning about 25% of the parents are walking their children in while engaged in personal phone conversations. Not to be “judge-y,” but these parents are not going to see their children for 4, 6 or 8 hours (depending on the program). I always want to confiscate the phone and yell “HEY! Your preschooler is not going to see you again for several hours. Tell him/her that you love them, you’re proud of them and to have a good day!”

    But something tells me that the outburst would be frowned upon from an etiquette standpoint.

  478. Katie L

    I hate when I’m talking to someone and they are having a text conversation with someone else. RUDE!!

  479. Sandra

    I feel like it boils down to proximity. I’m super annoyed when someone is sitting two seats down from me and they’re having a conversation at full volume.

    My worst experience with this was at the airport and this terrible old man called at least four people to inform them that he was early for his flight, and he was waiting at his gate. It was 6am, and everyone around him was asleep or trying to be. SOO ANG-GRRRRY.

  480. Jennifer (take the day off)

    People (mainly speedy fingered teenagers) texting under the table. They think that you cant tell they are doing it, just because they dont have to look down at the phone to maintain conversation. It drives me nuts! (And makes me secretly wish I could text without looking).

    It’s hard not to respond to the blinking red light..

  481. Danielle

    It bugs me the most when people talk and text when other people are talking, like a presentation or live show. I was at a comedy show a while back and people were chattering and typing away while the comedian was doing his thing. Why bother paying to see a live show or attending a meeting if you’re just going to focus on something else.

  482. Kirsten U

    Texting at the dinner table. I’ve been out and seen a couple on a date where they were each texting on their own devices. Way to say I love you!

  483. Andra

    I hate when people are talking/texting in a restaurant. I don’t understand why they can’t just step away and take care of business.

  484. Lisa

    Walking through a store haveing a full conversation on a bluetooth – so strange becuase you never know if they are talking to you or a person in their hear or they are on the phone. No one wants to hear your full conversation – speak softly and hold your phone if you must talk while walking through the store. OK all done with that rant now :-)

  485. Laura

    Texting during dinner. Or taking a call during dinner. Especially if it’s on a date, but really with anyone. Your mother/brother/uncle/friend/colleague deserves the same respect as your girlfriend!

  486. Jodie

    *fingers crossed* i’m waiting on the delivery of my recently purchased love, a gorgeous red Lola. (happy birthday to me!!)

    I have a tie between biggest pet peeves..

    1. shorthand texting. if u tlk 2 me like ths, it makes my eye twitch. :)

    2. talking on the phone while driving. 90% of bad drivers that i pass are on the phone. drives. me. nuts.

  487. Shannon

    I hate it when people don’t spell check their texts. I realize there is a relatively new text-slang-abbreviation language, and that is fine, but their, there and they’re are still three different words.

  488. Rachel

    It’s a general pet peeve to have to listen to someone’s personal conversation while I’m shopping. It’s a rare treat to get to go shopping and escape the drama of my own life. I don’t want to hear a He Said/She Said from complete strangers. Uhggg.
    But the very worst, and this is so bad that it doesn’t seem believable – my anesthesiologist stood just a foot away from my head during my c-section and made a mid-night dinner date for after my operation. I was there and couldn’t believe it! Don’t doctors have to follow protocol. It was an emergency operation and I really wasn’t interested in the state of his love life!

  489. ebony

    i work at a university and deal with students texting at inappropriate times frequently….and then i go to meetings and the grown ups do it too. frustration!

  490. Sara

    I can’t stand “loud talker in public girl”. Do I need to know every detail of your last date or that your roommate has crabs?

  491. Heather

    Oh…for sure this would be when my father-in-law is sitting in the funeral home speaking with the funeral director about his WIFE’s funeral after she died suddenly and tragically…his cell phone rings and, not joking, he takes the call. My husband was in disbelief! Of course this is the same guy who didn’t even take his bluetooth off his ear on Christmas Day. At least he didn’t take any calls during her funeral. (and don’t get me wrong…I loved him dearly!)

  492. wendy

    The second someone checks their texts while we are conversing, I lose a smidge of respect for that person (maybe only temporarily; sometimes not). I find it incredibly rude and it drives me nuts.

  493. Stephanie

    I’m sure I’m at least the 200th person to say this one, but I can’t stand people who talk on the phone in the bathroom. How could anyone possibly think that is ever okay???

  494. Tami Nielsen

    Texting during a study group… very distracting.
    On a funnier note as an outsider… I was recently sitting in an Apple Store waiting for a Tech Appointment and was people watching to kill some time. I noticed this guy who was one of about 10 people attending an iPad class. He could not stop playing with it long enough to listen to the class. Whatever he was texting about must have been pretty funny, because he was trying his hardest not to laugh and be obvious that he wasn’t listening. Kinda like the kid in class who tried so hard not to get caught passing notes. Now as an outsider I though this was humorous… if I was attending the class not so much.

  495. Sally forester

    Those people who talk loudly on their hands free headsets in the airport. Hey- you all look like crazy lunatics! Get over yourself, hold the phone like a normal person and shut the eff up!

  496. Jennifer June

    Trapped on a city bus… listening to someone yell into their bluetooth. Rumbling diesel engine…she said, he said…someone owes her money. It’d all make sense if Jerry Springer got on at the next stop, but no.

  497. June

    My biggest peeve is when people drive and talk on a cell phone at the same time. There are laws against that for a reason! I would like to honk a really loud and long honk at them, but I’m afraid I would cause an accident.

  498. Tonja

    My biggest pet peeve is when you are talking to someone on the phone and then they just start talking to someone else like you are not even there. Atleast tell them you will call them back.

    xxfingers crossedxx

  499. Rachel

    I am in grad school right now, and I have to take some classes with undergrads as well, and sometimes their phones ring REALLY loudly and with a really stupid ringtone. Ugh.

  500. Daffodil Campbell

    Weirdly, I blogged about that this morning. Yesterday a woman excused herself from her table to take a call. And sat down on the windowsill in front of me – not a foot away – with her back to me, her butt blocking the view – and proceeded to enjoy a long conversation.

    But here’s the kicker.

    At the end?
    She went back to her table – the one she had politely excused herself from – and said “Sorry about that.” Aparently she didn’t feel the need to apologize to me, even though she basically sat in my lap while taking the call.

  501. Helen

    Perhaps the contender for most annoying (neck and neck with public transit over-volume) is checking out of an actual, in-person conversation to read/answer a text/facebook status/tweet. Because, EVERYONE ELSE is more important than the individual standing directly in front of you.

  502. Kim P

    I agree with those that say using a cell phone while in a public bathroom and basically anytime you should be interacting with the human being that is in front of you…

    But I have to say, I get super annoyed when people use their blue tooth ear pieces anywhere but when they are driving. It always looks like they are talking to themselves, or worse, I mistake them for talking to me! And especially those that wear the ear pieces into the movies…the little blue light might not seem too bad but when the lights go off, it is bright and annoying. : )

  503. Jamie

    Sitting down to a rare family dinner and my brother-in-law has his fork in one hand and the iPhone in the other.

