The Paradox of Choice

18th February 2011

What we have here are three speeds of relief: Regular, Fast, and Superfast.

So, in what situation is someone thinking, “Upon reflection, I’ll pass on the Superfast. A slow, agonizing abatement of anal irritation is fine.”

Dude. Your butt itches. Treat yourself.

25 thoughts on “The Paradox of Choice

  1. dgm

    In my view there are only two choices: fast or superfast. The text on the regular box is large enough to draw attention to itself while you wait for the cashier to ring it up with your mints.

  2. Anne

    Maggie, you would fit right in at our dinner table. My boys said there is some new barbie gizmo that lets you download designs off the computer and have them printed on your fingernails. The boys asked if they could get one so they could put copies of their butts on their nails. I calmly replied, “Of course not. You’ll never get your whole butt on each nail.” I think we’ll wait a bit before we share your post with them.

  3. 101 Things Before You die

    I guess at first I thought this was a joke, something that had been photoshopped. I guess at this point, I’ve gotten cynical and have forgotten that there are plenty of funny things in our everyday lives-we don’t have to create it in photoshop!

  4. Mandi

    Even funnier I think, is the juxtaposition of this article with the one below it. On my widescreen desktop layout, only the top balloons partially show. They look very, um, butt-like.

    I have no idea if they are itchy, though.

  5. Embee

    I agree with Mandi… I just HAD to point out that I was a little frightened to continue scanning down the page when I saw the top third of the photo in the next post. I immediately started thinking… Oh Maggie, what did you do?

  6. Jaime

    I love the vaguely homemade quality of this packaging. Dying to know the difference of ingredients between these three varieties.

  7. Shana

    Hey, those are my paper towels. They keep good comp’ny!

    Now. You have to be traveling, with packaging that rad. I love peeps into non-U.S. stores.

  8. TheSmariea

    This is T-o-o-o Funny! And like Jaime about the ingredient differences, I want to know the difference in price…Some said I should be a comic, but sometimes I have to laugh and this was sure one of them. Thanks, you’ve made my day!

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