Hank the Photographer

2nd November 2010

A few days ago, Hank finally figured out how to use the viewfinder on a camera.

Ever since, he’s been crying when I won’t let him use my delicate, precious SLR.

So we hightailed got him his own kid-friendly digital camera, which he hasn’t put it down since. Seeing the world from his perspective has been awesome.

23 thoughts on “Hank the Photographer

  1. Rachel

    It is amazing to see a kid’s perspective. I’m not implying anything, but I have seen some stellar under-belly pics of pregnant mama’s recently.

  2. Lisa B.

    we got cameras like these for our grandkids–I love the pictures those cameras make! the underwhelming amount of megapixels actually kind of makes some beautiful pictures. (I bought myself a super-cheap one–not the deluxe model, like Hank’s.)

  3. Earth Girl

    I like his shot of the magazine cover…pretty woman with a dress split to the navel. When my sons were young (pre-digital), we gave them disposable cameras in their stockings and now have pictures of our relative’s nostrils as the boys tried to focus on the face. Imagine if he had captured a full-face image of his father.

  4. dgm

    I’m a firm believer in giving kids cameras! My 12 & 7 year old have old digital cameras of mine, but my 4 yr. old twin niece/nephew each have Hank’s camera. It’s AMAZING to see what interests their minds and eyes.

  5. Tom Green

    Cool Maggie! I got my first camera when I was about seven. Well, actually I got two that Christmas. The kind that you had to thread the film onto a spool and the emptied spool would then become the receiver for the next roll of film. Black and whithe film, don’t think I did color until the grandparents gave us Instamatics a couple of years later. I’m hot and cold with my photography but those first cameras started a life long love affair with the medium. I aspired to be a pro at one time but never followed my dream. Did recently just get my first DSLR, a Sony, so I could use my old Minolta lenses.

    Anyway, Hank’s pictures are great and I hope you show more of them here. I like seeing shots done by kids, they have such a different way of seeing things. and the great thing about the digital media, is it’s almost instant gratification. You don’t have the expense of film and processing and don’t have to wait to get the pictures back from the lab.

  6. Sarah

    So, I think in honor of this grand occasion, there should be an Epiphanie bag giveaway.

    Just sayin’ ;)

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