  504. Wileenie

    I can’t stand when I can’t put down my iPhone. I really try, but it’s an illness.

    As for general mobile peeves, I guess it’s really loud ringtones and not having it turned off (or not knowing how to turn it off) in places where you should be quiet.

  505. Elsa

    People on BART/Muni/subway/bus who are too absorbed on their gadget to know that an elderly person, pregnant woman or disabled person might need their seat.

  506. Laura Jane

    My pet peeve would have to be people who leave voicemails that just say, “Call me back.” I saw you called. I have a good heart. I will assume you called for a reason. I will call you back. In fact, I’d call you back even more quickly if I didn’t have to call in to my voicemail first. Redundant. The end.

  507. Anne

    I loathe it when people are socializing IRL and they are all on a device. Why not just stay home?

  508. Shannon Madara

    I hate when people text during church. It’s dark and everyone can see the distracting light. Ugh.

  509. Rebecca T

    When someone calls and they’ve dialed the wrong number, but instead of apologizing s/he just hangs up. Rude!

  510. Deb Wisker

    I would love to understand why someone would call my home phone, not leave a message or wait for me to pick up, then immediately call my cell phone..which usually has me running from one end of the house to the other. Sigh….(insert eyeroll here)

  511. JoyF

    txtng lk ths.

    Unless you’re so busy that you can’t be bothered with vowels, then it’s OK.

  512. Launa

    I hate to say this but I think whenever anyone is trying to do more then one thing while on the phone it ends up being pretty rude.
    I do think Samantha (#108) was funny along with the comment on needing more sexting!! Hehe! Happy Week!

  513. janie

    My biggest irritant (other than people who drive while texting, using GPS) is people who look down at their ringing/vibrating/unique ring tone blasting phone, decide it isn’t worth answering and so proceed to continue with their lives while not answering or muting the phone.

  514. Michelle B.

    I hate it when people answer their cell phones only to tell you that they can’t talk… then just let it go to voice mail, if it is urgent, I would call back. Sigh.
    PS – You’re pretty. :)

  515. Tara S.

    People talking on the phone while checking out in a store/coffee shop drive me LOCO! But I also feel like an awkward weirdo when I think the bluetooth wearing people in stores are actually talking to me…lol! I LOVE ephiphanie bags with my whole heart and soul :)

  516. Christi Karolevitz

    I’d have to say I get quite irritated and sometimes amused when someone emails me at work, then calls me 20 seconds later to see if I’ve ‘gotten their email’… patience is still a virtue, right? Gosh these bags are gorgeous!

  517. Juju

    I teach at a small university, where students’ email addresses are a series of letters and sometimes numbers–not their names. But more students than you’d think don’t bother to identify themselves when they email me. They just assume that I’ll know who “jsk3” is, even though I have 75-80 students. Talk about rude….

  518. jahna

    ok it is a toss up between the hands free ear piece user…while not driving…..or the people who call and then proceed to make comments on how its hard to talk to me while having my toddler wanting my total attention, hello thats why i rarely talk on my phone anymore.

  519. kimbellyt

    I hate a super loud ring tone, but really hate when the song/snippet is obscene. I’m no prude but sheesh, what if I’m with my grandma?! Mortifying!

  520. ErinTine

    I hope it’s me, too. My peeve is when someone is sedentary in a “bad cell zone” yet insists on calling back OVER and OVER. and OVER. Nope, still CAN’T HEAR YOU. Try hiking out of the backwoods a couple miles. Cheese and rice.

  521. Jennifer Patrick

    When someone starts checking email or texting while engaging in a “live and in person” conversation with me. I feel like the “real” me just lost out to “virtual” them. It’s highschool rejection all over again. And I’m 40.

  522. Megan

    I can’t believe when people are talking on there cell phone when they are checking out in the markets. Also how people are losing personal communcation skills instead they rely on there phone

  523. amy

    Oh so many and gah, I am not immune. Checking email/call log/texts while we are mid-conversation! Wait for a pause at least …

  524. Shawna

    It’s a tie between the people who chat on their phones in public bathrooms and people who do that in the checkout line. So rude.

  525. Josephine

    I definitely hate being stuck on a bus or train with someone who can’t keep their volume low and has endless conversations about really inconsequential things.

  526. Cynthia P

    I agree with all listed, but the most annoying is having the phone visible at all times, like it is life support, during all other direct human contact.

    A new annoyance—-I am a photographer and twice now, someone has pulled out their cell phone to take pics of the same subject while I am shooting. I had a hubby at a maternity shoot and a daddy at a newborn shoot. All my lights, my props, my set-up—all MY work. I now have a new rule.

  527. Sara

    I can’t stand it when people don’t silence their phones when it isn’t necessary to have them on – at restaurants, having a conversation, etc.

  528. Becky

    Answering your phone during a quiet, intimate conversation with just a few other people. Without leaving the chair. Or the room. But trying to be quiet. Yeah, it just doesn’t work.

  529. Blythe

    For me, its when we’re hanging out and the other person is checking their phone constantly. I’d like to believe I matter more in the moment than someone texting or emailing them. Grr.

  530. Sara

    I work as a server/bartender and I frequently amazed by how long a customer will continue his or her cell phone conversation while ignoring my presence. I so wish people would end their calls when I approach. It’s rude to keep me, and therefore, other customers waiting just because they’re on a call!

  531. Sherr

    People using smartphones at the dinner table. I don’t care if we’re in a house, at a diner, or at a fancy restaurant, I just hate it!

  532. Carolyn

    I have to grit my teeth when the person I’m speaking to on the phone is eating. I really don’t need to know what you’re having for lunch today.

  533. eleanor

    people who post facebook updates while driving. so dangerous! clearly non-essential communication.

  534. brilliant.girl

    I carry my iphone with me wherever I go – so sadly I am often the person committing any one of the above mentioned offenses. But I have a peeve too – and its simply this: why is it that with our exponential ability to remain in constant contact with the digital world, our ability to actually communicate with one another has been destroyed?
    When I first left home for college my grandmother and I would have a nice long chat once a week. At home. On a land line. We’d catch up on all the things that had happened that week and what was coming up. Sometimes there would be long pauses while we took time to think about whatever we were talking about. I’d do the same thing with friends who were far away, my parents, basically anyone I didn’t see regularly.
    That was several years ago. Now if I don’t see someone regularly I can just check their facebook status to get a quick, often incoherent glimpse of what’s going on with their world. Phone calls are short and disorganized and often followed up with several more calls because “I forgot to tell you” something. Texts annoy me the most – they serve a purpose when used correctly but are usually an unnecessary intrusion. My (least) favorite is the classic “I’m bored, watcha doin”? We’ve stopped communicating in full sentences and have wholeheartedly accepted nationwide ADD.

