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  1. Abby-Wan Kenobi

    The bigger the hair, the closer to God. I truly believe this.

    In the winter I miss humidity. It always gives my curls a little more oomf. Flat hair is just one more thing that makes winter inferior to other seasons in my mind.

  2. Jillian

    Hi, I know this is random, but google led me to your blog from 2009 (broad summit details, I think it was called). You mention there that your friend found a place to buy striped paper straws in San Francisco. I was wondering if you still know where that place is? I’m getting married and want them for my wedding, but don’t want to pay the crazy shipping fees elsewhere.

  3. Alison @ thistleandplum

    Eehehehe! Yes, bigger. Well, as you know layers and winter storms are the key. As a girl with curls myself I can say that with a new layered haircut and the current NY weather- you are on the right track!

  4. dgm

    I love your hair! (My BFF has curly auburn hair as well.) Several years ago I realized that straightening my hair makes me look older–I think it’s because all the curls draw attention away from wrinkles. In any event, I almost always wear my hair curly/wavy, and I’m the better for it. I try to convince my naturally curly friends to do the same, but they are too hellbent on processing their hairs. Ah well…

  5. Meegan

    As a girl with pin-straight hair I can only sigh in envy. Adorable and sexay at the same time. Gorgeous.

  6. Miss B

    Meegan & Amanda — I have straighter-than-straight hair, and it’s very, very fine (but I have a lot of it). And you can have the curly big hair if you want it, you really can. Just pretend you’re a little old lady. I have shoulder-length, layered hair. I put it in pin curls after I wash it at night (I only wash my hair twice a week), and sleep in them. (You can use those fabric-covered foam curler things with the wire in the middle, if you don’t want to take the time to get good at pin curls. Which do take time to master — it took me 4 or 5 months before I could finally do them and not have them turn out looking wonky when I first started doing this years ago.) When you wake up in the morning, you undo them, comb them out with a wide-toothed comb, put whatever style-y stuff you want in your hair, some volumizing light-hold hairspray, and you are set until the next time you get your hair wet. They’ll relax as time goes on, and if you brush them out the next day or the night of, you’ll just have wavy, volume-intense hair, not curly. But if your hair takes direction the way mine does, they will realistically last as curls for at least two solid days if you aren’t out in rainy windstorms. It’s shockingly low-maintenance, especially if you are like me and unwilling to blowdry your hair ever ever ever. And everyone I know who has never seen me at home post-shower thinks that I have naturally curly hair.

    (p.s. Maggie, the haircut is fantastic.)

  7. oonaballoona

    i can help! I CAN HELP!!!

    i came here thru yes&yes and had to comment immediately. i am a huge haired curly gal living in NY and if you’re still here, and still want to spend some time in a salon chair, get thee to ouidad and ask for alex (alexandra). do not, i repeat, do NOT let them “carve” your hair. that’s their fancy trick to make your curls smaller. who wants smaller?! ask for layers and tell her you want it big.

    that said, i think your hair looks awesome, but i really get the desire for big hair :)

    ps: i’ve emailed you some more info on this but i’m not sure i have your autobot-proof code right?

  8. Martha

    Gorgeous! I like the layers by your face. Another straight-haired girl here envying your natural curls.

  9. sara

    I recently decided to embrace my curly hair (only took me 34 years, sheesh…) and now find myself in need of a big-girl hair cut to get rid of what I’ve dubbed as the “trapezoidal poodle” look. I may just show my stylist your picture, if you wouldn’t mind.

    That is to say: your hair is purty!!

  10. ZombieGirl

    You look like one of those ladies from the early 18th century who spent hours locked in a room with maidservants curling their enormous wigs. Except that your hair is auburn and REAL, APPARENTLY. _So_ envious.

  11. Jessica

    My one requirement for a hairstylist is knowledge of the dreaded curly hair pyramid. Obviously you’ve found a good one (I have too!). Beautiful!

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