Just Before They Use Your Life Force as a Battery

28th December 2010

Hank: Do you see the light is green?
Me: All those lights are green. When that happens it means the lights are timed. That means little robots tell the lights to let everyone go at once.
Hank: Outside robots?
Me: Yes, they live up by the lights.
Hank: We cannot see them. We should go on a walk to see them. And then they will give me robot high fives!

6 thoughts on “Just Before They Use Your Life Force as a Battery

  1. Kelli

    Ok I’ve bought like 5 of those bubble guns for my daughter and they all broke within approximately 30 minutes. Does Hank’s still work?

  2. Maggie Mason

    Kelli, no. HA! But it’s because I absentmindedly let him take it in the bathtub with him and it has batteries. The gun is really good quality actually.

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