    And its spilling over into all of our relationships, both personal and professional.
    I can’t count the number of times I’ve had an important message ignored or misunderstood because the recipient didn’t have enough brain power left to give the appropriate amount of attention to a full sentence.

    All that being said – I think that video chat applications like web cams and face time are fantastic! You get to look someone in the eyes while you are talking to them, and the set up for a call is inconvenient enough to make you want to “make it worth it”.

    OK – sorry for the rant! I’m just sad to see we’ve lost so much as a society to a medium packaged as a great “benefit” to society!

  535. Valerie

    For me, I get distracted when people are on phone call throughout our meetings and not participate our discussions. They should do that during spare time.

  536. Roseanna

    My husband will peruse his music collection on his phone as he drives, trying to figure out what music he wants to play and despite my pleas that he just tell me what he wants and let me do it.

    And I’m amazed at all of you that still deal with people using their phones in movies. I’m not sure that I’ve EVER actually witnessed that happen.

  537. lolo

    My biggest pet peeve is when someone answers their phone when they’re hanging out with you and says “nothing much… what’s up with you?” Obviously in response to the question “what are you up to?” AND THEY”RE WITH YOU! gee thanks… yes, I’m not doing anything important either!

  538. JenniferB

    I teach at a university, and HATE when students are texting or checking their phones in class. Usually a dirty look or a subtle mention like “Well, what if a person were obviously playing a game or sending a text during class?” as we talk about self-presentations works wonders. Few make that mistake twice!

  539. Lisa Myers

    I hate when someones cell phone goes off in the middle of church. Really? You didn’t check that first?

  540. Jamie

    I work at a university in the student union, and students have what really, REALLY should be *private* conversations on their cellphones in the hallway just outside my office. I have heard more scandalous and juicy things from these calls … and more than once have had to go outside to tell a student to go elsewhere, as the yelling at their parents over not giving them enough money is interrupting my work. Really. It’s ridiculous.

  541. Debra

    I sometimes miss the days when you could ask a question in a group of people and a conversation would result in search of the answer. Now someone inevitably looks it up on their smartphone and it’s done.

  542. Nicole

    Grammar, grammar, grammar. Spelling. Just because we’re using cell phones, does not mean that we can use bad grammar and poor spelling. Seriously.

    *sigh* Beautiful bags…

  543. kayleen burke

    When you are in the middle of saying something and someone whips out their phone to check their email. I can’t think of a ruder way to telegraph that you aren’t paying attention.

  544. Kelly

    I get totally peeved when my Dad answers his phone during business meetings and any meal time.

  545. Deirdre

    Honestly, my biggest peeve related to mobile phones is the assumption that everyone has them or needs them. I don’t have one. It seems like an unjustifiable expense in my life right now.

  546. katie

    I work at a place like chipotle and people have the nerve to talk on their cell phones while I’m making their damn burrito. Hello?!? do you want cheese? sour cream? salsa??? pay attention! I’m a human being right in front of you, please give me some respect.

    Everytime this happens I mentally punch them in the face until they are out of my sight lol this sounds so violent!

  547. Liz S.

    I work in professional services, so a universe in which colleagues and I don’t routinely check our phones / emails multiple times throughout a meal and interrupt in-person conversations to take calls isn’t a reality. As such, I’ve developed a peeve around people checking personal data devices in shared workspace, laughing about something, and then not explaining what they’re laughing about. I practically sleep with my email – I need a good laugh as much as anyone.

  548. Jill

    You have the greatest giveaways! Thanks for the chance to win such neat stuff. :)
    My mobile pet peeve is people who think they’re being discreet about checking their phone, but instead they just look like they’re enamored with their crotch. Bonus ‘annoyance points’ if done during a meal.

  549. LisaAR

    Lots of peeves…texting while driving and talking loudly w/o regard for others are top mobile ones, of course. In the “old school” realm, where it doesn’t matter if it’s mobile, I really hate when people leave VMs where they are thinking it through…slowly…as they leave it. The message ends up being 40 seconds long to say “please call me back.” Argh.

  550. Jessica

    Do I have to pick one? My two most annoying are folks that talk on their phone in the restroom, and people who loudly overshare on their cell in public. I don’t want to hear graphic details of your one night stand while eating dinner with my Grandmother.

  551. Anne-Katherine S

    I hate it when adults type like teenagers.
    ThIs Iz NoT cOoL, yO. u LoOk LiKe An IdIoT.

  552. Courtney

    It really bugs me when texting language carries over into other electronic communication. Using “U” “R” “C” in a normal email is not ok, just lazy!

    Also, using a bluetooth device when not driving a vehicle drives me nuts. I think the little ear piece just looks dumb.

  553. Jen L

    i think my biggest peeve is people using them/checking them/looking at them when they have even the remotest possibility of ACTUAL human interaction. You can miss great opportunities whilst staring at that tiny screen, trading in real life for a virtual one.

  554. Leah

    When you go out with friends and they are texting the whole time, especially if you’ve gone out to eat or to some sort of event.

  555. Linda

    I noticed others felt using a cell phone in a public or not public bathroom stall was offensive, I agree. So, have you ever been on a conversation with someone and have to use the restroom, but can’t get a word in edge wise and feel like the offense is worth it, praying they can’t hear the proof that you couldn’t wait! It bites, because you totally can’t flush until the conversation is over…..

  556. Kristen

    I’m kind of old fashioned (read: uptight) when it comes to mobile technology, because I still am rocking the flip phone. That’s right. A FLIP PHONE. I love my flip phone…it never drops a call, it fits in my front pocket without producing a huge bulge, and I’m still able to tweet, text, and use Google to get phone numbers and addresses on it.

    In defense of my flip phone, I’d say my biggest pet peeve is when I take out my phone and someone says “What…really? STILL? GET WITH THE TIMES GIRL!” I understand my technology is outdated, but my brain is totally in the now.

  557. Jenn McG

    People who talk on their phones while checking out or making an order drive me nuts. How hard is it to end the call, or at the very least, put the phone down when it’s your turn? Grr.

  558. Space Kitty

    Love your site, and I love this contest! Biggest mobile pet peeve to date, courtesy of my neighbor: extremely loud after-hours cell phone argument outside my bedroom window… on speakerphone.

  559. Junglewife

    Assuming that just because someone has a mobile phone, that said person is available 24/7. YOU CAN WAIT!!! Just because I have a cell phone doesn’t mean I always HAVE to answer it! Don’t call over and over. Leave a message. I WILL return it!

  560. Danielle

    It makes me insane when I’m hanging out with a friend and they take a phone call – that isn’t an emergency – and proceed to have a conversation. I feel like if I’ve blocked the time in my schedule to spend time with you one-on-one, it’s not too much to ask that you not check-out in the middle of our conversation to babble about nothing with a third party.

  561. Bre

    It drives me crazy when phones go off during meetings – if you forget to silence it, OK… fair enough, but when it goes off once, silence it so we don’t have to hear it again and again!

  562. Karla

    It always bothers me when I see two people having a meal together and their both on their phones. Didn’t you go out to socialize…with each other!?

  563. elz

    My biggest peeve is talking on cell phones in the bathroom. It’s distasteful, disgusting, and unsanitary. Do you really want to be on the receiving side of a potty call? Ew.

  564. amie

    It’s not actually my biggest mobile pet peeve, but the one I consider most important: when texting someone to whom you owe respect, do take the trouble to write out your words and use punctuation. My daughter, who is 15, learned quite early not to text Mama with lolese; spell out “you” and use all those apostrophes and commas. Who knows whom we’ll be texting in another 10 years? As it is, I text my boss sometimes already. Be sure to speak respectfully, no matter how ephemeral that speech may seem.

  565. Alison

    I work in retail, and I can’t stand it when I’m trying to talk to someone about something and they take a call. Not answer a call, “hey, can I call you back?” is cool. But “Oh, hey…no, I’m not doing anything,” while holding a finger up, telling me not to go anywhere, expecting me to stand there and wait? Not cool. Don’t they see that there are other people waiting? Rude rude rude.

    Also, speakerphone on the subway. I live in Queens, and my train is aboveground. I love when we get to the Queensboro Bridge, because that means that we are going underground into sweet silence.

  566. Terri G

    I work for an orchestra. It makes me furious when a patron’s phone rings during a concert, as they are ruining the performance for the entire audience as well as musicians. In our next concert program, we are including a message that says, “If your phone rings during the concert, you will be required to cone onstage and play the bassoon.”

  567. Lindsay C

    I hate it when people respond to a text with “ok” or “yeah”. It’s a waste of a text, people!

  568. Rachel

    Those people who use a Bluetooth earpiece – I’ve been cursed at in multiple stores only to find they were really “on the phone”. but that camera bag would definitely help me feel better. ;)

  569. Dara

    One time in blockbuster a random guy took a photo of me with his cell phone… I think he was trying to be sneaky, but it made that loud clicky sound that kinda gives it away. So wrong on so many levels. I’ve seen a lot of rude behaviour and bad manners involving phones, but this was a whole new level of rude. It was annoying to me as a photographer, as a human being who enjoys privacy, as a woman… you name it, it was bad, bad behaviour.

  570. April

    Love all the comments! {wish I could have “liked” quite a few} Didn’t have time to read them all, so hopefully not repeating too many …

    Most Profound Mobile Etiquette Peeve:

    People who respond to their gadgets as if it was a 2 yr old having a tantrum.

  571. Lauren

    it’s got to be the talking loudly on a cell phone in a public place….don’t even get me started… I have no interest in your conversation, please keep it to yourself!

  572. guinevere

    I hate hearing the Angry Birds music everywhere. If I can’t be playing it at the moment, I don’t think anyone else should, either.

    But I love the bag and other lovelies!

  573. Becky

    Oh, don’t you dare text me if you’re thanking me for a gift. Or on my Facebook wall, for that matter. Unless, of course, you’re not wanting me to give you anything else ever again. Then we’re in good shape.

  574. Alyssa

    The absolute worst is ordering food (think deli or cafe) while on the phone or emailing/texting… It slows everything down and is frustrating for the people behind them in line and the server!
    Thanks for the chance to win such an amazing giveaway!!!

  575. Linda

    When people walking in public places (sidewalks, hallways, the mall for starters) look down at their mobile devices instead walking. Especially in narrow or busy places when you can’t get around them. Grrrr!

  576. Holly

    When people try to hide the fact that they’re texting or checking email (or playing Angry Birds)under a table at a restaurant. While I or someone else is talking to them as if the covert clicking wasn’t happening. Just man up and be above board about your distracted, obsessive checking! Yeesh.

    Fun giveaway, thanks!

  577. kristi

    recently i went over to someone’s house to check out a cargo trailer they posted on craigslist that i wanted to buy. the guy who i was buying from got a phone call about 2 seconds after he took me over to show me the trailer, took the call, and proceeded to talk on the phone for about 20 minutes…which meant i had to wait to ask him any questions about the trailer until he got off the phone. i feel like he might have even shushed me a little when i tried to ask him something. just unbelievable!

  578. Sarah (mrsgryphon)

    I loooooove Epiphanie Bags :)

    I do NOT love texting while driving (scary!) or during movies/presentations.

    I was recently at a Pecha Kucha night, and the woman beside me had her phone out texting the ENTIRE time and kept not-so-quietly reading texts to her friend. I don’t mind tweeting once in a while, or texting a friend to find each other, but why pay to hear fabulous speakers and then NOT listen to them?!?!

  579. CIndy L

    Telemarketers who text you in the middle of the night .. hate hearing the cell going beep beep beep … friends who continue texting or talking on their cell while talking with them. And the obvious – those that still text and drive ;(

  580. Sarah T.

    I finally had to stop reading the comments because I kept seeing my pet peeves!
    – Voicemails. If I don’t answer, text me.
    – Talking on the phone through the ordering/checkout.
    – Text speak. Spell it out.
    I sound super old. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  581. leslie m.

    Definitely testing mid conversation. Makes it award to continue while waiting for their texting to happen again…

  582. Nora

    My boyfriend and I just bought a car together. It’s mostly for him, because he works in Bayview and I work downtown, but every once and a while I like to get a ride the Volvo with the heated seats that I’m throwing money towards every month. (That sounds like it should be a euphemism for something really complicated and dirty, but it’s not. It’s just a car).

    Anyway, the other morning, I hit the public transportation trifecta: it was drizzly, Muni was backed up like crazy, and I was running late. And so I called him up to try and get a ride. No answer.

    And then a train came by but it was full so I called again.

    And then another train came by, but this time I was waiting for the J when an F train pulled up on the other side of the intersection, and by the time I bobbed and weaved (wove?) through traffic, the driver was already pulling away. So I called the boyfriend one more time. No answer.

    And so it went, until finally I rode for twenty minutes on a crowded train and made it into work a full half-hour late.

    And the boyfriend? Who I’d kept calling and calling, to no avail? Had left his cell phone in the bathroom that morning. And that is why you shouldn’t read your email in the bathtub. The end.

  583. Jem

    I used to work in customer service, and I hated the people who would come up to the counter while talking or texting, then look irritated when I said hello. So rude!

    P.S – I am in NZ so don’t even know if I can win.

  584. Mary Beecher

    The fact that my kids will only reply when they are sent a text and they ignore phone calls and voicemails!

  585. Liz

    I’m tempted to say (what my friends and I call) “changing the medium.” When I text you and you call me back, when I email you and you text me back, etc. But, since the offender is at least trying to engage with you on this one, I’ll go with my other tech pet peeve (and I can see I’m not alone from the other comments):

    Phone checking/texting/facebooking/twittering while hanging out with another person. If we’re at dinner, that’s where you are, not texting someone. Their message will be there when we’re done. And when I have to repeat myself because you were distracted by your phone? Just rude.

  586. Wendy

    I hate it when people go through a checkout line and pay the cashier while talking non-stop on their phone. It’s almost like the cashier isn’t a person and doesn’t deserve any attention. So rude!

  587. Jenni

    I HATE when people hold up their phones to record a performance at a music concert. Those glowing screens are distracting if I’m behind you!

  588. LindaM

    Technology is great but we are all paying a price for it. Let’s be realistic, none of us are that great at multitasking that we can safely drive a vehicle and talk or text on a cell phone. We are insensitive to our surroundings and use our technology anywhere we want. We are losing our ability to have face-to-face conversations.

  589. Robin

    I appreciate it when I’m having a conversation with someone and they make eye to eye contact with me,not with their mobile screen. And for goodness sakes, turn it off when you are in church, a movie, a wedding, a funeral or any other function. Sometimes your business dealings and social life is not the most important thing.

  590. Sheryl

    Gadgets at the meal table. When we’re sharing a meal, NO ONE should be talking on the phone, texting, checking e-mail, etc. Be present and engaged, don’t be rude.

  591. Leigh Mercer

    Ugh. I abhor it when people call me “hon” or “sweetie,” even though I’m almost 40. I think it’s a bit demeaning. The feminist in me speaking?

  592. Melissa

    My peeve on mobile etiquette is at the dinner table. You go out to a restaurant and the kids are sitting there (parents too) talking/texting away instead of having a conversation at the table, its sad to see that face to face socializing has gone down the drain, while the social networks are going crazy with tweets, pokes, and youtube videos.

  593. Claire

    Email invitations. They drive me crazy! Except for really informal events, I don’t understand why sending a paper invitation is so hard.

  594. Misti Bean

    Without a doubt, the most irritating moment (ironically) is in my Monday morning yoga class. There is a lady who insists on bringing her iPhone into the studio with her, plugs it into the wall jack, and reads and sends e-mails in between poses. One day, I swear I will step out of my yogi persona and knock the darn thing out of her hands!

  595. Lisa

    You mean I have to pick just one?! Definitely texting or calling while ignoring the actual human being in front of you… but most specifically when parents are so involved with their mobile phone that they are ignoring their kids. So not right. What a way to show your kids they’re not as important as whatever game/ facebook/ twitter/ texting you’re so into at the time. And the worst part – they’ll follow your example and think this behavior is ok.

  596. Michelle M.

    I have many peeves but here’s one that may seem a little strange: I hate when someone (say, my husband) is out somewhere in which it would be acceptable to speak on the phone (like the park with the kids) but he doesn’t ANSWER HIS MOBILE. I mean, come on. It is a MOBILE phone. For one to use when one is, y’know, MOBILE.

    I also hate autocorrect functionality.

  597. christine

    I am my own pet peeve. I hate it when I realize I am spending more time on my phone than with my adorable 1 1/2 year old son who is sitting right beside me.

  598. Kerensa

    People who bring iPhones into meetings, set them on “silent” and then pick them up and look every time they vibrate! Grrrrr….

  599. Mia

    When I’m on the phone with someone, and I can hear them texting someone else as they talk to me! To quote Michelle Tanner: “How rude!”

  600. Caitlin

    I hate it when people are so engrossed in their technology that they don’t pay attention to their surroundings, to the point of running into me instead of looking where you’re walking. And texting while driving is the worst idea I have ever heard of; I can’t believe some people actually think it’s ok!

  601. Josefina

    Texting while sharing a meal with a group of friends or family. It’s extremely annoying and rude (and unfortunately I do it all the time).

  602. Claire

    Gratuitous use of speaker phone, perhaps inspired by reality tv where speaker phone is the status quo.

  603. The awesome and lovely, Stephanie Diaz!!

    I hate it when people call me while they are in the bathroom and I am not talking about peeing but number TWO!!! uhhhh, what!? You are pooping!! Thanks for the mental image of you pooping!.. Yeah, mental note, never use your phone..

  604. Shirley

    CHURCH! Immediatley before Mass begins, the announcment is made to turn off your cell phones. Invariably, one will ring, and the owner is way too embarrassed to answer it, so it rings for several times. Or the other extrme, when the owner of the phone answers and actaully has a conversation….during Mass!

  605. Krista

    Ah ha! I just thought of another one! When people call you, don’t leave a message and expect you to call them back. I’m thinking that if it’s important, you’ll leave a message; if not, I’m not ringing you back.

  606. Karin Baker

    When people in a ‘bad reception area’ think talking louder will make their service better. Also, when someone is ordering/paying for something and is on the phone. RUDE!!!

  607. MommaRa

    This one is easy. I hate when I see people ordering a meal while on the phone. So rude!

    Grey is my favorite color. It would almost be rude if I didn’t win. I might even tweet about it. ;)

  608. Gillian

    I HATE when people use abbreviations and ‘text speak’ in text messages- makes me think i am not important enough for them to use proper grammer and sentences!

  609. Denise E.

    I cannot stand when people talk on their cell phones while using a restroom, public or one in their home. It’s rather rude to hear all the flushing toilets as well as other noises when you are on the receiving end of the phone conversation! It’s pretty annoying to be in the next stall and hear the rather ‘loud’ conversation as well. Can’t you wait 5 minutes until you’ve flushed washed and left the facilities to make that all important phone call. Ewwwwww. Besides would you like to borrow that phone after they’ve used it in there? They only wash their hand not hands if your lucky and the phone doesn’t get washed. Just a thought.

  610. DigitalAngel

    My biggest pet peeves are when someone texts while having a conversation and the fact that people will just disappear in the middle of conversations-by-text instead of treating them like real conversations.

  611. fiona H

    most definitely when folks dont pause their mobile conversation when they are being served in a shop/cafe etc. treating shop keepers like second class citizens who dont deserve your attention while they serve you is appalling. just sayin’ :)

  612. Ashley Arndt

    Private conversations should be kept in private. I don’t need to hear about your sex life or your private medical issues. Also never carry on a conversation in a public place while using speakerphone.

  613. TiffanyG

    I cannot stand getting SPAM txting… you know, FW:s of bad jokes, dirty pics and “forward this to 10 people and you will have good luck” type things… really??? It was bad enough to have an email inbox full of this crap, now my txt inbox is too!! SO ANNOYING!

  614. Liz

    Students texting in class. Even on vibrate, phones are disruptive when you’re standing in front of class lecturing.

  615. Amy S

    A certain member of my family recently got their first smartphone and is REALLY into texting and MMS. My grandmother died unexpectedly this week. I found out via text and of course this person didn’t pick up their phone when I immediately called them afterwards. Inappropriate.

  616. amy christine

    i feel old fashioned admitting this, but i really don’t understand what some of the abbreviations people use mean. for example, “IMO” took me so long to figure out. haha. but i don’t find them nearly as annoying as when someone is texting a few rows down in a theater!

    thanks for the chance to win! :]

  617. LAM

    People who fail to realize the most important person is the one you’re with…not the one on the phone, via text, twitter, etc.

    Be present and show respect for whomever you’re with.

  618. Cathleen

    There are so many tacky ways people use their mobile devices these days, but one that I find particularly ridiculous and irksome is when I see someone driving in their car, holding their cell phone 6-12 inches in front of their face (presumably on speaker phone) and chatting it up, as if that then qualifies as safe “hands free” communication.

  619. Tiffany R

    People looking at their mobile screens instead of where they’re driving/walking or who they’re talking to annoy me. Even worse, I imagine that such people don’t punctuate either – I’ve grudgingly accepted abbreviations over the years, but I will never accept the total lack of punctuation in messages.

  620. JennBo

    In a meeting where only a few are gathered (say <10) and there is one participant (who should be participating) who checks email/text/calendar during the meeting and more specifically, when the participant should be either talking or listening. Seriously? Back away from the phone or tell me you're anxiously waiting an important communication from [someone clearly more important than me].

  621. Ahmed

    Although it’s been illegal to text and drive in California for quite a while now, I still come across people floating between lanes because they’re texting. That would definitely be my winner, unless you’re as bravado as the guy TechCrunch spotted last year who was driving, reading a book, reading a kindle and talking on the cell phone at the same time:

  622. Regina

    Texting mid conversation. It is so rude and drives me crazy. I’m not sure if this behavior is derived from the low(no) attention span people have or just lack of manners. Either way, if someone starts texting, while having a conversation with me I take that as a sign that the conversation is over.
    On another note, I lust after the grey clover bag. I really really hope I win so I will be keeping my fingers crossed until Monday.

  623. Sarah

    I pretty much agree with e/thing that’s been posted already. I’d add that I’m a professor & that its really disrespectful to the instructor & other students to text during class. I’ve had to add a policy about etiquette in my syllabus to maintain some level of decorum.

  624. Caitlin

    people talking on the phone while being served in a store/at a deli/at a restaurant. Good Lord – we all need to wait for your call?

  625. Lucy

    I have many but my top two:

    when people slam their phones down on the table in a restaurant, office, when visiting friends, etc. You’ll still hear it if its in your pocket or bag!
    I dont need to hear 20 seconds of music before your answer service/voicemail kicks in so I can leave a message


  626. jif

    So hard to choose, but the first thing that comes to mind is people who have a cell phone conversation in public as though they are sitting in the privacy of their own home – in a restaurant, store. Drives me mad. They should use their “in public” voice – a bit more discreet, quieter, without so many gestures or snorting laughter. Uggh!

  627. Susan

    I’m a nurse and every patient in the hospital brings their cell phone, but some think that their texting/phone calls take precedence over care we are providing. I have no problem telling them it’s time to hang up.

  628. Asha

    When I call someone and they don’t inform me that, their speaker phone is on and other people are listening to me as well.

  629. Aine

    I have to second most of the list above me, but I have another: when people choose a text alert sound that is longer than a few beeps- someone I know has an entire song play every time she gets a text. If she hits the “read” button, it stops, but she just leaves her phone all over the house without thinking. This person is 18, so she and her friends are reliant on texting for communication, which is fine, but it means we have to hear that song over and over and over and over…

  630. Lucy

    I work on a reception desk, so my main peeve is people asking me questions WHILST CONTINUING TO TALK ON THEIR MOBILES! It’s just SO rude!

  631. Debra Paputsakis

    I went to a meeting last week and the cell phone of the lady sitting next to me kept going off. She would let it play the ENTIRE song and then shake her head. This happened about 5 different times throughout the meeting. I’m thinking that she doesnt know how to put it on mute or vibrate?? So what really bugs me is when people have technology and they really don’t know what to do with it or how to make it work.

  632. Amy C.

    There’s nothing that I can’t stand more than when someone texts me for the first time ever and doesn’t identify themselves. Way to assume I have you programmed into my phone already. When you don’t know who the texts are coming from, the context can be super weird and feel vaguely creepy.

    I should just save a text draft of, “I’m terribly sorry, but who is this?”

  633. Roxanne

    Leaving a phone next to your plate during the entirety of dinner. You will still hear it from inside your bag or your pants pocket; do not make the person with whom you are dining anxious by constantly staring at the red blink of a blackberry.

  634. Katie

    Here is mine: phone use in public restrooms – and I am not talking a quick call in a bar bathroom, more like the sitting on the toilet at work and talking for 30 minutes call. Nasty. Wash your hands, wash your phone.

  635. tammyb

    It drives me crazy when someone is texting the entire time they are talking to me in person. Am I not important enough for you to put your phone away for 5 minutes??? It’s almost like you are bothering them by being there!

  636. emily

    People having loud phone conversations as they randomly wheel their carts around in the store, oblivious to anyone and anything around them.

  637. Elly

    I’m not a fan of people who tell me that whatever I’m doing on my phone (txting, tweeting, checkin in with latitude whatever) doesn’t “make sense” to them + as a result is stupid. Example: “txting is so stupid, why don’t you just call them?” or “Twitter is so lame – you should just use facebook” Dude, if you don’t want to txt, then don’t. If you don’t get twitter, then that’s cool. But I do what works for me, so leave me be!

  638. Amy

    I work in a bank and it’s astonishing how many people will push a check at you while chatting and then get mad when you wait expectantly for them to tell you what they’d like to do with it. Funny that it’s never poor people who treat their money or their banker with so little consideration.

  639. Kelly W

    Being on the phone while ordering at a (fast food) restaurant is probably the worst to me.

  640. bre

    People who order food for other people while on the phone. This always seems to happen at Subway.

  641. Heather

    Let’s see….it’s annoying when I’m in the middle of a conversation and someone starts checking text messages and texting. Ummm….ok, didn’t realize you had to drop my conversation to go have a conversation with someone else without telling me!

  642. Kristina

    I just *love* when really combative people want to use their smart phones to Google everything I say in the middle of a conversation, because my facts can’t possibly be right.

  643. Michelle

    I do not like when people talk on their cell phones in the bathroom at work. Well – I kind of like the eavesdropping aspect, but seriously. That is just a germ explosion up in there.

  644. Kate

    My pet peeve is people who broadcast their business to complete strangers by loudly talking into their phones. Seriously, does no one care about privacy anymore? Once, I was on the T in Boston in and this guy was BEGGING his girlfriend not to leave him. On his phone. With the entire train car as an audience. Awkward.

  645. Sara C

    I hate that when you hang out with friends, everyone has their cell phone out. You look at a table of people out at dinner and most plop their phones right on the table, for example. It’s like they’re waiting for something more interesting or important to happen. Unless I’m expecting a work or family emergency call, I try to leave my phone in my bag while I’m spending time with people.

  646. Elise

    I hate it when you are in a public bathroom and someone is using the bathroom and yelling into the phone. Not only is that rude it is gross!!!!

  647. Carolina Stumpges

    I hate when people use their blue tooth ear pieces anywhere but when they are driving.

  648. Miranda

    Oh man, I hate when you’re in the middle of a conversation and suddenly that person’s phone rings AND THEN THEY PICK IT UP. To have a five minute conversation about something completely unimportant! It’s so rude.

  649. TraceyCK

    I love getting together with friends i haven’t seen in a while, but it really bothers me when they start texting while we’re having a conversation.

  650. Angela B

    People texting during dinner. If you are there to have dinner and conversation with me then you should be there beyond just physically.

  651. Elli

    Those walkie-talkie-esque phones that chirp loudly at the end of each incoming message, and everyone can here the garbled voice of exasperated mom towing three unruly children to irritated husband on the other side of the store. It’s always in the store. Who are those people?

  652. Tawny

    I hate when my friends come over for our quarterly retreat weekend and spend most of the time on my couch playing Angry Birds or Words.


  653. Maureen

    Loud one-sided cell phone conversations on a crowded bus, especially if it’s regarding your sex life or ugly breakup.

  654. Bethany

    When people use those bluetooth headsets. Especially if they are constantly wearing one and you have had to develop a way of speaking to them to “test” if they are talking to you or to their headset.

  655. Lucie

    I hate it when you say something in a conversation among friends, and people immediatly make a tweet from one sentence you said, completly without context. And off course they mention your name, what would the fun be without that…

  656. Kari

    My pet peeve is a classic: I hate when people talk on their cell phone when ordering coffee/food. It’s so rude!

  657. Jennifer

    When you are having a conversation with someone and they decide it is more important to see what is going on with facebook or texting. How rude!

  658. Michel

    the blue tooth headsets should stay in the car. when someone comes up beside me in the grocery store talking to themselves I think they’re nuts. then I see a gadget in their ear and I know they are.

  659. jamaila

    My peeve is, unfortunately, my own, and I can’t seem to break the habit – my husband and I CONSTANTLY have our cell phones out when we are out to dinner with each other. Whether we’re tweeting, texting, surfing, or playing scrabble, we just sit there at the table like silent robots and it’s sad. Sigh.

  660. Melissa K

    I really get annoyed when people are on their phones in stores/waiting rooms/ resturants talking loudly and discussing more private items… either step outside to a quiet/private spot, car, etc….

  661. Lucia

    So much fun! My biggest peeve is when people think they have to yell into their cell phone to have a conversation. They have no sense of the people around them. Annoying.

  662. Virginia C~

    I get annoyed when people are addicted to their phone and won’t stop texting, facebooking, etc when we’re hanging out. Life won’t stop if you don’t post for an hour.

  663. Candice M

    I can not STAND to see someone swerving down the road and when you pass them (or they pass you) you see that they’re texting while driving!

  664. Kara

    If we get together for lunch it is because I want to, you know, actually talk to you and spend time with you.

    I don’t want to just sit there while you take photos of the meal for your food blog and twitpix, and twitter about how you are having lunch with me, and update your foursquare with your location…

    Just stop! Turn off the damn iPhone and enjoy the moment!

  665. StefT

    I know it’s a cell phone and meant to be used when you’re away from a landline. I get it, really I do. I have one myself. But honestly – the rest of the world is not interested in your conversation. EVER.

  666. Melissa

    When the teenager behind the ice cream counter talks on her cell phone while I stand there waiting to order. so. rude. makes me smashy.

  667. Erin

    on my last airplane trip while waiting at the gate, there was a woman sitting near me and it seemed like she called everyone in her phone book and told them THE SAME STORY over and over and over again. at another gate a fella was doing business, laptop open and talking to someone about whatever it is he does and it was really annoying. i think it’s a space thing. shared spaces don’t just have to do with physicality but sound can be invasive as well.
    what a great idea to have a talk about technology etiquette. we should establish this training in middle schools and high schools!

  668. nicole

    I hate when you are talking to someone, telling them a story maybe, and they start texting on their phone. When you stop talking and ask, worried, if its something important (because it must be something really big if they are being that impolite and ignoring you when you are talking, right?) they answer, ‘no its nothing. Keep talking. I’m listening.’ Arg! If you have somthing better to do with someone more isnteresting, go ahead because I feel like I am wasting me time trying to have a conversation with someone glued to their cell.

  669. beverlylynn

    1. When I am with someone at dinner or whatever, I ignore my cellphone (put it on vibrate or silent). If it is a family emergency, they will call more than once. Anything else can wait. When you are with someone face to face, be there! Taking calls and texting makes the person you are with seem less important than your phone.
    2. I try to never talk on the cellphone while a server is taking your order or a cashier is ringing you up.

  670. elaine

    volume turned up on other people’s ipods/devices so loud that i can hear it coming out of their earbuds, texting while crossing the street (i live in a small college town and it happens all.the.time.), and my biggest pet peeve: people not holding the door open for others.

  671. Kat

    I’m definitely in the ‘on the phone while ordering’ camp. If the call is so important that you have to take it right then – step out of line.

  672. ali

    I can’t stand it when people send four texts when one would have sufficed:
    1. A “hey” to get your attention
    2. “Did you hear…?”
    3. A link to said ‘tidbit’
    4. And finally, the goodbye

    Really? Cause some people (not me, for I am smart, I mean cheap) have limited texting plans.

    Weak, I know, but I get easily irritated!

  673. amybee

    My pet peeve is when you are talking to someone face-to-face and he/she is more interested in checking emails, texts, etc. You know that noise the scroll bar makes? Gaaaa – listening to that while you’re trying to talk to someone makes me nuts.

  674. Michelle Whitlow

    I could think of a million things that irritate me with people & cell phones/electronic devices. The biggest one for me would have to be the people that talk on the phone while going to the bathroom. Who wants to hear that?? And I’ve actually heard these people make comments to the person they’re talking to about going to the bathroom. Eeeewwwww!!!! If you’re going to the bathroom while on the phone with me I’m hanging up!!!

  675. famousamy

    Just good old fashioned LOUD TALKING on the cell phones. You’d think they have been around long enough that people would realize you don’t need to scream into them, but they don’t. Worst culprit – my dad!

  676. Megan

    1. Long conversations on the train.
    2. When people I’m calling answer at inappropriate times, I feel like an ass. Ex. “Hey, what’s up?” “Oh, I’m out to dinner at [super fancy restaurant].” Then why did you answer your phone?! I feel guilty for your ettiquette misstep.

  677. Michele

    It is rude to answer the phone while out to a meal with other people. It is even ruder to have a conversation with that person while others at the table wait.

  678. Megan C.

    Oh hands down, the dinner table. Everyone checking, everyone pretending not to check, everyone half-listening to a conversation. And when I’m in a store, and I see someone look like they are talking to themselves. I am still not used to the hands-free thing..

  679. Megan M

    I can’t stand when people text/talk on their phone during the movies. Is there something REALLY that important that you have to disrupt everyone???

    Take it out into the hall if it’s that important or leave it in your bag/pocket for 2 hours.

  680. Lisa K

    Definitely checking your phone during a date. A *first* date. Really? It’s only two hours at the most. Are you that special? (No.)

  681. Meghan

    I’m not sure that this is an etiquette problem so much as it is a public safety concern. I cannot stand seeing people text, check facebook, tweet, etc. while driving. IT IS NOT SAFE. PLEASE STOP.

    (And, ditto on the public bathroom thing, especially when there is a line!)

  682. Jeremy

    Talking loudly in a quiet area. Just yesterday I was at the auto parts store buying oil and a filter, and a guy was walking around using a “rock concert talking voice” on the phone while the ten other people in the store used their indoor voices.

    (oh, and if I win, all the goods go to my wife, who prompted me to enter!)

  683. cassie

    I hate when people text while talking to you, but pretend they are not texting, by maintaining eye contact. When really, its hard not to notice their fingers tapping away under the table.

  684. Rebecca

    I know it’s been said, but it bears repeating:

    People who talk on the phone in the bathroom. Especially public restrooms where there are five other people around. Nothing is that important. Nothing. Not to mention, I don’t want to be on the receiving end of that call.

  685. Cindy

    I thought I really had only one, but as I thought about it, I might have several. I don’t like it when people talk/text/email whatever while having dinner. Phones are a NO at the table.

    I also don’t like it when people use the internet to be mean and catty.

  686. Lori

    Walking around with the bluetooth headset talking like a psych patient. Comes a close second to my mother answering the phone while I am at dinner with her.

  687. Cassie

    I hate when you are out with someone at a restaurant or bar and they text, check twitter, and whatever other app they recently bought for their phone. If your phone is so awesome, why don’t you marry it? Also, I miss the days when you could argue about something in a bar-like what year a one-hit-wonder was popular without someone just looking it up on their phone.

  688. Heather Fiedler

    I cant stand it when people are texting during a movie. Gosh you cant put that thing down for one hour to enjoy a movie.

    Crossing my fingers!!!

  689. natasha

    my husband answers his blackberry while we are eating dinner…drives me bananas.

    He also like to apologize to me after a fight via blackberry messenger–which frankly, i find less than satisfying.

  690. Tatiana Fowler

    I can’t stand it when people use there cell phone in CHURCH! I have seen so many people checking & writing emails, texting, posting to blogs & even talking on the phone. I don’t understand what’s so important that you can’t take some time out of your life for Church! Why go if your not going to devote your self to it.

  691. robyn

    i used to go out for drinks with a girlfriend. while we were chatting, she’d look to her phone and flip to her e-mail account – just to be sure she wasn’t missing out on anything else. didn’t get a text, or a ping that she got an e-mail, she just “wanted to be sure.”

    we don’t go out for drinks anymore.

    {i’m desperately wanting a bag like this i can use to carry my camera, along with a few extras, once our little bird gets here in five months – fingers crossed!}

  692. Traci

    My biggest pet peeve is people that talk on the phone while they are in the restroom! Really? I’m pretty sure the person on the other end of the conversation doesn’t want to hear you tinkle!

  693. Ami K

    texting during meetings or classes – seems rude unless the speaker invited it (say, in order to support a tweetchat during a conference)

  694. Lisa S.

    Shorthand when texting, e.g. UR DUM. How much time did you save by leaving out those extra letters?

  695. Sarah

    I’m a vet, and I’m amazed at how many people don’t end a conversation when I come in the room, expecting me to just know why they brought their ill-behaved boxer in, and wanting me to wrestle it myself…

  696. Karlye

    Biggest pet peeve: Airport phone conversations. On a plane from Portland to Minneapolis, a woman across the aisle checked her voicemail while the plane was landing. No one is that important. Put it away!

  697. Amber

    Really long outgoing voice mail messages. Here was my mom’s before my sister and I made her change it: “You have reached Laurie [last name]. I can’t get to the phone right now or I’m still looking for it. Please leave your name, number, and a message and I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can. Thanks and have a great day. (pause where you think it’s over but of course it isn’t) And God Bless you.”

    UGH. I would hang up before it was over almost every single time.

  698. Carrie Lyzenga

    when people text each other when they are sitting in the same room… can we not have normal, engaging conversations anymore without our phones?

    p.s. i <3 these epiphanie bags!

  699. ava

    there are many, but the biggest is when a person can’t eat dinner with me, or simply sit down and have a conversation with me without checking their phone multiple times.

  700. journie

    People leaving their phones on vibrate in the office instead of silent. Then leaving their desks. Listening to that vibrate voise from the next cube makes me insane.

  701. Jean

    I am in graduate school and my biggest pet peeve is when people have their laptops going during seminars. It is fine if they are taking notes, but 99% of the time they are checking email, facebook, etc. So distracting when they are sitting in front of you!

  702. Sarah M.

    when someone repeatedly calls your phone if you don’t answer the first time. somehow cell phones meant you were always available to take a call. if i don’t answer, there’s usually a good reason! (i might be in the potty trying to avoid committing a mobile pet peeve)

  703. Lynn

    People who have given up on the English language entirely and use “text-speak” in email. I hate it in a text, I loathe it in email. It is not too hard to type “you” instead of “U”. You are not Prince, he is the only one allowed to do things to the language. Not you. So quit it.

  704. Janine

    I live in New York and take the subway everywhere. I can’t stand when people stand on the steps going into the subway to finish their call/text before going underground. Move aside!

  705. Sarah S

    People who talk on the phone while checking out at a store drive me crazy! Give this person the decency of eye contact and your attention while they work to help you.

  706. Karen

    My pet peeve is when friends text you HBD instead of taking the time to type out Happy Birthday. Do they not have the time to add those letters?

  707. Sarah

    Talking to my parents when they are using their cell hooked up to their car is awful! First, you can’t hear them very well, and then you don’t know if the other one is there or not, so suddenly another voice chimes in!

  708. Emily

    It’s annoying when someone sends you a text message and if you don’t respond immediately they send another message….not everyone is glued to their phone all the time!

  709. kandi

    Where do I start…..I work at a school and there is a strict “no cell phone policy” during school hours for students. However, our principal is attached to hers and even checks her incoming messages during faculty meetings. REALLY

  710. Heather

    I think it is when people talk on the phone in a store (grocery is the worst)the entire time in the store. Not just a touch base call but a 30 minute call, and because they are on the phone they have no idea what is going on around them and they constantly get in the way.

  711. Louisa

    I feel rather old fashioned, but friends know I have a cell phone – nothing fancy, no data plan, etc. Please don’t text me, then not answer your phone when I call you within seconds and know you still have the thing in your hands to reply to the text (say to make a plan to take our kids to the zoo).

    I know I am older than my years…and I really love that camera bag ;)

  712. Sarahd

    I call it texting harrassment: if someone texts you, and you don’t answer quickly (enough for them!), then the next text is “are you there?” and then a minute later “hello???” and etc. Or is it just my ex-husband that does this? GAH!